Monday, 13 September 2010

Monday 13th Sept - Happenings

Have you ever noticed how things HAPPEN just at the very time you can't deal with them?  Take this morning - please take this morning!A short  The postman arrived with a parcel, quite a big one and I couldn't do anything about it.  1) Keith was in the shower so he couldn't answer the door 2) I was in my wheelchair so I couldn't leap to the door, unlock it (where was the key anyway?), jump down the two steps, unlock the back gate and, all without letting the dog go walkies on her own, take delivery of the parcel.  Clutching a towel and his bathrobe to preserve decency Keith managed to hop out the other door - just in time to see the Royal Mail van disappearing down the street,  Fortunately they left the package by the back gate.  Fortunately it wasn't raining.

A short while later, himself took his leave to go out and buy a newspaper.  Now about this same time I just HAD to go to the loo. Had to.  But I just had this feeling - you know how you do? - that somebody or other would turn up whle I was in the bathroom.  Sure enough................sis !  I must be telepathic you see?  I must have known she was coming..  The bathroom door handle waggled ominously and there came a little voice "It's only me"

We both had dentist check-ups this week.  Anybody living in England will know that places on the books of NHS dentist are like gold dust,  They're rare s hens teeth so it always seems slightly - well - not right that Keith is one of the lucky ones.  Bless him, he hasn't got any teeth.  Not home grown ones anyway.  He gets checked for signs of anything nasty in his mouth .   Eeeugh, imagine going through school wanting to gaze into other people's mouths.  I could never have contemplated certain jobs:

Funeral director
Medical Examiner

In fact, anything involving poking about in something horrid.  I did see myself as an actress or a concert pianist.  It doesn't seem to have occurred to me though that if I was aiming for the latter I really should know how to play the piano!

The bathroom has loomed large in our comings and goings this week.  The other day Keith called through the door "Ang, Ang, it's the medical centre on the phone.  Do we want flu jabs this year?"

"Oh yes, yes I do," I replied, "Could you make an appointment for me?"

"Do I want one................?"  Oh heck!



Jojo said...

Don't you just hate those kind of chaotic, confusing, who's on first events. If I'm home, my husband generally will not answer the phone or door so if I'm "unavailable" I listened as the rings and knocks go unanswered. It's so frustrating as we have lots of overseas family and they only call on weekends - when I'm home. Oh well. It's funny when you describe it!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a day you had. It sounds like everything turned right in the end though. It is true that no one comes or calls if I'm doing nothing. And it usually happens when I'm in the bathroom or the shower. I've seen that flu shots are now available here and I always get them. Seems I've been lots healthier since I started them. Take care and Hopefully tomorrow won't be quite so hectic!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh dear - - - gotta hate mornings/days like that!

Sometimes when I'm home alone, in the shower or the restroom and the doorbell rings - - - I just ignore it. It's just too stinkin' HARD on me to try to RUSH into some descent mode and get to the door - - - -

And, furthermore - - - I HATE it when the phone rings 'cause it's ALWAYS a disruption.

Teacher's Pet said...

You had one of "those" days...but, you made mine brighter....just by reading your blog. How wonderfully you write!...smiling as I read, I wish you a great week....and a quiet time in the 'loo' (that's a bathroom here, right?) :)))
And flu 'jabs' are flu 'shots' here... I just love the language!
Hugs and smiles,

Marie said...

Angie, it is inevitable that the minute I sit down to do something important, or settle down into a bath the phone will ring or the doorbell or . . . well, you know how it goes obviously! Congrats on being the winner in my Breakfast Hamper giveaway, you lucky girl!! What I wouldn't give to have won one of those myself! I am so happy it is going to someone I know and love rather than a stranger who popped in just to win a hamper! Love you loads! xxoo

Jan said...

Dear Angie, First off many congratulations on winning Marie's hamper ,oh dear what happens when they try to deliver it ?,life is tuff !,thanks for cheering up 'one of those days 'lol Jan xx

Ann in the UP said...

Oh yes. I know what you mean about everything happening at once and at the most inconvenient times. I agree with Keetha, though. They are intruding on what YOU are doing, so they can wait or go away.

I consider Caller ID an inspired invention and it saves me a world of inconvenience. Also we have a Do Not Call list---and when charities call I warn them I'm looking them up immediately to see if 99% if what they collect goes to the people they're collecting for. Otherwise, forget it. Usually they just hang up.

Pardon the rant, you got me all wound up.

Jasper said...

Poor Angie! At least Keith was able to grab enough towelling to spare his blushes... hehe...

And I'll see you ALL of those jobs - and raise you a Proctologist. Now there's something EVEN Jasper would flinch from...

Get them jabs though Angie, better safe than sorry (and you'll ALWAYS be a prima ballerina/actress/musician to US...)


R & Jasper

Ally Lifewithally said...

Angie you always make me smile and I just love your Keith ~ did you tell him he DID need his Flu Jab :O) ~ Ally x

Sybil said...

I just love the way you can, probably unconciously, find a laugh for us. well as Jojo says it's the way you describe it !!
as for the dentist...well I am so petrified of dentist I always say I would rather have my other leg chopped of than visit I havn't darkend the door of a dentist for years and years !! thank goodness I was blessed with good strong teeth..
Love Sybil x

Rita said...

'My mother said there will be days like like this'
Don't know who came up with this phrase but it's always there for me when things go that way and this way.
About that flu shot; not sure what I should do this year,
Have nice week.

Ben said...

I don't know. I think being a lepidopterist sounds kind of cool. (Now that I've looked it up in the dictionary and found out what it means! lol) And my brother was a funeral director until recently. That's definitely one you need to be missing a couple of dna strands to want to do.