Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Sally in the Alley

While Stewart was with us he took lots of photos. Well, you do don't you? Unfortunately our dog-ess, Sally, hates cameras but Stewart tried every trick in the book to get a photo shoot with her. Stick it up his jumper to turn it on? Nope, she's already got one eye open and can see what he's up to. Digi cameras are noisy, hissy, whirry things and it's almost impossible to use one without a dog knowing.

On the Wednesday of his visit a few people came for the evening and, I suppose because everyone was talking, he managed to take a photo of her in her bed. He called her name softly, she turned her head and CLICK the deed was done and she was off behind the sofa, where she always goes when she's had enough.

Just after midnght everyone went home. You know how it is: 3 steps to the door (yack yack yack) another few steps (natter natter) open the door and natter a bit more. But eventually they were waved off. Stewart came in here to email his wife in Canada and Keith called Sally to do her wee-mails (I've pinched that off Jasper at aol's Dog's Blog) before bed. Where was she though? Not behind either sofa, not in our bedroom, not in the garden. Oh no, we thought, she's followed everyone out of the back gate and gone walkies on her own. Well, our Sal is beautiful but I'm afraid as thick as two short planks! She has no road sense AT ALL. Cars are for getting into and going fun places without wearing yourself out. I was afraid she might cause an accident - the main road is at the end of our road, a matter of 150 metres.

Out went Keith with the big torch to look for her, Stewart hot on his heels, while I phoned the police to report her missing. "Sorry madam, we don't deal with missing dogs any more. Ring the Dog Warden in the morning", at which point I dissolved in tears. The thought of her out alone on this cold cold night. What if it rained as well? What if somebody ran her over and threw her to the side of the road? What if somebody illtreated her? What if somebody took her away to a laboratory? What if, what if...........? (and THAT, Jasper - I know you're looking in - is why Ruth was so mad at you)

They couldn't find her of course but where to look? She had 20 minutes start on them. Then Keith went to put his coat away - and there she was, fast asleep on the bedroom floor! Where on earth had she been, apart from the Land of Nod? Then came the answer: the police helicopter, which had been about all day, was still flying around so she would have heard it. It's one of her really big terrors that police helicopter and she will go ANYWHERE to get away from it - except outside. Her favourite place is in the back of my computer cupboard where you can't see her and you can't pull her out and that is where she will have gone when Stewart was emailing.
Here she is, daft article, on a previous panic attack

We were so glad she was safe, we couldn't be mad at her. Well, actually, she hadn't really done anything wrong. I blame Stewart! We all got the silent treatment from her for a couple of days, but she gave Stewart a really wide berth the rest of his stay in case his camera was anywhere around.
Daft mutt!


Raquel said...

oh, poor dear! She was scared. With 4 kitties in the house, we know what that is like. Finn, our Egyptian mau, is scared of the dryer buzzer. Moodie is scared of storms. Glad she was ok!

Marie said...

Ahh....poor Sally! Our Jess is a big fraidy cat too and she hates having her picture taken. I have such a hard time getting one of her. It's very rare. She especially hates anything loud and booming like thunder or fireworks and what is it about hot air balloons? They seem to make dogs go balistic! She also practically turns herself inside out when we get the hoover out. We have to put her outside as she is just too upset to stay in the house when it's on. She is not very street smart either and doesn't seem to realize that you do not walk in front of cars. Thank goodness we live out in the boonies now where there is no through traffic, although I am quite worried as to how she will cope with all the extra vehicles which will be on th estate next weekend with the big wedding going on!

Grace said...

Hi Angie!

Thanks for stopping by! Are you anywhere near County Durham?? My 'roots' are from there. We visited back when I was a, don't even want to state the year!!!


Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Angie,
What do you mean you don't have children????.....I can tell that Jasper is your baby... and a very smart one at that.

If you arrow down to my May clean up post you can see a picture of my four legged daughter named Heidi. She is a black German Shepard but like Jasper it is very hard to get her picture. Did Jasper teacher her about cameras?

I also caught a wee climps of her on the little video I put on my post last Sat. when I invited you all to breakfast but she wouldn't smile for the camera. She just lay in the patio and looked bored. I wanted to show the world how smart and bright she is but she would have nothing to do with it. She just lay there like a big lump of coal and ignored me when I talked to her on the tape. Oh well, I think Jasper and Heidi are like kids and never show off when you want them to.

Thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog. I appreciate the things you said. I'm glad to meet a new English friend.

Jasper said...
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Jasper said...

OK, will Sal hate us if I confess that we laughed out loud at that photo of her? It's HILARIOUS!! But the story less funny, as far as you and the K-man are concerned. Ruth was nodding at what you wrote and, at one point said "Yes - JASPER." But all power to the sister - she needs her space to chill out. Know how she feels about the Copper Chopper though - we're not too far from RAF Odiham, and those boys like a fly-about from time to time...

We're both so glad that this story had a happy ending. Now we're going to go and have another look at that photo and laugh until it hurts. Sorry Sal....

Top read though.

Grammy Staffy said...

I just now found the first comment you left me on my last Sat. blog. Thanks. It sounds like you have a lovely garden. I need to start growing herbs. I haven't tried that yet.

Have a good week end and thanks for dropping by to say hi.

Jan said...

Hi Angie - thank you for posting on my blog - it has now led me to yours, which is one great blog!
I'm busy now having a good read!
I see your from North Lincolnshire - I used to live in Lincolnshire (Bourne) more south than north tho. Jan x

Ally said...

Angie Barney isn't afraid of anything ~ I felt so sorry for Sally they must wonder what is going on when we take their pictures ~

Ally said...

PS Angie at last I have managed to get in to post a comment LOL ~ Ally x