Sunday, 11 January 2009

A New Rant

Just a short post today but still, I'm afraid, in ranting mode! My printer's ink cartridges finally packed up on Friday so new ones were desperate. As we were near Curry's on Saturday morning, in we went to buy some. £10-something each and I wanted 4 - flaming taters. But well you've got to have them haven't you? I've had these comparables (or whatever they're called) before and they don't last 5 minutes so I wanted genuine Epson Stylus ones. Oh well, I thought, philosophically, bang goes the skirt and top and, apart from a very loud rant in the car on the way to Tescos, said no more about it.

Until we saw them. There they were, in Tescos, for a little over £7 each - AND they had a multipack of all four at about £24! I was incensed and despatched himself back to Curry's to take them back and tell them why. He wimped out on that and just said he'd got the wrong ones for his wife and could they please credit them back into the debit card. "Well sir," they said, "This is not your card, it's Mrs M's," True but, as he pointed out, I couldn't go back myself. "Well it's fraud to use someone else's card," and the manager was sent for. Fortunately he saw sense and said he thought it would be alright as he was putting something in not taking it out. So poor Keith got out alive, and all for four way overpriced printer cartridges.

Hands up who knows what this is?
I know it looks like a doorstopper, and it sort of is, but actually it's today's Keithism.
It's actually a wheat bag acting as a doorstopper. It's fastened by string to the door handle so that when I want to close the door all I hve to do is throw the bag in onto the floor of the cupboard (it's what I use as an office and it's where I'm sitting now). When I open the door again the string pulls the bag out and it sits itself by the open door. Nifty huh? But here's the good bit: if I happen to get a neckache from sitting here I can just throw the whole thing in the microwave for a minute and you have instant drug-free relief from an aching neck! Oh boy, this guy missed his vocation somewhere!!

While he was at it he thought he might as well have a bit of a square-up in there. Normally hate it if anyone messes about with my officey bits and pieces. They may look a mess but they'r my mess and I know where everything is. What he did was put a bank of switches on the wall and hung the phone on the wall so I don't keep knocking t off, he cleaned the computer monitor - see h ow it gleams? - and he dusted AND POLISHED my desk and then put the papers carefully back on it. He sorted out all the eectric spaghetti under the desk too - BLESS THAT MAN.

I'm off to bed now. By the way, the baby I signed off with last time wasn't me I'm pleased to say!

This isn't me either, it's Mimuther on her 80th birthday

lots of love, Angie, xxx


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you found the good buy. It pays to shop around they say. Your Keith is one clever guy . How nice to have your little office all spruced up and even a clean monitor screen. The wheat bag is a treasure. I'd never have thought of that in a million years.
It was so nice to see your mother's lovely smiling face.
'On Ya'-ma

Grammy Staffy said...

I agree with you over high ink prices. That is one of the reasons that I did not put all of our family pictures in our Christmas letter this year. Last year it cost me $75 in ink...and that didn't count the $.42 cents to mail each one or the cost of the cards. This year I took the inexpensive way out and told people to look on my blog. I figured if they were not interested enough to do that they wouldn't want our pictures in the card anyway. I heard of a new HP computer that uses cheap ink. I may get one when my old printer dies.

Your Keith is a good guy to have around...very clever and handy.

Have a good week. Hugs, Lura

Marie said...

I think the price of ink is highway robbery! But what can you do. We have tried having our cartridges re-filled, but like you say, it's not the same. Best to just bite the bullet and get what you need. Poor old Keith. What a love he is. You are one lucky lady, and I should know coz I'm a lucky lady too!!! Sending lots of love your way today! XXOO

Jan said...

Oh poor Angie nothing is ever straight forward is it .......? still good for you getting your refund ,or Keith should I say lol ,he made a good job of your office I think mine would make him scratch his head What a lovely looking lady your Mum is Jan xx

Sandra said...

HOW MUCH???? Talk about daylight robbery and us in the middle of a recession too! Thank goodness you got your money back. What a lovely looking Mum you have, she can`t be eighty! :o)

Love and ((Hugs))

Sandra xxxx

Kath said...

Yes the ink is a nightmare on the pocket isn't it.Mines a lexmark all in one and I find Argos the cheapest place for mine.The cheap stuff is crap lol!!OH! so you too have your pooter in a nooky cuboard like me do you LOL!! It almost looks identical to my place.Good old Keith once again.Coming up trumps as usaul.As for the spagetti i'm suprized we don't all go up in flames arn't you with that lot hanging around us lol!!Iv'e nearly strangled myself more than once with that lot Haaaaa.Like today installing a new keyboard.Then the Rosster rang to say he has bought me a new monitor,he's bringing over next week. Whoo-Hoo whats he like? We have a pair between us don't we now.Love the pic of ya muther LOL.She's a doll.Have a great Sunday. Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Ben said...

{{{{Angie}}}} Nice to know that ink thing isn't just an American problem.


Joan said...

Hiya Angie!!! Popped by to see you and I know what you mean about the ink cartridges, ridiculous prices - our Canon ones cost £14(B & W) & £16 (colour) and we are always buying them!!!
Hope all is well otherwise! I have actually posted - pop by and have a look!!! Jx

Grammy Staffy said...

Hello again,
I hope that you have had a good week.
My little grand-daughter started a new blog today. We had a royal tea party here today. I told her that I have some English friends that have a real queen that lives in real castles. Claire was so impressed. I told her that you have real tea parties too. She thinks that we should move to England.

If you get a chance she would love it if you stopped by her new blog and said hello. You can see our version of a Royal tea party.

I am sending hugs your way. Lura

Anonymous said...

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