Saturday, 18 April 2009

Being English

I do love being English. Oh I don't have your Oxford vowels or speak the Queen's English (whatever that might be) but to be instantly recognisable as an Englishwoman makes me proud.

I love the Royal family, all of them in their own way, and it grieves me when foreign newspapers start dredging up smut and sensationalism around them.

Sometimes it's that Prince Charles is a grumpy old man. So? He had an unhappy first marriage (doesn't matter whose fault it was, he was not happy). He has 2 kids who have been a trial to him sometimes, just like anyone else's. Sometimes they are a source of great pride - just like anyone else's. His wife is called everything from a dog to a horse, she's "ugly" her hair is "70's" she's "gauche". I think the Duchess of Cornwall is beautiful but not in a Diana way. She is calm, respectful and clearly adores him. She wears her hair like that because she likes it. Through all the years she has remained discreet and dignified (never mind whether or not there was a torrid affair going on. Their's wasn't the only one.). And she makes him happy. We should be glad about that. He is the man today that he should have been 30 years ago. But he can be grumpy if he wants. He has the right - just like everyone else.

Trooping the Colour? State Opening of Parliament? Lead me to it. Festival of Remembrance? Edinburgh Tattoo? You touch-a ma telly, I smack-a your hands! Oh, and the Last Night of the Proms. There I'll be, in spirit if not in person, waving my little flag and singing along.

I just wish we as a nation were a little less reticent about day-to-day patriotism. I wish office buildings and - at the very least - local government offices flew the flag like they do elsewhere in the world.

I wish we would make something of St. George's day. After all we muscle in on St Andrew's, St. Davids and St Patrick's. What did George do wrong?

I wish it were not so unfashionable to be English. Foreigners think of us as an umbrella-weilding, bowler-wearing troop of hooray Henry's.

Mind you, we always stereotype the French as always riding bicycles and having strings of onions around their necks, berets on their heads and stripey sweaters! Oh and pointy little moustaches.

Germans wear nothing but tiny little leather short pants and they are arrogant! I wonder if they care? I've never met an arrogant German.

We apparently rush out to wash our cars and cut the grass (un coup de grace - see, I know French) the second the sun comes out and we are the only nation on earth, it seems, who never pays a tradesman to come and do our jobs around the house. We wash our own windows, do our own decorating, clean out our own guttering.

Except me, and I get Keith to do it while I watch a Royal wedding! C'est la vie!
.....I made this myself ages ago but can I remember how I dd it?


Jan said...

Hear Hear ,well said that Woman ,rule Britania ,jolly hockey sticks and all that... what what ?....,Brillant entry Angie I really enjoyed it, mwah mwah Jan xx

Andy said...

Yea I luv the queens inglish as well! Seriously though it is about time we took pride in ourselves and our nation. However it never seems to last long, do you remember 'I am backing Britain' launched by Bruce Forsyth? It must of been back in the seventies and must of lasted all of two weeks!
Andy xx

Jasper said...

Excellent post Angie and we TOTALLY agree. We are very proud of our Englishness and our heritage - we wouldn't want to be from anywhere else (well, Ruth is a tiny little part Jewish, but Jasper is 100% English male!!) We think St. George's Day should be a Bank Holiday.

The only place I ever want to live is England - everywhere else is full of foreigners and I can't bark their language!

LOTS of love,
Jasper xxx

Pamela said...

Bravo, Angie, well said! You've forgotten those ugly Americans in their loud floral shirts, and the Japanese with the inevitable camera around their necks - aren't stereotypes awful?

I'll be with you in spirit whenever there is a Royal event - I flipped over to just last Monday to look for pictures of the Royal Family attending Easter service, and I agree that Prince Charles is the man he should have been years ago. I loved Diana, Princess of Wales, but I think the Duchess of Cornwall is the perfect consort for him now.

Born American, British by Heart!

Marie said...

Oh Angie, as you know I love everything about Britain AND the Royals!! I always thought Prince Charles got a bad rap and I happen to like Camilla. I am so proud to be classed as British now and of my British passport. It is one of the finest countries in the world in my opinion! Sure there are a few problems, but nothing we can't sort out!! There is nothing about this country that I don't totally love, including YOU! We must talk again real soon!! Cheerio, pip pip and all that rot! XXOO
PS Brilliant post my dear, absolutely brilliant! And for the record, I have always loved Noddy and Enid Blyton and the Famous Five. (not to mention the Fab Four!)

Grammy Staffy said...

Well said my English friend. I think the English are charming... I love the "proper English" spoken and the darling accent...I love the beautiful country side. When I was a little girl I was always envious that we didn't have a queen or a princess. We love watching the English comedies on the public television channel. We especially like one called "Keeping Appearances" (I think). The only thing that I don't like English is driving on the "wrong" side of the street(from my biased opinion)... I could never get used to that.

Sooo Yeah for the English!!! Yeah for Angie!!!
Love, Lura

ps... I do love the way we have our flag flying all over the place. I would miss it if I didn't see our flag flying everywhere I go.

Anonymous said...

Hi...good entry...good info to digest...and well because of our age we have now engaged some help around the place...and sometimes...sometimes...dau and/or grandchildren will help...but not often has stopped raining and the sun is shining so to pull the shade a bit...going to blind me LOL...I am ready for sunshine...lots of it...happy day to you....Ora n KY

Ally Lifewithally said...

Lovely ~ Lovely entry Angie ~ well said and well written ~ Ally x

Anonymous said...

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