Monday, 15 February 2010

Mon 15 Feb 2010

I was sad to hear today of the death of author Dick Francis CBE.  I'm not a follower of horse racing, nor a gambler, but I do love a rattling good who-dun-it. And though Dick Francis' novels were mostly set somewhere in the racing world, there never seemed to me to be any 'sameness' about them.   I'll always be able to find room for him on my bookshelves.

Why is it that when my hairdresser comes to the house, the whole world and his wife and dog come to visit?  Just after she arrived Keith's friend, Ron, came in and he and Keith stood there in the kitchen having a high old time drinking coffee and chortling as my head got fuller and fuller with bits of aluminium foil.  It's rare for Ron to stay for more than about half an hour so he must have been enjoying himself today.  Bless him!

While  we all sat there, me with a frozen foil-wrapped head, waiting for my colour to take,  Mimuvver and sis arrived.  Of course I would mormally make some tea and sit with them and put the world to rights but today was different because I had to sit there, quietly developing.  I know exactly how a turkey feels on Christmas Day now!

When my head was safely stuck under the tap Ron left.  Mimuvver and sis stayed to see the Great Shearing then they went too.  Later on that afternoon,just as I was about to start cooking our meal, our friends Ingrida (the bride in my sidebar photo) and Regan turned up with their two wedding CD's to watch. 

I bet you we won't see a solitary soul now for weeks.  Our visitors are like buses:  you wait ages for one then 3 come all at once!

Sis and I were messaging on Skype last evening, talking about the more disgusting element of my last entry:  bottom burps.  We came to a conclusion that animals must be politer than us because you can't hear them, only have this general all-pervading pong emanating from their direction.  We reckoned without horses!  They must be the loudest bottom burpers in the business............unless, of course, you know different?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a day you had! That is the way it always goes at my house too. People always come when either me or my house is at it's worse. It'd been so much nicer had they all come after the hair do was finished and you were looking so much better.

Kath said...

Haaaaaaaaa I laughed my socks off Angie.Yes I have got socks on it's flipping freezing here this morning lol!! I think this happens to most people who don't get lots of company.You can guarantee if my family visit it's all on the same day.It don't bother me though whatever situation I am in, as I just love company and have always been one who says to people,come in the more the merryer.If my homes a mess at th etime I don't worry,my motto has always been, I don't come to see your house,Iv'e come to see you.My family say the same thing now.I would have loved you still if your head had been covered in whatever LOL!!Have a relaxing day now and waff your head around a bit, get Keith to take some pics of your lovely hairdo,better still get chatting on skype and show it off haaaaaa.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Marie said...

Oh Angie you do make me laugh. It's a treat to come here and read your words. Our Jess is an expert at silent smells. Once though it did make a noise and she jumped up quite startled! I bet your hair looks lovely as always. We don't get too many visitors here on a daily basis. Probably because of the hours I work. I am only really home very early in the morning . . . not too many about and visiting at that time of day I reckon!!! Love you loads dear friend! xxoo

Sybil said...

Gooodness what a day of visits you have had...exciting to to be having your hair done ...what patience you must have to have all that done to chage it's colour ! Thankfully mine is it's own grey and gets along doing it's own thing !! I agree though about vistors I find the same with phone can be as quiet as a graveyard here then the phone burst into life and sure as eggs thats the peace gone as it seem sto continue to ring every wee while all day !!
Love sybil xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Dear Angie you never cease to make me laugh ~ It is always a pleasure to visit you here ~ Ally x

Grammy Staffy said...

You make me smile. I can just picture you there with a head full of tin foil and a house full of company. How funny.

Have a good week. I am sure that you will with your pretty new hair do.
Hugs, Lura

Blessings each day said...

NOw I am just so disappointed, Angie...where are the pictures???? It would have been wonderful to see you dolled up in aluminum, but at the very least the "voila" picture after all was done...Keith needed to be busy with photos instead of talking.

Visitors also like to surprise you when the house looks its worse or you're in a hurry to go somewhere!

blessings and hugs,