Thursday, 15 May 2008

It drives me mad - but keeps me sane!

Some people think of cooking as a science, some think of it as an art, I think of it as a lot of washing up! No, not really.....well, it is but just for a change I don't mind. What I hate, and never quite get used to, is people destroying my masterpieces that have taken me ages. I'm talking about cakes of course. They can take me a long time to do these days because of my limitations of mobility but I usually have something or other in the freezer that I can fish out if needed. I don't make a living out of it either. You have to be either fitter, more dedicated or more hard-headed than me to do that. No, I just do them for family and friends.

Now then, let's see if I'm clever enough to load up a few pictures here for you. I mean 'upload' don't I! The one at the beginning of the text, which wasn't supposed to appear just there, is a Duchesse de Nemois peony arrangement I did for Keith's 60th birthday. The cake got demolished!

Oooh - look where the others appeared! Bear with me won't you? Perhaps I should have done the pictures first and the words after.

Thw wedding cake was a 3-tier fruit cake with the top two cakes stacked and placed on pillars above the bottom cake. The flowers were a bit of a nightmare because the bride (my niece) wanted long, pointy, white tulips with eryngium, purple appleberries and rosemary. You know what rosemary looks like, don't you? Well to make a single sprig I needed to do about 500 tiny little leaves and paint each individual one. I've never mentioned rosemary to any bride ever since!

Let's try again and see if any will appear below here. Er, naw, they're at the top again! The third one down isn't actually mine. Keith did it on Easter sunday. It was a madeira cake from the freezer, split and sandwiched with jam and whipped cream. Maltesers represented Easter eggs, grated chocolate sugar paste was a 'nest' and a piece of randomly rolled out yellow sugar paste was supposed to be an egg yolk. The liberal sprinkling of icing sugar was meant to represent the covering of snow we had that day. I was quite touched actually because he did this while I was still snoring away in bed. He had taken the cake out of the freezer the night before and put it in the bottom of the wardrobe to defrost!
Please can someone tell me how to make pictures appear where I want them in the text?
See you next time.


Raquel said...

Angie, those are lovely!!! Simply lovely, you are one talented lady. I am like you, I love to cook, but hate to wash up. good thing we have an electric dishwasher!! I think to make the pictures appear where you want, you have to insert them as you go along?? Not sure, as I am new at this, but that is how I do it anyways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing those pics with us!!! XXXOOO Raquel

My friends call me Tulip said...

Angie, you can move your pictures to where you want them to be by simply clicking on them (in edit mode) holding down the right hand mouse button and dragging them to where you want them to be, releasing the button when its finally in place.
Hope that makes sense? clear as mud? Thought so, have a play and get back to me and I'll try to answer any questions you may have.
Great cakes by the way!

Marie said...

Angie I have long known you make beautiful cakes. I wish you lived closer so you could make one for me!