Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday 14 Feb 2010

D'you know what? - oh er Happy Valentines Day by the way - it has come to my attention that we Brits are laughed at FOR BEING TOO POLITE

Who would have thought it?  I watch Benidorm you know and I thought quite the oppoaite was true but apparently not..  We're always saying please and thank you, sorry and excuse me.  When we learn how to address our teachers, it's ".please, miss"  We are taught from a young age that we must say "excuse me" or "pardon" if our bodies make noises other than we would wish them to.  

In fact we do take this to daft extremes don't we.  I mean, how many times have you burped when you're alone and saie "Oooh, pardon".  You're on your own for goodness' sake!  Just whose pardon are you begging?   Do you put your hand over your mouth if you yawn when no-one's there?  So do I!

And if our coat sleeve brushes against someone else's as we pass in a doorway we have a real sorry fit:  "Oh sorry, please excuse me, I do beg your pardon.......".  Yes, I'm beginning to see why foreigners think we're a bit odd!

Keith is at it again.  I told you before when he starts with "I've been thinking........,"  he's dangerous.  Dangerous Keith.  And it's usually going to cost.  Since I last wrote he has redecorated our bedroom

He's hung new door between the dining room and conservatory, complete with a little brass stick so I can undo the little bolt at the top.

He's organised for a dealer of some sort to put into his saleroom some items we want to sell
And straight after those items have gone from the house he's going to redecorate the dining room.  I can't keep up!  Oh, and brace yourself mum, he's coming to see to the redecoratrion of your spare room!  And sis, if you appen to read this, you heard it here first!!!

lots of love,



Sybil said...

Hi Angie, your new decor looks great. You should be so lucky to have someone to do all your odd jobs for you !!!! Loved the stick to let you reach the hook up top of door...clever that !!
Hope you are keeping nice and warm
Love Sybil x

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess your Keith has to keep busy now he's retired. Sure do wish he lived a bit closer, I'd keep him busy at my house with redecorating for sure. I saw a sign while we were out yesterday that said Rent yourself a Hubby Handyman. I got a laugh out of that one. They sure do come in handy and when you've got none as I do, things just don't get done they way they used to. Hope you are having a great Valentine's Day!

Kath said...

Awwww he's a gud un R Keef LOL!!Does that stick lift off to give him one with, if he teks a brek Haaaaaaa.Ya papers luvly but try as I may I carn't live with patterns."Happy Valentines Day" to you both.Good luck with the selling.Al crack on with my decor now tell Keef,av only been doing bedroom about 5month LOL.Just fitting new headboard tonight and hanging new wall decor haa.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

gwynbright said...

This gave me a real titter. Yes we all say 'oops pardon' when we on our own. It reminds me of Holly (16mth old grandaughter) when she bottom burps - we say pardon for her and she just laughs.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm going to send my husband over to take a few lessons from Keith! blessings, marlene

Grammy Staffy said...

I am glad to hear from you again dear. I was a bit concerned that you hadn't been around. I am happy that you are back.
Keith is doing a great job. I love the new doors. If he gets tired remodeling your place send him over to could use a redo or two.
Happy Valentine's day to you too.
Hugs, Lura

Marie said...

HEHEHE Angie, you do make me laugh. I, like Lura, was wondering where the heck you had gotten to. with all that has been going on at work I have not had the time to call and to be honest I have felt a bit like I am walking around in a fog. It all feels very strange and very uncertain at the moment. Tell Keith if he wants to do some decorating I could use a hand!! lol He does a fabulous job doesn't he!! Could this be a calling in life he missed??? NO worries he seems to be making up for it now! Love you loads my friend! xxoo

Sage said...

You are keeping your husband busy wince his retirement; smart girl.
Hope you had a wonderful lovely Valentines Day

Jasper said...

Hey Angie - don't knock the K-man; he's done good work there!

Belated Valentines kisses to you and the lovely Sal from Jasper !


Jasper said...

And p.s. - can't put a price on politeness - we're pround of our English idiosyncracies!

Pardon you... ;-)
J&R x