Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tuesday 8th June

Look, I'm sorry but you are just going to have to have another dose of Keith's latest project - cooking.  Remember I said yesterday about him making scones?  OK, here goes:

Scones in the making - yes, he added the bike & car soap!

Et voila - The Finished Product!  Not sure what happened with the big one.  I think he got fed up with cutting out.  They're not very risen but they taste good.

And another little something he rustled up:

I know I joke about the hubster and his cooking but I am impressed really.  I think the things he makes are lovely.  Even if they weren't, he does at least have a go.  He even washes his hands!  BEFORE he starts.


Marie said...

Keith!! I'll be right over! Those scones and that cake look perfect! Well done you!! I think you have a budding Gordon Ramsay on your hands Angie! I think cooking videos on YouTube will be the next thing! There will be no stopping him now! Perhaps Master Chef?

joolzmac said...

What a gorgeous man Keith is. It is nice to know that if you are taken ill again, he can cope while you're out of action or cook for you while you recover. Many men cannot do this which leaves a huge mess for the women on their return. The man can do laundry too - rename him St. Keith!

Cheers - Joolz

Jan said...

Hey what a clever man Keith is .that cake looks delicious ,Oh! and are scones meant to rise ,mine never do, lol ...love Jan xx

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I think the scones look phenomenal- - - and I'd reach right for that big granddaddy one!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Could you spare him for a while?? I sure could use him over here. Wow the scones and the cake look yummy!
All joking aside you are blessed with a wonderful hubster as you call him. It's funny about that word hubster. My #3 son was called that for awhile by his brothers when he was young because it was a bit on the heavy side for a while.
Hope your adventures in cooking continues!

Sybil said...

These scones look delicious...please send Keith to wiltshire where I can employ him to fill my freezer !!
Love Sybil xx

Andy said...

Blimey I hope you have saved some for me!

Elizabethd said...

Oh that chocolate cake! It looks very very edible!

Patchwork Dragon said...

I think Keith's a little treasure! The cake looks great and so do the scones....it never matters if they're pretty...they taste all the better for being made with love! By the way, my scones never used to rise much either until I found out that I was rolling them out to thinly!

Sage said...

Hi Angie,
Love Keith's cooking expertise. Our husbands can really surprise us when the time is right.
I have been reading about your bout at the hospital; happy you are back to your old self. Take good care and enjoy the good life.
I think I have to go back to my blog; getting lonely.

Jasper said...

Mmmmnnnnnn... Those pics are making us drool... What a guy! Keith is a kitchen WIZARD!

BTW, you were very close to the truth re. Jasper's "Evolution" series... ;-) Not that that was necessarily an end to his troubles.... Right now though, I'm trying to stop him licking the monitor every time that big scone appears...

With love to you sweetie,

Ruth xxxxxxxxx

Rhondi said...

Hi Angie
Mmmm....that cake looks yummy!!