Monday, 26 January 2009

Everybody's Doin' it........

Hecky thump - we're all at it. I just read Kath's 'My Simple Rhymes' where she shows us the decorating she's done to her little flat - kitchen mainly. Looks lovely. Mimuther's at it too in her living room, Hallway and dining room. Or, rather my bruv and sis are at it on her behalf - she's GOC.

And here are we, for which read 'Keith'. He has decided that our bedroom, hallway and living room need a major makeover. The hallway and living room will get a new wooden floor. He's quite certain the floor in the hallway will only take 2 days. hmmm.....! In his mind's eye he has the hallway completed by next weekend, hmmm-mm!

Then he's going to attack the bedroom. He wanted to put a wooden floor in there too but I put my little foot down with a firm hand. There's no way in this world that my tootsies are getting out of a nice warm bed of a morning onto a cold, unforgiving wood floor. You can't beat a nice shag (pile) in the bedroom when it's a cold morning. OH - - - <> woops - I've just had to go back and put in the word in brackets because I realised it read a bit rude!!! I suppose I could have changed it altogether but - well this blog is supposed to be me 'warts anorl' so here's a few warts!!!! I do hope I haven't offended anybody. It's what happens when you write down your thoughts. Not offending people, I don't mean - oh make your own mind up whether you're offended. You know me well enough by now!

Anyway, all these projects are to be finished by May so he can practise for retirement by sitting in the garden in the blazing sunshine. Ho Ho Ho - Where does he get these ideas from?

Know what he did this morning? Again? Went off to work at 5am but didn't leave me a key to open the back door with. Poor Sally was standing with her poor little old legs crossed wondering why I didn't let her go in the garden. I can't speak to him at work - as a chicken processing plant their phone number is secret because they're scared of animal rights activists. What do they think animal rights people are going to do over the phone? Make an appointment? So anyway, I left a message on his cell phone and, quite by chance, he called me later in the morning. Where? Just where, if you knew my hubby, you would never think of looking: the box where they should be! He NEVER puts keys in there, never. This is a first. Have we turned a corner? Has he overcome that most malest of blindspots and Got The Hang Of It. I didn't know whether to be mad or glad!

Finally, a little (I hope) problem that I wonder if anyone can help me with. A few days ago - last week maybe - I filled in a quiz on a site called something like to see what character of film star I am most like (Ingrid Bergman in case you're interested!). Now the thing won't go away. Every time I click on 'New Post' from my Dashboard the box that comes up contains the result of this quiz and I have to manually delete it all before I can start. Next time, there it will be again, just like the last teaspoon in the washing up. What have I done? How can I get rid of it once and for all? If it comes up again I may just have to publish it in case that's what it thinks I should do. I can't do it through 'Edit Posts' because it doesn't show on there. GRRRR.

Until next time.........


Jan said...

Hee hee ,What a great entry ,I laughed out loud at many of your funny quips ,shag pile indeed !I am mortally offended !!! (sometimes I lie hee hee )we have wood every where exept the bedroom ,which is carpeted lol ,My quiz is nothing like you describe,just a bit of fun each day ,to keep the little grey cells active ya know ,,I love your worts ,and hope the puddle wasnt to big ,by the time you found the key Jan xx

Kath said...

Yes seems everybody is doing it Angie LOL!! Of course I mean the decorating.What did you think I meant?So Keith the man is retireing is he? Whoo Hoo I didin't think he was retirement age.He looks so well.I don't like the wood floors personally but in my HOUSE!!! not flat it's a HOUSE !!! " Can you hear me at the back " a HOUSE lol!! I have no choice it not being mine but leased.Give me carpet any day everywhere in Kitchens I love the stone tiles and bathrooms too.Well I hope poor Sally managed to hang in there while you found the key poor lass.As for the quizzy thing have you looked in your program files to see if it is there under Control Panel add or remove.If you can find it there click on remove and it will uninstall it.It sounds like it's downloaded itself onto your computer Grrrrrrr.Never delve where you are not sure about some sites are pains in the backside.Anyway.Happy flooring to Keith and don't you be flooring him if he doesn't get it done on time Haaaaaaaa.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd love to decorate more at my house, but have so much clearing out that needs to be done that that is where I'll be starting first. Maybe next year some decorating can be done. I would prefer carpet all over but I know the new style is wood. My home is a bit old fashioned anyway. Eclectic I think they call it. A hodge podge is what I call it.
So glad you found the key and hope it is a sign of more good things to come from your Keith. 'On Ya-ma

