Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday 19th September 2009 - In the Pink!

I forgot to mention..........another gift from Bob-round-the-corner was some Beetroot from his garden.  It's just a little bit messy to deal with but it doesn't take as long to cook as you might think.  Whatever you do, do not cut off the long root or it'll 'bleed'.  Don't peel them or wash them either.  Just shake off the worst of the muck from them, chop off the stalks at the leafy end to leave about 3" length and put them into a large saucepan.  Cover with water and add a smidge of salt.  Bring to the boil and simmer for 30mins to 1 hour, depending on their size.  Here's a clue:  they would have to be quite big to want an hour!

So how do you test them for 'doneness'?  Best not to stick a fork in them.  Put on a pair of rubber gloves (the washing up sort) to protect your fingers from the heat. fish one out with a straining spoon and gently squeeze it.  In a similar way to testing avocados for ripeness, you will be able to tell by the 'give' as you squeeze - be gentle, mind.  Or carefully try and remove a lttle peel.  Beetroots which are done will easily slip their skins.

So, now they're done comes the messy bit.  You have to remove the outer skin and this is easiest to do by removing the remaining leaf stalks - just lop them off with a little disc of the beetroot.   Now slide the skins off - easest done if you let the beetroots cool a bit first. I find they shrink away from the skins a bit this way.  Finally, cut off the root. 

And there you have the fabbest little beetroot you ever did see. 

Do as you like with them now.  Left whole and individually wrapped in cling film they freeze well.  Slice them and almost cover them in malt vinegar (see?  malt vinegar again!),  cut them in cubes, mix with grated horseradish, chopped capers and good mayo and eat with smoked fish.

Me?  I like them with vinegar and I can eat them in vast quantities.  Keith can too, but a cautionary tale:  do not forget that you've been OD-ing on beetroot.  Keith came out of the loo looking very worried the other day, he was peeing pink - HA!  I did try not to laugh!!!!  I did --splutter, splutter.


Sage said...

Hi Angie,
I thought I lost you; I had not seen your last blogs; I just caught up with your news; I have never heard of Beetroot but sounds interesting. I see you made your chutney; we don't see too much chutney around here.Take care,

Blessings each day said...

Is beetroot the same as beets that we have here in the US? I do love those and since I am the only one who does, I usually only get them when we go to eat at a salad bar.

You are so naughty with Keith, but we all know that men 'need' that, don't we? Eating enough beets can affect all types of bathroom 'problems'.

You are funny, you are delightful, Angie!

blessings and tons of hugs,


Andy said...

Sadly I do not like beetroot!

joolzmac said...

Jeez, Angie - have you been peering over my shoulder? I love beetroot and can just eat it with salt and pepper, straight out of the can. I actually bought some fresh ones the other day and I'm gonna juice them with apple, orange, celery and carrot for a health drink. Might try that this arvo.
Funny about the pink wee!! Hee hee!

Cheers - Joolz

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a blessing to have the talent to do all that...I don't do much preserving of anything these days but everything always tastes so much better. Nothing the stores have can compare. Hope your Sunday is a good one!

joolzmac said...

Hi Angie - our Brianna was born on October 23 - your anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Angie...what great fun you seem to be having in your kitchen these all sounds so delicious...makes me want to hop a flight your way for a bit of a sit down...LOL..but since we cannot do that...will just keep reading your blog and laughing along with you and all your antics...and yes...I can hear you all the way in the back...but better if I sit up front!!!! hugs to ya from Ora in KY

Grammy Staffy said...

Thanks for all of the tips. I learned something new from you. I am feeling better today and beets sound good to me. I think I will ask John to go and buy some and I will try your cooking tips.

Have a good day. Love,Lura

Marie said...

Angie I love beetroot. One of my favourite vegetables. Have you tried roasting it? You just trim off the leaves, leaving a bit of the stem and then you can either wrap them in foil and roast them without peeling, or you can peel, cut into chunks, toss with a bit of olive oil, salt and black pepper and roast them that way. Roasting brings out their natural sweetness and they are fantastic used in salads. Ohh, yesterday I found Branston's Pickle with Beetroot. FANTASTIC!