Friday, 9 October 2009

Friday 9th October

STILL NO PHOTOS - but I'm working on it.  I'm wondering whether to save up for a photo editing programme like Adobe Photoshop.  I've used Arcsoft Fotostation Easy for years, or rather that programme from the same few disks as I used from the start.  Maybe it's time for a change - any thoughts?

Aren't blokes Wimps?  Keith just got his very first flu jab.  As a Pensioner, as a 65-year old (chortle chortle) he qualifies to get one you see.  This is for common or garden type flu, of course, not swine flu.  I went for mine at the same time.  Women get them at 60 or if they've got certain conditions which put them 'at risk', so that would be me.  The nurse made the mistake of telling him "You might feel a little achey in the arm but it's nothing to worry about.  It'll go away in a few hours."  So when we were in bed there he was asleep on his back and snoringlike a blocked drain.  I nudged him to turn on his side.  It's not that I can hear him - I can't - but he makes the bed rumble.  "Ooh I can't lay on that side," he said, "it hurts."  Poor lamb!

He's limbering up for his retirement now though.  Yesterday we spent the morning in Lincoln - just moochin around, or supposed to be.  We just happened to mooch into my fave shop where they sell kitchen equipment.  The total of what was in our basket was only £16 but when we got to the front of the checkout queue the till broke down!  And they GAVE us the goods free, gratis and for nothing because "you waited for ages.".  Wasn't that nice?

Last week we ordered some furniture from a local department store because they had an offer on of 20% discount plus a £1 voucher for every £10 spent.  So we got £147 of vouchers that had to be spent that day because we were going away until after the offer ended.  It is so difficult to spend vouchers just like that when you hadn't planned to buy anything.  Just tomake things worse they were giving vouchers on the things you bought with vouchers.  Down to the last few I thought "Perfume" - well you would, wouldn't you?  But what do you spend the resulting quidsworth on?  Not a cup of coffee because they don't take them in the cafe.  Not as a down-payment on a world cruise because they won't accedpt them inthe travel shop either.

Nice though, buying a thing or two juast because you fancy not because you need.

love, ANGIE


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You did have a great time shopping. Nice to get some bargains... perfume is always a great choice. I'm glad Keith survived the flu shot. It's something I still have to get. Have a great Friday!

Ally Lifewithally said...

LOL Angie I agree men can be wimps :o) Sounds like you had a good shopping trip ~ Ally x

Sugar said...

most men are indeed wimps! lol
wow, nice day shopping, sounds like you had a good time.

Blessings each day said...

You've been a busy lady, Angie and you've had some adventures to boot. So nice to get free things like that!

Sounds as if a little deafness might come in handy if Keith snores so much that he shakes the bed!

My step daughter, who is now 21 yrs. old, is a REAL big baby when it comes to shots. We went for our flu shots and the nurse gave it to her and had finished and was putting the needle away as Kelly was going ow ow, not realizing it was over!!!

We are due to get our flu shots next week-end, so Kelly will fret each day!

blessings and hugs,


Grammy Staffy said...

How lucky you are!!!..well...all except about the pictures...but you are so lucky with you store freebies. How nice. That has never happened to time when the register I was waiting for broke down they just moved us to another register and we had to start waiting all over freebies for me....but I am glad that you got some. Next time that you have to spend a lot of money in one day call me over. That has never happened to me either.

Have a great day. Hugs, Lura

Elizabethd said...

Oh! We dont get those sorts of bargains in our shops here!

Sage said...

Good morning Angie.Everyone is still asleep here so I wanted to come and check you out.We had our turkey dinner last night and it turned out really nice.It is bitter cold. They are talking of snow of week;grrrr

StitchinByTheLake said...

Hi Angie, I haven't taken a flu shot yet but plan to soon. They never bother me, or my husband either, thank goodness. There's a store near here that gives vouchers like that but you can't spend them the day you get have to wait about a week. That's to guarantee you will come back and, hopefully, spend more money! blessings, marlene