Monday, 17 November 2008

One thing I absolutely have to get educated in is putting icons onto my blog when people are so kind as give me awards. Many thanks to Joolsmac of Simply Joolz for the Butterfly Award. Now many of you will know, as I go on about it ad nauseum, that I have a silly and irrational fear of butterflies (and moths) but I think I can stand to have this virtual one settle here on my blog! Ha - I'd be no good living next door to Joolz in Australia would I? They probably have butterflies the size of a small aeroplane out there!

Hands up who's been following Marie's blog "A Year From Oak Cottage" ( . Marie, a fab pro chef, fab family cook, fab artist, writer and blogger and fab lots of other things too, has just published her cookbook. I can't tell you it's wonderful because I only just ordered my copy today but I will tell you what it's like when it arrives. Meanwhile, pop across to her place if you want to find a link for getting a little look at (maybe even ordering) the book.

Mimuther set off on Saturday 15th on her epic voyage on the Queen Mary 2. It's only a six days trip across the Atlantic (in November? Brrr) and then two days in New York, but she's been like a kid waiting for Santa for the past several weeks. From the sound of it, she is going to eat Cunard out of house and home and then take New York by storm. What she isn't going to visit there is nobody's business! If she figures out howto work her new digi camera I'll hope to show you some pics. She was a bit disgusted that she had to buy a new camera at all actually, but she got fed up of trying to find somewhere that stocked film for her old camera. Kodak etc must be shrinking fast.

All this technology isn't good for her. She has a credit card for the first time in her life (she's 80) because she was told she can't use cash on the ship. Digi cameras and mobile phones - well she doesn't really understand the concept at all. She rang me up on the night before they sailed to ask me what her mobile phone number is!! Oh well, as long as she enjoys herself. She'll certainly have one or two things to add to her "Memories" file!

Speaking of memories, I found this little poem in our local church magazine:

We met, we married, a long time ago,
Times were hard, wages were low,
No radio, no telly, timeswere hard,
Just a cold water tap and a walk in the yard.

No holidays abroad, no carpets on floors,
But we'd coal on the fire, we never locked doors,
Our children arrived, no pill in those days,
And we brought them up without State aid.

No drugs, no Valium, no LSD,
We cured our pains with a good cup of tea.
If you were sick you werer seen to at once
Not "sign a form and come back in a month".

No violence, no muggings, there was nowt to rob,
In fact you were rich with a couple of bob,
People were kind in those far off days,
Kinder and caring in so many ways.

Milkmen and paper boys would whistle and sing,
And a night at the flicks was a wonderful thing;
Oh we all had our share of trouble and strife,
but we just had to face them, that was life.

Now I'm alone, and all through the years
I don't think of bad times and struggles and tears,
I think of the good times, blessings of home and love,
We shared them together and thanked God above.

Another Keith-ism was given birth to last weekend! It's been so cold lately that he's been putting a hot water bottle in the bed (my side of course). I threw back the quilt and plonked myself down right on it. "You're a Bummie-Boiler" he chortled. And on that note I leave you for now.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the Keithisms. It's very cold here, but no hot water bottles in my bed. 'On Ya'-ma

Sandra said...

Hi Angie, OUCH! sitting on the water bottle! I remember your fear of flutterbys so I see the irony of the award. Mind you, well done anyway. :o) Keithism`s, what an interesting! :o))

Love Sandra xxxx

Joan said...

Love your Keithisms too that was a good one. Hot water bottles one of my favourite things electric blanket in cupboard hot water bootle in bed. Love Joan.

Marie said...

You may be a bummie boiler but your my most favourite bummie boiler of all! You just got to love those Keithisms!!! I truly hope you are happy with your cookbook when it arrive Angie. I put my whole heart into it, and then some! I think your mum must be a brave gall to be doing such a journey at her age. My mum only goes to the bank and the shops, oh and the post office, tee hee. I took a trip on a Cunard Liner across the Atlantic in November when I was 4our years old. It was not pleasant for this person who gets motion sick on a swing. I hope your dear mum fares better than I did! Will text you later this morning! XXOO

Jan said...

I love to hear of the new Keithisms ,ouch mind your btm lol ,I loved the poem from the church magazine In fact I hope you dont mind I have printed it off to share with our over sixties group Yes I do know of your feeling about butterflies ooer!brave girl Jan xx

Raquel said...

Oh, Angie, that sounds like something my Keith would say! Much love, Raquel XO

Kath said...

He-He Angie who doesn't love an hot water bottle LOL!! I hope your Mum has a wonderful trip.Loved the poem.I have one similar from a magazine in my home tucked away somewhere.Have a lovely week Congratulations on the award well deserved.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sandra said...

Hi Angie, I`ve just nominated you for an award. It`s the Marie Antoinette award for real people, real journals. Pop over to my journal to collect your award. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

joolzmac said...

Hi Angie

Love your British humour! Ha ha!

I am sorry you don't like butterflies that much. What is there not to like?
I must say, most of our butterflies are the same size and yours would be but we do have quite large-ish spiders. I have a deep phobia of ones called Huntsmen. They can be the size of your hand at their largest, they don't live in a web but in crevices and cracks and they creep out and sit on walls etc and frighten the be-jeebers out of you. Ick! I've already had 2 since the warmer weather and they just make my skin crawl. Ugh!
Never mind, loving your blog so keep it up - Keithisms anorl!

Cheers - Joolz (Julie)