Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tuesday 6th July, 2010 - The Lot - Parvt 2

You'll maybe notice the date confusion!  This was supposed to appear your best!

If I wasn't so idle this would have been on Monday's posting!.To continue - the last little bit about me hols..

First off I told a fib.  We didn't got to Monkey World on Wednesday, it was Tuesday.  On Wednesday we wenr to Winchester, which was once the capital of England (not a lot of people know that). and the first place we went there, after the  Tourist Information, was of course the Cathedral.  I have wanted to visit here for ages.  Unfortunately we reckoned without about 50 million schoolkids on class trips- it's almost thr end of term isn't it?  Blimey, you couldn't hear yourself think in there.  I always thought that the very loudest you spoke in a cathedral was a hushed stage whisper.  Oh well, we'll have a better look next time
 A thousand years of history, faith and worship are within these walls.  Its many treasures include the 12th century Winchester Bible, contemporary sculpture by Anthony Gormley and the grave of Jane Austen.. Heard of her?  Pride and Prejudice ,,,,,,Mansfield Park .....Sense and Sensibility.....?  Poor old Jane never quite made it as an author in her lifetime.  Even her funeral in the cathedral (1817) had to be got out of the way early before the main morning service began so as not to get in anyone's way.    If only they'd known.....!

On Thursday we went to Petersfield, the nearest market town.  Mistake again!  Market Day was Wednesday! It was a nice town though and itself had a pretty church - St. Peter's would you believe..  The Market Square is a lovely place to sit and have coffee (and cake) on an English summer's day.  And that's just what we did on this, the last day of our holiday.  We sat and watched the world go by.

There was so much we didn't have time for, we'll just have to go back.  You know, I often wonder why, apart from the weather, English people want to spend so much time abroad.  In the British Isles we've got a little potted history of a fair bit of the world.  We owe it to ourselves to see some of it.


Sybil said...

Oh Angie you do make me smile and laugh when I read about your holidays !! I really think if we could have real summer weather here we would never go away...mind you imagine what it would be like if we did...all our fav. places would be overrun with all these "forgieners" comming to enjoy...our !!
As for holidays in our childhood I was very lucky I suppose as there was so much between me and my two older sisters that I was more like and only child so Mum and Dad only had to keep me happy...usually with a train ride to portobllo the seaside area of Edinburgh what bliss a bucket and spade and even snad dressed ice cream ! Oh and two holidays to a BB in Aberdeen where we stayed with "granny" and the daughetr and son in law stayed upstairs with their daughter who was my age...what fun we had even got to share her bed !!!!
oh these were the days, imagin it happening now..
love Sybil xx

Jan said...

Angie you are a tonic ,I love how you get your days all muddled ,I thought it was just me does that ,I agree ,there is so much to see around this Country of ours and there is always sonmething new to learn Jan xx

Sage said...

Love your post. I've never been to your country; that's why I love to read you and learn more about your corner.

Jojo said...

It sounds like a lovely visit. Isn't it strange about the noise in the cathedral? Recently when visiting a cathedral in France I couldn't get over seeing a sign that warned "watch for pickpocketers." Noise, stealing ... at church???? Oh well.

Hope your summer continues to be an adventure!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems that holidays never quite last long enough. They always go by so fast and there is always more to see. It's true that there is much to see right close to home. We have the same here. Of course we cannot compare to the history that you have there as our country is not as old. I loved seeing all the sights of your travels.

Andy said...

And a nice time was had by all! Did you know that Arlesford was once the centre of the British watercress industry? Hence the name 'Watercress line' in days past special trains ran from Arlesford to Nine Elms in London packed with the stuff. Also nearby is Selbourne House the home of Gilbert White the naturalist which is now a museum dedicated to his work. In the same village is the house where Jane Austen used to live.

I pass that way quite often as I find the route over the Hogs Back an easier journey to get to the New Forest than the dreaded M25.


Ally Lifewithally said...

Dear Angie I always enjoy reading your entries ~ you are a breath of fresh air ~ Ally x

Jasper said...

Ahahahahaha! Poor Angie... I bet you were at the Cathedral on a School Leavers' Day, weren't you?! When all the kiddiewinks at church schools in Hampshire who are about to finish and go on to Secondary School pitch up to the Cathedral for workshops and activities, etc. I used to organise them when I worked for the Cathedral!! A logistical nightmare but happy days. Good times!

Big love to you,

Ruth xxx