Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday 6th September 2009

I've been thinking about things we can't get any more.  Some things maybe we can but I haven't seen them for years.

Cheez Whizz used to be a big favourite of mine when I was a kid.  Between 2 slices of fresh white bread - the quickest sandwich ever!  Thickly spread on hot buttered (yes,  buttered ) toast - heavenly.  Then all of a sudden it was gone, sunk without trace.  A few years ago it resurfaced but, as with most things, was not quite how I remembered.  Still, I bought it though, only to find it snatched away again.  Maybe you can still get it but I don't know where.  Supermarkets do have their own brands but to lovers of the real thing these are pale imitations.  BRING BACK CHEEZ WHIZZ.

Mimuther also used to get a product called Frizettes.  They were a powder that you mixed with water to form a batter, then you dropped spoonsful into hot fat to make little fritters.  Oh, wow!  A breakfast fry-up was not complete in our house without them.  Actually we didn't often have fry-ups (or should that be frys-up?) at breakfast time but we did every Thursday tea time.   Thursday was pay day on the steelworks so tea was always a lavish affair with fried bacon, sausages, eggs, baked beans, black pudding (yeuk!), fried bread .....and Frizettes.  Can't you just hear our arteries furring up!  But did we care?  We did notBRING BACK FRIZETTES.

 In continuation of the Thursday pay day celebrations one of us kids was sent down to the shop for 5 assorted cream cakes.  I was always first volunteer for this job!  The reason was that the 'cream' cakes I chose.........weren't.  They used to keep them, uncovered, in the shop window and they contained Confectioners' Cream and I loved it.  I would love it today too if I could get any.  There used to be a bakery in town where you could buy it in bucket-loads but they closed down years ago and now...............!  I do like fresh cream cakes but I love confectioners' cream ones.  BRING BACK CONFECTIONERS' CREAM.

Mimuther was ever a creature of habit,  She has always had certain days for doing certain things, even now.  She didn't go to Church and Sunday morning was devoted to doing the washing.  The roast would be in the oven and there would be heaps of meticulously sorted washing ready for doing.  On Monday she spent the day getting it all dried and ironed - no mean feat when the weather was bad and there were no electric dryers.  So Mondays we would have banana sandwiches for tea.  Tuesdays she usually still had ironing to do and greeting us when we got home from school would be boiled eggs and bread soldiers, thickly buttered.  White Shelled EggsWe always had white shelled eggs.  Brown ones, when they were to be had, cost more but just occasionally there would be the odd brown one among the white.  Mimuther had to have that one because it didn't have a 'proper' shell.  So she said anyway!  It's the white ones that are rare now and all we get are brown.  They don't really taste any different, I think it all depends how the hens are fed or something, but there was something about white eggs that brown ones can't replicate.  BRING BACK WHITE EGGS. 

Finally for now, who can remember Double Diamond beer?  Hands up.  "##...a Double Diamond works wonders, works wonders, works wonders...##" to the tune of "There's a Hole in my Bucket" (very apt when you think of the shape of a beer glass).  It's all Keith used to drink in the 70's.  "Pint of DD please..".  I haven't seen any for years and the poor man is having to make do with Carling.  So for his sake, please BRING BACK DOUBLE DIAMOND .

Keith wishes it to be known that he took this picture from our side door and he thinks the silhouettes against the sky are superb.  There, now you know!  Actually, I think it's quite a good photo too.

Well, the roast is done, veggies almost, roasties just want turning and gravy making and it'll be lunchtime.  Guess whose name is down for those jobs?

See you soon,


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie...well I have caught up on your blog...mostly anyway...and I am sorry...none of the items you mentioned that you wanted back have I ever heard of...but am sure there is something like them here in the States LOL...and I am like you...just when you begin to enjoy something they yank it off the shelf and put something else there...sheesh...leave stuff alone LOLOL...and I did enjoy the picture...colorful too...and poor puppy...sorry she doesn't like the bad rain and it upsets her...but she and I would be good for one another...I cannot hear either...but watch what you say cause I am a very good "lip" reader LOLOL...hugs to ya Ang...God Bless

Grammy Staffy said...

I am not familiar with many of the things you have mentioned but they do sound so lovely... I say ..yes..bring them all back.

I remember as a girl in Texas and New Mexico we always had bacon and fried chicken... and gravy...and all sorts of good things that is tabboo for us now. Too was so delicious back then before we had to start counting fat grams.

I am just stopping in to say hello and give you a hug. Have a great week. Love, Lura

Marie said...

Tell Keith that he takes a lovely photo! I love it!!! You know I miss cheese whiz. The stuff in Canada is quite different than the stuff in America. I can get the American one here through Skyco, but it's not the same as what I miss, and so, I don't buy it now. I'd ruther have the real thing. I am not familiar with most of your list but do know the pangs of missing things that you can't get anymore. When I was a child we used to get this cereal, called Puffa Puffa Rice. It was puffed rice coated with a pineapplee sugar coating, supposedly a Hawaiin flavour. I love, LOVED the stuff. When I was pregnant for my eldest son I had a huge craving for it and know what? You couldn't get it anymore, no way no how. He is 34 now and I am still craving it. Do you think they will have it in heaven??? I sure hope so!! Love you loads dear friend, love you loads!! xxoo

Joan said...

Tell Keith it is a great picture I love sunset ones. do you remember Cremola foam that was a favourinte of mine those were the days when everything you loved was not bad or you.Love Joan

StitchinByTheLake said...

I can't help with the other stuff Angie but if you send me your address I'll send you some Cheese Whiz. However, I'll warn you, nothing tastes today like it did when we were kids. It must have been the growing going on in our bodies that made everything taste so wonderful! blessings, marlene

Sage said...

Hi Angie,
I love the way you write! You sound like my kind gal. I am new here and new at blogging; still have lots to learn and lots to read. Love your pictures and those flowers are something else.
Take care and I will stick around.

Blessings each day said...

Aha...I see by the comments that someone else has discovered you, Angie and you are well worth discovering...gosh, if your fame spreads far and wide, will you still remember us, the little people? Should I get your autograph now? Did you ever have a pen pal?

I remember cheez whiz, but none of the other things at least in their British form. Across from my school in Chicago there was a candy store that did fabulous business...the kids all stormed in there when they had alittle money. That store had every candy imaginable and some you couldn't imagine!

You make me want to have tea with all the's British and it's wonderful. You need to give us Americans some lessons and recipes for a proper tea and the time etc. to have it. Will this involve wearing white gloves and hats?

The photo is beautiful...Keith did a great job!

blessings and happy hugs,