Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Playing Catch up

While my bum is rooted to this chair you may have to make do with some fairly inane, work-a-day kind of stuff - Sorry!

As well as looking after me and everything else this past few weeks Keith has managed to extend the patio sideways so that there is plenty of room to sit out there (SHOULD we happen to get the weather for it) no matter what he makes in the way of ramps to get me and my chair out. It has become glaringly obvious that, if this house were to catch fire, poor moi would just have to fry as there is no door that I can get out of on my own. The OT (Occupational Therapist) who's coming tomorrow will be able to advise if their department can help, specially with the cost, but we hope with the installation too. Otherwise it's Keith - alone again, naturally! I'll get him to take some patio pics soon as I can so you can see.

He's decided that his vegetable patch has had its day. I knew that would happen - but what do I know eh.............! He says it looks too messy when the potato tops have died off. I say what's veg for - eating or looking pretty? He says it's not big enough to be worthwhile. I say how much stuff do 2 people want? He says I don't have to dig it. AH-HA! Now we're getting there. So it's going to be turfed this Autumn.

Well, it's not much but it's the best I can do for now - not much going on while I'm stuck here in the house but at least I'm still here!


Grammy Staffy said...

Hello again Angie,

I am glad that your Keith is taking such good care of you. Hopefully the OT will order you more help when she comes to visit.

I can't wait to see your newly extended patio. I love going out in our patios. It is work to keep them up but I love taking care of the flowers and potted plants.... however, sometimes I let them get rather scroungy (sp?) looking. That was the case last week when I had to spend almost the whole day trimming off dead blooms and leafs.

I hope that you are recovering more every day. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes, Lura

Aileen said...

Hi! Angie
Think I've made it over,will speak soon, as promised!

Marie said...

I hope you are able to get some help with all the work that needs doing and that Keith won't have to organize and do it all by himself! We have tried to do veg here, but it's largely only fed the many rabbits, squirrels, mice, etc. that frequent our garden so now we don't bother. I always enjoyed it though. There is a sense of satisfaction that comes from growing your own food that you can't get any other way! Love you my friend! (((hugs)))

Raquel said...

Can't wait to see pics of new patio! Here, we just plant our tomato plants in half whiskey barrels and that works lovely. You could maybe set them on the edge of the patio? Any large container will work, I do know of people who have planted potatoes and the like in 5-gallon buckets. Much love, Raquel XO