Thursday, 29 July 2010

Thurs 29th July 2010

Just a quick one.  May I just apologise to anyone who had expected to see an email from me during, say, the past 3 weeks or so.  It seems that not every email I have written actually ever leaves my outbox.  In fact I didn't even realise they ALL pay my outbox a quick visit before going on their merry way!  I (poor misguided soul that I am) thought they only went there if I didn't want them to go right away.  Well, I ALWAYS WANT THEM TO GO RIGHT AWAY"

It seems to be the trans-atlantic ones that are getting stuck.  Meanwhile, sorry if I appeared to be ignoring you.  I wasn't really. 


Jasper said...

OK Angie - we forgive you. You're back in the will!

Much love,

Jasper xxxx

Marie said...

I'll always forgive you Angie. I love you to bits!! MWHA!! xxoo

GrandmaK said...

I'm not sure there is anything to forgive. Just glad to visit you! Cathy

Jan said...

Dear Angie I have been getting your emails so didnt notice anything amiss Jan xx

Sage said...

Hi Angie,
The mysteries of computers...
Hope you are well.

Grammy Staffy said...

I don't need to forgive you because I've been getting your emails just fine. Thank you dear.
I just got my new computer... now I just need to learn how to use it.
Hugs, Lura

Keri said...

Thank you for following me AND thank you for your encouraging comment about my trip!

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear angie,
Come on over and see the great birthday gift I got this year.
She is a darling!
Hugs, Lura