Sunday, 4 January 2009


I don't know why we bother with New Year Resolutions! Mine rarely reach the start line, never mind the finishing post.

Give up smoking? Haven't smoked for 30 years.
Lose weight? That's an annual fixture, that one, and lucky if it survives ti the end of January.

Take more exercise? I wish! Being in a wheelchair it's difficult to do the kind of exercise that will help your reducing diet along and you wouldn't believe how your bum spreads out to fill all available space when you're sitting on it most of the time! It just kind of creeps. So anyway I just have to aim for a decent well-balanced diet and not too much of it, but I do that all the time so it can't really be a NYR.

Even this blog has crept onto the list. Right, from now on I am going to post something at least three times a week ..... well, two then. See? I'm dithering already. I am going to try though, seriously, and no excuses.

Although it's not quite 6th January (by when I was always told the decorations have to be down and the tree gone) I do feel that Christmas is finished now. Our tree has been relegated to the back garden in the hope that it might stay alive there for next year, there are no cards or anything adorning the rooms and the artificial 'snow' has been scrubbed from the windows. Christmas has indeed been well and truly scrubbed.

Now herein lay a problem when I was litltle. All had to be gone by 6 Jan - and my birthday was on 7th! I rarely got birthday presents ("too close to Christmas") or a party. The one party I can remember having was a very lacklustre affair because there were no decorations, not so much as a balloon, in case whoever oversees these things thought they were from Christmas and heaped bad luck on us!

Good thing we've had no snow this Christmas or else such birds as we get in our garden would have been hungry. We can't put out nice little bits like bacon rind or crusts because our Sally has taken to eating them, scaring the birds off in the process. Honestly, you would think she never got fed! She would turn her nose up though if I tried putting those things in her dinner. At 15, though, maybe she is in her second puppyhood!

Tightly furled little buds on the camelia

Spring, ah spring. I'm seeing signs of it already. The camellia is already in bud. Quite tight buds yet, they are, but hundreds of them. They will be the first things to flower in our garden. The bush will be a riot of deep pink blooms and I always feel it's doing it just for us. The people we bought the house off 6 years ago didn't take it because it never did very well and they thought it was just about dead. Well nah-nah-na-nah-na! We also have some yellow wallflowers that have kept on flowering through the cold, the snow and the frost. Are they supposed to do that?

I haven't taken the Christmas present photos yet so that entry will be toorrow now. Night night, sleep tight, mind the bugs don't bite..............zzzzzzzzzzzz


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm not in a wheel chair like you but at a desk chair at work most of the day and them come home and park some more so I know what you mean about the settling in the crevices. I'm glad to hear that we may be hearing more from you this year. 'On Ya'-ma

Saltydawg said...

No snow yet? I woke up to 3 inches worth this morning. You musta typed this last night. Isn't the whole country covered now?

Marie said...

Yayyy!!! A second entry from you in as many days!! I stand all day at work and my arse has still spread. I wonder what excuse I can use for that??? (I'm afraid I don't like any that immediately spring to mind though!) I didn't know you had a dog Angie! You will have to share some photos with us sometime! OUr Jess likes to get into the garden and suffle up our bird bits if we don't keep an eye on her as well. We have had no success in pointing out to her that they are for the birds, not her. We have snow this morning! It's really quite exciting! Sending you lots of love!!! XXOO

Jan said...

Dear Angie,A Very Happy New year to you both ,so you have decided new year resolutions are a no no ,I do agree ,I think if we need to change things then it should be done now ,or even tomorrow ,hee hee ..we had about half an inch of snow here in East Anglia with more promised ugh!,I have taken down the decorations this morning ,and changed the beds pheww ,and since I have a good book I might just try my bed out this Jan xx

Kath said...

No snow over here Angie thank goodness.Then again I often think ist is warmer when the white stuff has dropped.So another weight gainer how many of us are there LOL!!Love the camelia shrub.Wallflowers will continue flowering if left in the ground but they get very leggy usually.I say leggy (Tall) and fall over.I alwayspull mine out and renew mine each autumn.They were my Fathers favourite.Well well going to do two or three postings a week thats good.I don't think I shall have time to catch them all though.It's too time consuming for me to follow all I do .So Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Jasper said...

Happy new year, sweet Angie!

Good on Sal - glad to hear she's as sneaky as me under all that greyish cuteness!

That camelia is going to put on a good show - be sure to share some pix!
Jasper xxx (& Ruth) x

Jean said...

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year too ,Hope its a good one for you Jeanxx

Joan said...

A little bird told me it was your birthday so I will say a big Happy Birthday. Love Joan.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Happy Birthday to you with hopes your each and everyday are filled with the things you dream of most. Take care and have some fun,

Kath said...

"Happy Birthday" Angie and many more of them.I did you a verse in my blog lol!! Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Happy Birthday, Angie...a little birdie (motherhen) spilled the beans. Hope it was wonderful! xx

Grammy Staffy said...

Happy Birthday Angie.
I hope you have a party with balloons..I won't think they are left over from Christmas.

Happy New Year

Love, Lura

Jan said...

A very Happy Birthday for yesterday Angie ,I have just come over from Kaths blog ,hope this year is full of good things for you and the best ever Jan xx

Anonymous said...

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