Wednesday, 22 September 2010

You showed me yours; I'll show you mine!!

Marie threw down the gauntlet by giving us a guided tour of her fridge, well one of them.  BOO HOO I wanted to see the other one, the one that didn't make the kitchen!

My fridge is in the kitchen and is quite huge.  It's by Hotpoint and has a freezer to match - funny name for a fridge and freezer HOTpoint....

Anyway, the fridge is the one with all the postcards and whatnot on it.

We got big things like these because, like Marie, I hate trying to squash stuff into your average under-the-counter fridge.   Unfortunately my big fridge tends to be the repository for all the bits and pieces that are started on but not finished.  I always hope they get found before they grow hairs on!

You can even tell who put what in there:  if I did it's covered up, Keith never covers anything.

Here goes then!!

 The inside of my fridge or, as it is sometimes known, the dark side of the moon!  Towards the top of the door is some butter and you can just see a little flash of red.  That's an almost used tube of tomato puree.  For shame I found its twin lurking in the veg box, right at the bottom;  I wondered where that had gone.

Beneath that is where the cheese gets stuffed in.  There's a small bit of reddish cheddar, some blue stilton that;s been there ages but Keith swears is lovely.  Oh well, it's his tum!  An unopened pack of feta which is well in date (I checked).  Next to that compartment, above the eggs, is an unopened mozzarella and some processed cheese slices, which are not bad if you put them in a sandwich with some raw onion and leave it a few hours before eating (OK, we're odd).

Below the eggs we see a couple of cartons of tomato juice and an opened Orange and Peach juice, a smoked sausage and a 4-pint carton of semi-skimmed milk.   There are some salad dressings in the bottom tray, some orange juice and an unopened 4-pints (looks like we need to have rice pudding this week).

The top shelf of the fridge proper contains a jar of 4-cheese pasta sauce, capers, cornichons, gherkins, very hot chilli pepper, a jar of mushroom salad, half a jar of lazy ginger, the same of lazy chilli, jars containing little dabs of jam, orange marmalade, ginger marmalade and that's not all.............

Next down is a bottle rack with  2 bottles white wine and half a bottle of slimline tpnic water (gone flat).

On the next shelf you can find 2 cans Spam, 2 cans of tuna in sunflower oil, a can of skinless boneless salmon, some more lazy ginger, redcurrant jelly.

Next up would be 2 lenon mousse and 2 gooseberry, more orange marmalade - a full jar this time.  In that white dish is 2 leftover potatoes and there's another white dish with a bit of buttcream.  Both will be chucke out eventually.  There were 2 x 6 eggs but I took them out for baking tomorrow.

See the 2 packs of Phili on the next shelf?  There was another hidden away at the  beck of the shelf above.  Then there's yet more jam and pickles.

Do you know what?  I can't go on!  I am totally mortified that my fridge is in such a state.  It's not mucky, just in a state.  If I could only reach those 3 top shelves.........

OK, now my challenge to you is to tell us what's in your fridge that's out of date and wants chucking!  Go on, I dare you.


Ally Lifewithally said...

Angie you are so organised ~ and you fridge looks so neat and tidy ~ wished mine looked half as good ~ Ally x

Amy said...

I love the wine rack in your fridge! I've never seen one in the fridge before!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Even half empty my fridge is a sore sight for sure. I just pack up what I need for the camper and transfer it there when I go. Now the one at the camper is quite small and packed to the brim. I have to ask about lazy ginger as I'm not familiar with that at all. Now I'm hungry after looking at all that food so I'm off to get some lunch.

Rita said...

I just cleaned out my fridge yesterday; it needed it real bad and it was garbage day today. This is one time I wouldn't mind showing it off. Don't you just hate it when there is a smell everytime you open the door and you can't find where it come from?

GrandmaK said...

Nice to have such a large frig! Lucky you! Cathy

Ben said...

A fridge that's big AND orderly. I'm insanely jealous, Angie!


Marie said...

Ohh Angie, I lurve your fridge!! I am impressed. You did me proud! After you last text I am dying of curiosity and wondering where you are!! I'M ALSO WONDERING why I never get notifiction that you have posted! I'll have to check into that!! Love you loads and loads! xxoo

Jasper said...

Hello Angie,

We were a bit worried when we saw the title of the post, hehe! Jasper was positively drooling at the sight of your lovely fridge. Mine is too shameful to even mention! It's not the worst I've ever encountered though. When I was staying with my friend and her boyfriend in Germany (at her bf's flat), she decided that she was going to sort out his fridge. I helped her. Tucked away at the back of the fridge was an opened pot of yoghurt that had been there FOR OVER THREE YEARS!!!! It was black and solid.
But that's bachelors for you - a universal health-hazard...

Hope all is well with you.

lots of love,

Ruth & Jasper xxxx

Grammy Staffy said...

On no my dear Angie.... I wouldn't dare show you my frig. I am afraid of what I might find there. I have been too busy these past two weeks to give it much attention. Now that it has been this long I am afraid of what I will find there.... and I don't have the excuse that I can't reach the top shelves. At any rate I am sure that neither of us wants to see what might be lurking there.

I talked to Marie today and she told me that you are in the hospital. I am so sorry. She said that you can't have calls but know that I am thinking of you. You shall be in my prayers. Much love and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hugs, Lura

Andy said...

I was in your part of the world this weekend, if I had known you were going to show us yours I could of dropped in for a personal tour!
By the way the Humber Bridge is better value for money than the one at Dartford!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Your fridge is so neat and tidy and has so much STUFF in it.

Mine is sloppy and nearly naked.