Sunday, 21 September 2008


Did I tell you I'm a bookworm? I have been from a small child. I rarely read anything intellectual, unless it's the newspaper. I always nod off though, reading newspapers, so I more often get my news off TV or radio.

My favourite reads are always who-dun-its! Before we came to live in this tiny house I had hundreds of books of one sort or another but I had to give most of them away; except the cookery books, and there I had to draw the line! I wish now that I had tried harder to find space to keep them all. There was everything Agatha Christie ever wrote, all of Thomas Hardy and Dorothy L. Sayers' Lord Peter Whimsey series, many by Ngaio Marsh, Ruth Rendell, PD James.

There were others too, not connected with crime (you're breathing a sigh of relief, I can hear you!). I had all the James Herriot Vet books, 'Bless me Father books (remember that series on TV?). All of them were paperbacks but I loved each one and they all went to our local Hospice shop. Just today I was talking on the phone with a friend who was telling me that another friend of hers had just bought all of Agatha Christie's work - in paperback - FROM THE HOSPICE SHOP!!!!!!! Grrr.

I have been reading a lot of Patricia Cornwell's books this past year. I love her Kay Scarpetta character. Although each book is a story in its own right, there is a theme running through them all of her main characters' lives. If you don't read them in the order they are published - and I didn't to start with - you start to wonder how and why a regular character is as he is. So you have plenty to think about: Scarpetta, her family, her colleagues, her job (she's a forensic pathologist),the plot. I would rate her as one of the best writers around. If you like that kind of thing.

Strangely, in spite of the TV costume dramas that abound at present, I have never in my life read a Jane Austen novel. Maybe that 'in spite of'' ought to be 'because of'': it's just that I generally do not like these TV adaptations. They get in the way of my imagination. So-and-so doesn't look how I thought and, while I wouldn't presume to foist my imaginings on the rest of the nation, they do take precedence in my head. One day I may wish to read Austen and I don't want her descriptions sullied by the art of the screenplay writer. OK?

What I'm reading at the moment though is Ruth Rendell's latest Inspector Wexford mystery, "Not in the Flesh". Wexford really is the architypal bumbling plod! He's lovely! Whoever cast that role to George Baker got it exactly right. I wouldn't like him to be after me, much too clever. Sometimes Ruth Rendell's books take a while to get down to business and there bloodthirsty me will be, wondering when it's all going to kick off. Not with this one though. Straight in there! Great bedtime reading.

I expect I shall give it away so if anyone wants it please let me know. I can post it to you.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Angie it's so good to have you posting again - I've missed you! I haven't read any of this series you're talking about. I'll look for them in my public library. blessings, marlene

Raquel said...

A woman after me own heart! I love agatha christie and I adore Lord Peter Wimsey! I even have the Lord Peter cookbook! Much love, Raquel XO

Shaggy said...

I don't do much reading Angie but when I do I read Auto's I have just finished Norman Wisdoms and Julie Goodyear this last two weeks what a laugh and so enjoyable both of them.Now waiting which I bought last week is Gloria Hunnifords
" Next To You" about her daughter.Don't like anything Gory at all.Makes me dream lol!!As for cook books as Iv'e said before you can keep them.My cooking days are over LOL!!I cooked long enough for 6 of us so now I'd Rather be waited on and eat out. He-He.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

Grammy Staffy said...

My son-in-law and grandsons like Patricia Cornwell as well. I just got through reading the first one. Like you they told me to read them in order...I am on my way.

I like the one that I read because it was a good mystery that didn't have bad language in it.

I hope that you are doing well.

joolzmac said...

Hi Angie

I have read lots of the Patricia Cornwall novels too. I was a big Scarpetta fan. It was strange - I used to read those books when my girls were young, then all of a sudden I just didn't like reading about that sort of crime. And even now I'm not a crime/cop show fan. I love reality/lifestyle tv - give me Big Brother, Idol, Biggest Loser, Survivor etc. I am a cooking show junkie.
My other weakness is old British comedies... Two Ronnies, Open all Hours, Keeping up Appearances, Allo Allo (I've got all of this series from start to finish). I used to love George and Mildred, Frank Spencer (Betty, the cats done whoopsie in my beret!!), Syd James and the Carry on movies...ah, the list could go on and on.
And I am a monarchist. No Repubic for Australia. I patiently await the day when I will see King William crowned. Diana - don't get me started - R.I.P. darling. Adore her.

Anyway, I think my flu meds have kicked in and I've been waffling... he he he!

Cheers - Julie

Marie said...

I have always loved to read as well Angie, although these days it mostly puts me to sleep. I rarely get the time to read until I am in bed at night and then I suppose I am a bit too tired. I have gone in stages in my life of reading and liking different sorts of books. When younger I loved the classics and Harlequin Romance stuff, then I read forever Amber and got into Historical romance . . . then came thriller novels and scary ones, then thriller historicals, etc. Now I just enjoy a good book. It doesn't matter which genre, although I do confess I am partial to historical ones. I have a soft spot in my heart for Phillippa Gregory novels.

Joan said...

Yay Angie I've found you!!! I have defected and now have 2 blogs over here!! Not done much to them at the moment as still feeling a bit rough with remnants of tonsilitis/bronchitis! Aol journals cease to exist as far as I am concerned now......its just geting things transferred so I don't lose it all!!

Sandra said...

Hi Angie, as a real bookworm myself I have to admit to never having read a whodunnit in my life. I`ve been told by so many people that they are a must so I really should get round to at least one or two. An Agatha Christie perhaps? :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

Bonnie said...

I just found your blog and it is a DELIGHT to read! Thank you!

Jasper said...

Ha haaa! Found you. You see, you can't hide from us!! Sorry to hear about your problems with worms. I might have some tablets that can sort you out, heh heh!

We like the James Herriot books as well,(except that some of the bits make us cry). Have you read any of the books by Maureen Lipman? They are very good. But you can't beat Jane Austen.

love to you Angie!

Ruth & Jasper xxx

The Animal Doctor said...

hi angie,
i'm glad that you found us through jasper and ruth's blog and that you bothered to leave a comment. we are touched. we read a lot of blogs too but we have not gotten around to telling these people how entertained we are with their stories- until recently.

i'm excited that we share the same passion- reading. i have two james herriot books, by the way.

i am going to visit your blog again and do some back reading of your previous posts.

thank you so much!


your new friends from the Philippines,

Lilli ( the Animal Doctor's Secretary/Wifey) :)

Ally Lifewithally said...

Angie I have found you at last ~ I thought I had lost you forever :o) ~ Ally x

Jenny said...

I was beginning to think something had happened to you not seeing you on aol, i didn't know you were already over here ahead of us. Glad to have found you.
Jenny <><

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hello there, I just found your blog on Kath's listing and wanted to say hello. I didn't know you were over here on blogger too ! So good to see you are doing well. I miss hearing about those lovely cakes and such.
'On Ya' - ma