Grammy Staffy said...

What a fun post. I am happy about the new floors. I bet they will be beautiful. However, I am with you on carpet for the bedroom. It is hard enough to get out of bed as it is.... we don't need a cold floor to discourage us.

Thanks for your nice comments about my Johnny. He is amazing. We wish that he could come to the London Olympics but he is too young. The girls team can be younger but the boys team are always 18 and older. Wouldn't it be great if he could make the team and I could meet my dear English blogging friends at the same time.

Oh well.... I can dream...

I am thrilled about getting to meet Marie. Maybe one day I will get to meet you too. I hope so.

Have a good day...are the keys still being put in the right spot or was it a one time event?
Hugs, Lura

Ally Lifewithally said...

Angie I just love your blog ~ you always make me smile ~ Poor Sally I felt really sorry for her ~ good Luck with the decorating hope Keith manages to get it all done for you ~ Ally x

Sandra said...

Hi Angie,

The very thought of a wood floor in the morning. I`d probably jump straight back in, go to sleep and be late for work! Now with my cosy warm carpet I`m up an at `em at 6am and get there! He doesnt know it yet but there are two bedrooms that need decorating and Jim will do them next month! :o)

Love and ((Hugs))

Sandra xxxx

StitchinByTheLake said...

Hi Angie - I'm wondering if Ingrid is haunting you? I means maybe she's just wanting a little attention! As for the decorating....I'd love to do it buy my husband and I are just too lazy to tackle that kind of stuff. blessings, marlene

Marie said...

Your Keith seems quite a handy fellow Angie! I wish Todd were more so. He does try hard, but just hasn't got the knack! He does remember where to put the keys though, so I suppose you can't have it all! I adore you dear friend, warts an all! If Lura ever does manage to make it over here you shall have to come down with Keith and we'll show her a grand old time won't we!! XXOO
PS about the blueberries. I don't see why you can't use drained canned ones. Just dry them off really well. Raspberries or blackberries would be lovely as well!

Jasper said...

And now we're doing it too.... sorry!

We also know what you mean by a nice shag, but are far too pure to comment... ;-)

Little Red Hen said...

Oh Angie, I am SO jealous! Your doing over rooms in your house! I finally found you blog thanks to Ally. Bless! I missed you and I can see that you are as full of life as ever! Your life must just zip by! Can't wait to see how this do-overs turn out! By the way, Miss Willow is doing just fine and and may be getting a little brother in May! What fun!

Susie xoxox

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Angie,
Please come to my blog and pick up an award I have for you
Love, Lura

Little Red Hen said...

Hi Angie! I love this happy picture of you! I think that decorating is the superb way of making nesting brilliant! You rock!

Marie said...

I miss you . . . *sniff *sniff. I may just have to phone you SOON! Love you. XXOO

Grammy Staffy said...

Hello friend... thanks for stopping by my blog and saying "hi". I always enjoy hearing from you.

I hated to say goodbye to our Marie but I knew you and Todd would miss her too much if I held on to her any longer. I am glad that she made it save and sound back to home soil.

I like Marie's idea. Maybe someday I can hop over the pond and visit with you. That would be so grand.

Dreams do come true.... after all I got to meet Marie... so I will keep dreaming. Have a good week.
(((hugs))) Lura

Anonymous said...

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