Monday, 13 October 2008

I just KNEW it!

Remember I said our Kate's baby was called Erin but that might change? It did! She is now called Holly Mae Kerr. Tee-hee - I couldn't resist pointing out that makes 2 of us. I'm a holly ma-ker too when it comes time for Christmas cakes! My sister (her Grandma) sent me a photo of her and she is just so perfect - well I would say so wouldn't I.

I am going to treat us next weekend to some new saucepans and a slow cooker and maybe some other bits and pieces to make life easier. My pans have been in constant use for 35 years. There s nothing actually wrong with them except that the middle one no longer has a lid (long story but, of course, Keith's fault). I won't be throwing them out but they will be relegated to 'emergency top-up use'. They have withstood the ravages of time and still they sparkle like new. They've been boiled dry, set on fire, used with a wooden spoon as a drum kit and they don't owe me anything. They are by Prestige and were worth every penny of the £10 I paid for them all those years ago. If the new ones are half as good they will do for me!

Yes, yes, I have heard of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' but my disability now calls for me to make changes so that, in the kitchen at least, I am 'enabled'. I have to be or we shall starve!

Last Saturday evening Keith decided to make us a nice healthy stir fry. I couldn't tell you how much oil he used in the wok - he doesn't know either - but suffice to say it was all very very greasy. Though he promised to wash up, he didn't and I was appalled to find next morning grease all over the cooker, on the kettle and on the floor where it had splattered. And I had the nerve to complain about a sausage sandwich in a lay-by!


Grammy Staffy said...

Even though I love the name Erin, I have to admit that Holly Mae Kerr is a darling name. I am sure that she is a darling baby as well.

Enjoy getting new kitchen deserve it.

Have a great week

Joan said...

Hi, new pans great but you will still need you old ones maybe at Christmas or the New Year you never know. I am quite hard on pans have a set of Judge just now have had them about two years and the small one has lost its handle already. Was annoyed about it as they were not cheep. Lovely name for you niece either one . The link is working fine now. Love Joan.

Sandra said...

Hi Angie,

Holly Mae is a lovely name, I just hope Kerry chooses well for her expected baby. some of the names she`s come up with are! I think the older cooking pans are the better. Some of mine look terrible but cook beautifully. Like you say, Prestidge are an excellent make. I think many things today aren`t made to last because if they did the shops wouldn`t sell any more and that would never! :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Marie said...

Oh, I do love the name Holly! Cute! My mom is still using the aluminum wearever cookware that she bought in 1955. It has stood the test of time! You'll have to take a picture of your new ones. I bet they'll be nice! We bought some new pans from a Dutch man in our drive a couple of years ago and they are nice, but I think we got rooked and they are not what we thought they were, but not to worry, they do the job anyways! You are lucky that Keith cooks. MY Todd would starve if I didn't. I will come home after being at work and he wont' have eaten at all... My ex used to cook, but my oh my what a mess he used to make. Your Keith sounds so sweet. It is my dream to one day meet the both of you! XXOO

Raquel said...

Angie: Good to hear you posting. I am just now catching back up on my blogs. I have a set of cuisinart pans and I just loev them. I do have a coupole of caphalons too. Hope you enjoy your new set. Much love, Raquel XO

Jasper said...

WHAT a lovely name; she's one lucky baby. We liked your holly-making pun too, heh heh.

We tried to post a congratulations comment on your last entry, but Blogspot was having a funny five minutes and wouldn't let us! Bah!! I hope we aren't contaminating Blogspot with some stray AOL-juice...

Now, if we were the crude sort, we'd make a comment about baby Kerr being lucky that she wasn't a boy named Wayne. But we wouldn't do that, would we...?
Ruth & Jasper xxx

Kath said...

Hi Angie I hav ejust got rid of a prestige tool set which I had bought when I first married in 1968 it was still like new but wanted the moder day look one .It hasn't a pacct on the old set.PANS I have just bought new of those too.Not cheap but I do not like them as much as my old ones either..Today things are not made the same.Good on Keith making you a stirr fry he-he he certainly made sure you would rememeber him doing so by the sound of things LOL!!Congratulations on th enew baby.Take Care God Bless Kath xxx

Ben said...

Beautiful names both, Angie. And any foodie will find the thought of the new pots exciting. Last Christmas we got the Rachael Ray set and we love them. (Kept some of the old ones too, though. You never know!)

Great to see you here!

Jan said...

I love your new blog .I also think Holly is a pretty name ,Your old saucepans have done well to last all this time ,proving yet afgain you get what you pay for Jan xx,

Jan said...

Iam sorry Angi Imeant to leave my link ,but left yours instead Durr Jan xx

Saltydawg said...

Hellooooooo Angie,
I'm here!
Gaz x