Monday, 12 October 2009

Mon 12th October - a hairy adventure

Just a short entry!  This morning I had my first official 'driving lesson' in my electric wheelchair.  Well, ther one that will be mine when I am deemed proficient enough not to kill anyone! 

You should see the assessment list.  Blimey, the things you have to be able to do!  Navigate a steeply cambered pathway,  cross a road without scaring the horses .car drivers,  drive backwards down a 4" high kerb without a dropped kerb on it turn around, cross the road and drive UP the other 4" kerb.  That might not sound very high to you but it's not YOUR back end that's plopping down there, blind, while you look forwards.  You have to be able to unlock the house door from the outside, drive in, turn around, close the door and lock up again, turn around and drive on.

That's only a little bit of it.  Driving that chair isn't a\s easy as it looks.   The 'joystick' kind of thing that drives it is incredibly sensitive to the least pressure.  I've driven a car for 30 years and a mobility scooter as well and believe me this electric wheelchair is something else.

I am a little bit amazed that it is perfectly legal to go to a shop and drive one of these things away!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I didn't know you had requirements for driving those things. It does sound difficult but will be a blessing once you master it.

Andy said...

Mmm think I would employ a chaufer!

joolzmac said...

Hi Angie

I have no doubt that you will master this contraption in a short while and then you can enjoy the extra mobility and freedom it will bring. It is probably a good thing that you have to have a test to be able to operate it - safety first! You'll be zooming around with confidence in no time!

Cheers - Joolz

Marie said...

Angie, if I know one thing about you is that you love a challenge and you rise to each one with strength and a great sense of humour! You will conquer this latest one, I have no doubt!! I can see you tooling around town in no time at all!! Love and hugs my dear friend!! xxoo

Sage said...

WOW Angie! you are brave. I know you will conquer and first thing you know you will be driving that thing like a pro.

Grammy Staffy said...

Oh my goodness....what an adventure for you. I bet it will be great when you get the hang of it. Good Luck!!!

Come over and see what John is up to now.

Hugs and Love, Lura

Joan said...

Good Morning, I too did not know that you had to 'sit a test' for you electric chair but am sure you will get the hang of it in no time. do you have to take lessons before you get it or do you learn as you go along. Love Joan