Saturday, 20 September 2008

...and cabbages and kings

First of all may I say thanks most heartily to Grammy Staffy for the award. I will wear it with pride just as soon as I figure out how to display it! It's terribly embarrassing having to admit I'm so thick but Marie at Oak Cottage has sent me a few pointers which I shall try out as soon as I get caught up.

Julie in Australia asked me if I could show some photos of the sugar flowers that I make. I would have emailed her some but I don't know her email address so the rest of you will have to suffer them too. This one is some yellow and red roses with lily of the valley, which I made for no purpose other than showing off (!). These two cream roses are not actually made from edible sugarpaste but from a very lightweight and virtually indestructible paste called Arista Soft. They were buttonholes for my niece's wedding. In the vase are some I made from 'proper' flower paste. You wouldn't know the difference to look at them but you can throw the buttonholes across the room and they won't break. Those in the vase are very very fragile. I made her wedding cake too but I can't seem to make a picture of that appear. Mum was 80 in February this year and this was her cake. Silly me, I never thought to make a spray of flowers to decorate the knife too.

Here's a 60th birthday cake.........

...........and a close-up of the flowers

Last year's Christmas Cake. As you may have guessed by now I like the cakes themselves to be quite plain so that the florals speak for themselves without having to shout!!

.......and finally! Here's one that Keith decorated on Easter Sunday before I got up. Bless him!

I'll leave it at that for now and HOPE to get back soon.

with love,


Raquel said...

Angie, you are a genius! You do very lovely work and I love hearing about your life! Much love, Raquel XO

Grammy Staffy said...

I agree with are a genius. What beautiful work.For the past 12 years that I taught,I always took my FHA students to compete at region and state levels.

One category was cake decorating. Every year we saw beautiful cakes on display.....none of the award winning cakes were as pretty as your. Your flowers are amazing. What a talent you have. I wish that you lived close to me so I could learn how to do it. I took a cake decorating class years ago but we didn't learn how to decorate the way you do. They are so beautiful. I bet if you put them in a fair they would win first place.

I'm glad that you like the award. I hope you can figure out how to post it. I got mine from Marie by right clicking on the picture on her blog. Then choose the "save as" option. After doing that, just save the picture into your computer pictures. Then when you do your post all you have to do to get the picture you saved is to click the picture icon which will let you upload the picture from your computer file.

I hope that you are having a good day. Hugs to you my talented friend. Lura

Oma aka Meme said...

You are doing a great blogging job- I am still a beginner and have only managed to put words in mine--LOL-
not sure how one makes it so pretty- one night I will con my dear live in g'kid to help me- she is swift at making things work for me- blessings to you and your household--huggls Meme

Marie said...

Angie, I have long admired your sugar craft. You do make the loveliest flowers!!! I just adore them and wish you lived closer so that you could show me how to do them as well. I had just enrolled in a sugarcraft course when I got my job down here, so needless to say, I did not get to take it. You have some very talented fingers there my friend!

Shaggy said...

Your work is fantastic.I have seen it before of course but continue to admire how clever and skilled you are at this job.Take Care my friendGod Bless Kath.

joolzmac said...

Oh, Angie - what a talent you have. Your work is fantastic. I can't work a piping bag to save myself (or the cake)!
I will try and post a pic of our wedding cake which I am sure you would have approved of.

Keep up the great work - you have such a skill.

Cheers - Julie