Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Domino Effect!

Now look, I must be wrong here. There must be something I haven't considered; I hope there is. But it seems to me that 2008 was a B~A~D year.

My over-riding memory is of the mishap I had in July. It didn't seem much at the time but its effects are with me still and look set to remain. The wheelchair has become part of the furniture - and part of the furniture has had to be moved out to make room for it! Whereever me and it are we feel in the way. There is - or was - a BBC radio programme called "Does He Take Sugar", which was the BBC's way of trying to become more 'disability inclusive', if you know what I mean. It wasn't very good really but I am now very aware of the sentiments implied by its title. People do, indeed, tend to talk to whoever is with me rather than to me.

I have often wondered how 'Who Wants to be a Millionnaire' would manage if a wheelchair user snuk through to get on the show. You know? Those very high chairs they have which require driving-standard eyesight to see the monitors? I thought we would find out the other night when they had an Olympic and Paralympic Special but no, they didn't have any wheelchair users on!

My other all-pervading memory of the year is..........horrible weather. Up here in the north of England I don't think there was a single evening when you could sit outside with your glass of wine and enjoy the sunset. On the plus side I heard on the radio that, with all that rain, the butterfly population is likely to have been decimated. Y~A~A~A~Y!!! Sorry but, as some of you know, I hate the flappy things.

Mum had her posh cruise on the Queen Mary 2 in November. From what she said I gathered that this was all pretty sedate and - well - posh, but she is starting to tell the truth now.

Like when she and her sis, the Dynamic Duo, gatecrashed a private party to which they had not been invited. They were plied with champagne and picky bits for a couple of hours before a purser gently pointed out their error but wouldn't hear of them leaving.

Like when they decided to have a look at the art gallery on board. Some of the paintings were displayed not on the wall but standing up at a slight angle. A bit like dominoes. They sat on 2 chairs between 2 paintings. Mum accidentally whacked the nearest painting with her elbow and down went the whole lot - clunk, clunk, clunk, just like a line of dominoes! They left quickly.

If I don't publish this now - this instant minute - I'll keep on thinking of things forever. Next time I'll show you a few things that Santa brought.


Jenny said...

I couldn't manage that big seat either. They would need a crane to haul me up.
Jenny <><

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm hoping this New Year is a better one for you. I'll look forward to seeing your Christmas
'On Ya'-ma

Saltydawg said...

Don't worry about the chair on Millionaire, I'll make em take the monitors off the stand so you can see em as long as you promise to bung me something if you win!
Wheel chair or not, we still love ya!
Happy New Year, Gaz x

Marie said...

Angie, Angie, Angie . . . I love you. Do you know that? So happy to see a post from you, and here's hoping that 2009 is a lot better for you! We need to talk. I kept hoping for a few spare mo's over the holidays but it never happened. I have missed you. XXOO
PS and if you do ever go on Who wants To Be a Millionaire, can I be your phone call contact?

Kath said...

He- He so happy to see a posting.Sorry your back is playing you up Angie.I have often wondered how I would get on that chair too being a diddy like yourself he-he.Anyway I'll write to Chris and we'll go as a pair on the Celebrity Show.They don't know what Celebrity means till they get us two together LOL!!I'll ring Chris prior to the show and ask him to wheel us in on our pooter chairs LOL!!We'll both see the screen then.Guess i'll have to go with your answers though as your the brainy one Haaaaaaa.So al si thi there as wi say in r part of the country LOL!! "HAPPY NEW YEAR" hows that for a good start.Prayers you soooooon feel well and I promise to ring as soon as you let me know when That wonderful man of yours is on lates.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Jan said...

This great two entrys in as many days ,ouch you are showing me up,They do accomadate wheel chairs on Deal or no Deal ,shall we boycot programmes that dont hee hee Jan xx

Jasper said...

Your mum sounds like a legend! What a star.

At least in your chair, you could get some speed up and mow down Tarrant when he gets annoying...