Friday, 9 January 2009

Not a Lot to Say

I'm scandalized!!!! A common or garden-type sliced loaf of white bread from round the corner at the Spar shop: £1.87. Daylight robbery, that. While petrol is going down, down, down, everything else is going up, up, up. I heard gas and electric prices were to be lowered - Y~A~Y; then I heard that the utilities companies were going to use the problems of Russia refusing to supply some of its neighbours with gas as an excuse to raise our prices yet further, even though they're already getting beyond the reach of many people. Where does it stop? You can opt not to buy most other things until manufacturers stop being silly but - gas and electric??

"Baking - from my home to yours" by Dorie Greenspan

Just look what Santa brought me. Ever since Marie at Oak Cottage started to write her Tuesdays with Dorie entries I have longed for this book.

I was not disappointed. The illustrations are beautiful and the short introduction to each recipe gives a real indication of how it's supposed to turn out. She even gives ideas on what you can do to ring the changes on a recipe and make it your own! It's not exactly bedtime reading as it weighs a ton but it certainly won't lie forgotten on the bookshelf.

I got a lot of other books too so I'm well set up with reading matter for now. Among them were biography of Diana Ross and autos of Gordon Ramsay (Humble Pie), Sir Michael Parkinson (Parky), Gloria Hunniford (Always with you), Dawn French (Dear Fatty) and Paul O'Grady (At my mother's knee - and other low joints). In paperback were Memories of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon and The Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert, and all rounded off by Belle de Jour which has apparently become a TV series. Sounds a bit rude to me! I can't say I fancy the James Herbert or the "rude" one but I'll give them a go. I'll try and remember to let you know what they're like as I get through them.

I seem to have got my computer fixed. As some of you know if you've tried to email me with links or attachments, I wasn't able to open any of them. Well I can now so I'm back in business!!



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the picture at the bottom of your entry cute!
I know we are trapped into paying what they want for utilities like gas and electric. It does not seem fair at all. I think people like those are just plain greedy to say the least. Enjoy all your books! I saw a few that were familiar to me in that list. Let us know how you do with all that reading. 'On Ya'-ma

Grammy Staffy said...

I am glad that your computer is fixed. Mine is too. Now if Marie could get her new camera to work we would be in good shape. I hope that the store will allow her to exchange it for another camera....lets cross our fingers for her.

Our gas prices are down from over $4 a gallon last summer to about $1.70. I hope that it will last but I'll not hold my breath. A loaf of bread is $2.50.

Enjoy all of those books. Happy reading

Hugs, Lura

Kath said...

Cor blimey thats a right rip off the price of a loaf.I can see that going green mouldy or there must be lots of fools live in Scunthorpe if they will pay that LOL.As for the gas and Electricity,I wonder if I'll get a refund on electricity.We went into a blackout last night (power cut ) until this morning.I ran to get my gas mask LOL!!Glad the pooters ont he up.Thought mine had crashed when the power cut hit.Lovely cookbook,but not my kind of nook you well know.I love auto's though.I have the Gloria one too.Just about to start reading BONO He-he.Take Care God Bless.

Aardvark Cakes said...

Happy Baking! It is a fabulous book! I love the picture at the bottom of your post! Helen x

Marie said...

Glad you got your puter sorted Angie! Oh what a lovely haul you got for Christmas. I love my Dorie book too! Did you know she also co-authored Baking With Julia. another fab book! I would love to read Paul O'grady's bio and Dawn French's. I bet they are both really good reads! Waking up to another fairy land here this morning again! It's cold but what a way to go. It's beautiful out there! I think the price of bread is outrageous right now and it goes mouldy before you can eat it all. Why? That's what I want to know . . . why? It used to go stale, now it goes green.

Jan said...

Gosh that would have paid my bread bill for a week when my family were small ,I had four kids and boy they could eat ,Your books sound interesting the only one of those I have read ,was the Paul O Grady one ,he only dealt with his childhood though so was abit dissapointed hope there is a follow up , Who is the dear little baby ? Jan xx

Anonymous said...

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