Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Woooo-hooo - superfantasmagorical - hee hee hee <jumping up and down> - I've WON something!!! If I tell you it's the lottery don't get excited. If I tell you it's money, don't disown me. And DON'T send any begging letters. £22! I don't know what that is in dollars or Euros but to my empty purse it is manna from Heaven. I got it from The Weather Lottery which is a charity lottery where contributors choose the charity they want to support - in my case the Brittle Bone Society. You pick 6 numbers and these are matched daily against the temperature lists published in the Daily Telegraph (only last figure of the temps counts). Good eh? I get £22 and the Society benefits too.

I've been thinking (yes, I know.....) those savings stamps I was talking about, I don't think they were Co-op, they were Post Office.

Mimuther rang from Birmingham yesterday, where she had just arrived after her cruise. "It was all I hoped and more," she enthused, "Except for the Waldorf Astoria. I'll tell you when I come home next week." Well you can't say something like that then leave a girl in suspenders can you? Unless you're Mimuther!

Keith and I are going Christmas shopping in Lincoln on Thursday. I don't know what on earth to give people, that's the trouble. Some people just seem to be really good at knowing what to give, always exactly the right thing, but not me. What do you give to a baby who is but a few weeks old? Even the Wise Men knew better than me - wish me luck!

On Friday my niece (mother of said baby) and nephew-in-law are moving into their new house. It has been a hard and rocky path for them but at last the house is theirs. I wish them love, luck and happiness and God's blessing.

There, I told you I didn't have much to say this time so at this point I shall leave you.


Jan said...

Well Angie you made a good job saying nothing ,I enjoyed your entry ,as always ,cant help with gift ideas Im making as much as I can ,people have everything dont they ? ,dying to hear all about your Mothers adventures,Oh can ya lend me a fiver ?hee hee ..love Jan xx

Marie said...

Angie, you say the most interesting things about nothing! I love them! I can't wait for you to share your mother's adventures with us! I would love to chat on the phone again sometime soon. Text me and let me know a good time! Ohh, and have a wonderful day shopping tommorrow. HOpe the sun shines down on you both!!!