Friday, 9 May 2008

Only introducing myself

I know you're not seeing much here but I just wanted to say hi. There are all sorts of things I ought to be able to do on this blog but not being much of a boffin it's going to take time, so bear with me won't you.

Lots of things I left out of my setup bits and pieces. I have been married to Keith for 36 years. We have no children of our own but the nephews and nieces and even great-ditto are mounting up.

I forgot to say I'm disabled and use a wheelchair most of the time, quite deaf with a hearing aid each side and - I don't care. There, at least now you know I'm not famous or on the telly or royal; nothing like that. My disability is actually the reason we don't have kids - it's genetic and I can pass it on and I would have hated that.

I am a passable cook and cake maker and decorator and people seem to like what I do. I don't make a living out of cakes though. You have to be far better than me to do that. No, it's just a hobby.

There's loads more about me, but that'll do for now. I'm not sure how to let you know I'm here so I'm hoping for the best

I might occasionally publish a recipe for you but that all depends whether or not I remember to write it down as it comes out of my head (no. not brains on toast!). About once a week we have a 'clear the fridge out' dinner when I take out of the fridge anything usable and make something nice for dinner. I tell you, I've fed guests like that - but don't tell anyone, it's between you and me.

OK that's really it for now. I won't post every day, not yet anyway, but please look out for me and leave me a link so I can visit your blog.



Marie said...

HI Angie, let me be the first one to welcome you to Blogger! I am loving what I am seeing so far. Well done! Oh and the corned beef pie recipe pretty please with sugar on it! yumm Yumm!!

Raquel said...

Hi Angie!! This is Raquel from Kitchen Mysteries! I love your blog! I love to share a little bit of other people's lives. My ex-husband had MS and was in a wheelchair somewhat, he could walk with a cane, tho. I will be reading your blog regularly!!