Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday 15thAugust 2010 - It all dovetails............

...........yes it does, I might have known all this splashing out on new gadgets to replace the old would summon forth SOME unwanted side-effect!  My Oven has packed up.  Can you believe it?  The most expensive appliance in my kitchen has breathed its last.  Well, you have to have one so we went and ordered a lovely new one.  I'll swear the shop bloke had the ghost of a smirk on his face as he said it couldn't be delivered until 26th August "Sorry madam".  How joyful I was to return his smirk:  "That's absolutely fine.  You wouldn't believe the gadgets I've got to cover this."  So until then I can gleefully manage.  Poor Keith - he won't be able to make any cakes.  For today's lunch the slow cooker did the roast, Actifry did the roast veg, the hob (which still . works) did the veg - Keith did the washing up -SIMPLES, TCHK!

I spent a happy hour this afternoon plumbing in a wireless printer.   I must have done something right - IT WORKS!!!  It;s a rare day when me and technology gel.  I just tell the computer to print and the paper pops out of the printer in the bedroom!

Just in case it should pass unremarked, it's Princess Anne's - the Princess Royal's -  60th birthday today.  I almost felt that I grew up with her.  Oh, not as a Family member or even a friend, but as one who grew up in my era.  I've always admired her forthrightnss, her no-nonsense approach to adversity, her competitive spirit.  I admire the fact that she, despite being apparently well back in the queue for 'motherly instinct', turned into a proud , loyal and loving mum who has never been afraid to let her children try their wings.  Make their mistakes like she made hers but, unlike her own case, keepng them where they ought to be: within four walls.  I wish her a very Happy Birthday and congratulate her on her life to date.

I'd better stop now. I keep getting distracted by the telly!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's great that you do have all those wonders in your kitchen. Truth be told there are not many days I ever use my oven. It is old and could go at any time but why get a new one when I don't use it. I know your Keith likes his cakes so yours will get used. In the meantime though I'm sure you won't starve. We so rarely hear any thing of Princess Anne that your mention of her birthday was a surprise to me. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday and the telly.

joolzmac said...

Ha ha, I'm cleaning my oven as we speak - the glass on the door was so dirty and baked on with stains. Erk!

I have always admired Princess Anne too but I have always wished she'd do something with her hair - she has worn it the same way forever. Other than that, she's a real good stick!

Cheers - Joolz

Grammy Staffy said...

A new oven!!! Oh my goodness you are just full of new appliances. I can hardly wait to come over just so you and Keith can cook for me.... I will enjoy every bite and then have a slice of one of Keith's cakes for dessert.

Happy birthday to Princess Anne. My granddaughters and I feel left out that we don't get to have royalty over here.... we have to pretend to be princesses and have "royal" tea parties.... you get the real thing.

I am off this week to meet my new granddaughter in Utah. I will check in again later in the week if I can put Ellie down long enough to get to a computer. Have a good week. Hugs, Lura

Jan said...

Resourceful as ever ,your not going to let the loss of a cooker phase you ,good girl ,Did you see the programe about the Princess Royal on TV the other night ,it was excellent ,and her children clearly ,love and admire her Jan xx

GrandmaK said...

DRAT! Sorry you have to with so long! Perhaps, it will arrive early!!! Can't imagine being without a stove for that long~~ Cathy

Ally Lifewithally said...

That is a long wait for your new cooker but knowing you I know you will manage with all your other resources ~
I enjoyed the Princess Anne's programme Lovely Lady ~ Ally x

Andy said...

Well I did say a microwave was an essential item! As for Anne I seem to remember getting a day off for her wedding.


Ben said...

I think I know that salesman. But it does seem like you have the touch for gadgets; once you master a wireless printer, the new oven won't stand a chance against you.

Let us know when it's in!


Sage said...

How I enjoy reading your posts; you do have a gift; wish I was closer so you and I could really have a face to face chat.
I wish my stove would die, but it's hanging in there and I will probably go before it does. The thermostat is screwed up; I put a thermomter in there but, it's driving me nuts. Your stove will arrive on my husband's 71st birthday, so I will be thinking about you and your new stove.

Keri said...

Do you eat that way every day?!? I feel like a failure. HA :)