Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Keith has been dreaming up names to call me.

Because he has arthritis or rheumatiz or something in his shoulders and can't raise his arms to do his coat collar, he gets Heineken (me) to do it because I can "Reach the parts others cannot".

Paddy O'Dors is another one he has dreamed up because I yell it out every time he lets the dog out for a wee walk.  Don't get it?  Just say it!

I had to get the gas engineer to come out and fix the central heating today.  It conked out yesterday morning so there was 24 hours with no heating  and no hot water.  It happens every year that just when the weather is at its coldest it all goes off.  This year was even worse than last;  the temperature in the house dropped to 12°C.   I have never known it below 17° and I don't mind telling you I was a little afraid in case any pipes burst.  But they didn't, and the guy turned up, and all's well that ends well........

Bit difficult getting the Christmas shopping done.  I can't ride my chair up to town because of the ice - it slides all over the place.  I thought I would be clever and order stuff online EXCEPT we haven't had any post for more than a week because the Post Office won't let postmen deliver it in case they should break their bones.  And sue, maybe?  Keith went to post me a couple of snail mails yesterday and said the post box was stuffed full - no collections either!

Today he went to the Post Office to send something by Recorded Delivery and it cost him £5.50.  Full marks to the counter clerk who, when Keith said  "By gum, that's expensive", came straight back, right off the top of his head, with "Well not really.  You could have posted it to next door and it would still have cost £5.50."



Jan said...

The cost of posting stuff is getting silly isnt it ,who would have thought it would cost nearly ten bob to post a letter ,and Keith .....will you shut those patio doors Angie is feeling cold , Jan xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You've not been having a good day for sure, or maybe I should say you have because the heat is back on now. It's not a good thing to be without right now for sure. Hope your roads clear soon so you can get out and about and get your mail too.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I mailed a package to Canada today - not very big - and it cost $28!!!! Good heavens. :( blessings, marlene

Andy said...

As far as names is concerned I normally get called 'Oy you'. Was even going to change the name of my blog to that at one point

Jasper said...

Don't get us started on postage costs Angie - I can think of a few names I'd like to call them - but I won't befoul your blog with them...!

I have many nicknames for Jasper - none of which he likes. "Mushroom", "Parsnip", "Monkey", "Babycakes" and "Maggot" he will tolerate. However, with "Tubby" and "Mr. Floppy", he is quick to put his paw down.

Sorry you're suffering at the mercy of the wicked-white-stuff. Here's what you need, my young friend: Snow tyres for your chariot!!! Boadiea will ride again! Maybe Santa Paws could sort you out there... ;-)

MUCH love,

Jasper and his R xxxxxxxx

Ann in the UP said...

Mercy me, you are having quite a time of it. It is cold here, but we are far from where the "local" Michigan snow is falling fast and furiously.

I once had a husband who called all of us, pets---kids----wives----we all got called "Butch". He did it to be funny.....I'm pretty sure.

Good luck with the snow, cold, mail service, and all the other mischief you're having to endure.

Ben said...

Angie, I can't imagine a world in which Christmas shopping can't be done on-line. I went to a mall a couple of weeks ago to buy one thing, and ended up having to pay $10 (about 7 pounds)for valet parking since 20 minutes of riding around looking for a free space proved fruitless. My feeling is, if the post office can't deliver it, I don't need it, and no one I know will be getting it. (Re: the dog, I'm also going to assume by "wee" walk you don't mean a "little" walk. lol)


Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Paddy,
Good names that Keith has thought up for you. You two are so cute. Sorry about the heater breaking and the house being so cold. I am glad that they got it fixed for you. I hope that things warm up and you can get your mail and shopping done ok.
Hugs, Lura

Marie said...

Todd gets upset with me every time he goes to the post office Paddy! (Love the name!) It is a high price to pay but worth it for me. I hope you are able to get about soon. All this snow and ice is a big pain. I am sending lots of love to you both. Tell Keith I am still waiting for the adventures of Satsuma Man! Love and hugs, xxoo

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