Friday, 9 May 2008

Letting my Daft out

Well I never! When my new Bus Pass arrived today (got on grounds of disability I hasten to add, not age, not yet!), I made a mental note never to buy a Webcam. That’s what they were using to take the photos with when I queued up to apply: you sit by this person with a computer, answer their questions, gaze into their webcam and ZAP you’re done, next please. Mark my words, that photo is even worse than any passport photo you can imagine.
I only actually applied because I can. Can’t see me getting on a bus though because I could never cock my leg up high enough. Some of them are the low entry type but you can’t tell if YOURS will be. Or if there'll be one to come back on. Tell you what though, if I could get on a bus, I certainly wouldn’t mess about driving into town, not with a free pass! Wouldn't that be good for my carbon footprint?

I think what our garden needs is a Bird Table. Everyone’s journals seem to be mentioning the plethora of bird life and all we ever get is little sparrers tweeting in the bushes and pigeons making merry on the chimney pot. Oh, the pigeons do sometimes sortie down and have a chomp at Keith’s would-be winter cabbages. It’s like a sort of post-coital fag to them. If we had a bird table maybe some really interesting birds would pay a visit. I mentioned it to Keith and his eyes lit up. Huh!

We used to have an automatic bird feeder a few years ago. It was made by Morphy Richards and how it worked was you stood it on the window-sill at Breakfast time, opened the window, put 2 slices of bread in and pressed the handle and a few minutes later out would fly 2 perfectly done bits of toast, through the window and land on the yard. Our dog used to have a Pavlovian reaction to it. As soon as she heard the handle pressed down she would go haring out the back door to sit under the dining room window with her mouth open!


Marie said...

haha Angie, had to chuckle about the bus pass. There was a stop just outside our doorway in Chester and we used the bus every day! I Loved it! Sadly no bus here, except maybe once a week and I'm not sure when that is! YOU MUST GET A BIRD TABLE! Did I make myself clear? haha. Seriously they are worth their weight in gold. You will get ever so much pleasure out of one. I do!

Raquel said...

Angie: We have many bird feeders here, I would definitely get a bird table. We have all sorts of finches, indigo buntings, baltimore orioles, robins, cardinals, bluebirds, chickadees, juncos . . . . quite a large list. Here in America (at least in the little town I live in) we do have one bus that runs once a week. They have a lift on it, so wheelchairs are not a problem. Love your blog, please write more!!Would love to see some pics of your sugarpaste work!