Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Daytime Telly

The head-scratching stage

You know, my twice-a-week posting resolution at the new year just is not happening is it? But Keith's latest project, designed so I can get out of the house on my own, though it may help my The conservatory floor is raised

posting rate, will certainly throw the family into a flat spin! I daren't go in the shower after about 8.30am in case somebody phones and thinks I'm on the floor because I don't answer - we don't have a phone in the bathroom but I couldn't hear it if we had because you can't use hearing aids in the showerThe patio is raised with wooden decking

. What a mess!

Me being able to pop out to the shops in my chair might just spark an international incident!

Did I ever tell you about my adopted Gran, Helen, starting an international incident? She was an old lady well into her 70's when she lived in this town and had gone out shopping early one morning leaving her little Jack Russell Schatze home alone. Well the dog wasn't keen on being left but managed to get into the living room where she wasn't supposed to be so that made up for it a bit. Anyway, one of Helen's many friends in Germany happened to phone. Schatze, being a bit cross because the phone woke her up, knocked the receiver off its base and lay growling into it! Poor Gerd on the other end thought it was Helen being murdered or something! He didn't know how to contact our local police so he contacted his own, who contacted Interpol, no less, who contacted Scotland Yard, who contacted the local police, who came rushing to the house, lights flashing and sirens blaring!!! There they were, trying to see what was what, when who should come toddling up the street? Yes, that's right. It made the front page of the local paper and Helen dined out on that one for months!

I do like daytime TV (generally speaking) but just take it for what it is - a bit of entertainment. On the BBC there are quite a few property shows. You know the kind of thing: where they send in their 'experts' to see why your house isn't selling. I wonder if these sellers of the houses actually believe the bunkum they get told? For goodness sake:

Don't have your children's toys laying around

How do you persuade kids to hide all their toys away until after the house is sold? How do you make them keep their rooms impeccably clean and tidy? How do you tell the son and heir he can't be taken out for some sun and air because his pram can't be kept in the hall in case it offends someone?

If your bathroom is downstairs - forget it

There is no-one in the world who wants a downstairs bathroom. Remember that.

Bungalows are for old people

Really? Oh, right. Well I wish someone had told me before we came here.

Wooden kitchens are out of date; only white will do.

Beg to differ here. Where we lived in the late 80's we had a white kitchen installed. It was right old fashioned then and the fitter said as much. He was quite disgusted that we were not having a wood one. "Nice bit of oak," he said "That's what you want. Makes a place feel lived-in". "It'll come back in fashion sometime." I said - and it did. Now I've got an oak kitchen, which is right out of fashion. I don't care though because I like it. It's warm looking, as if someone lives in it and cooks in it. And in a few years it'll be bang up to the minute.

There are a few leaves on the drive. That's going to put buyers off.

Rubbish! The show was filmed in autumn and that's what trees do in autumn - shed their leaves. Knee-deep might be a bit off putting but you'd have to be a bit of a stickler to even notice a couple of dozen!

Don't have any personal odds and ends about.

What? They're talking about things like photos of your family, books you read, pictures on the walls or nick-nacks that are important in your life. Hard luck if you play a musical instrument. It has to go for the duration - unless it's a grand piano of course, that's OK. But these people always get busy taking down their pictures from the walls, and some of them have quite a few. But I ask myself this: what happened to all the picture hooks and the holes where they were fastened? You can never see them when someone is being shown round but in reality they make a dreadful mess.

Time for Corrie so I'm orf. See you soon



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Very interesting post today! I'm afraid I'll never sell my house at the rate you described. Everything is wrong here for sure. That was a cute story about the dog and the phone. I could just see it now. Your raised flooring is really going to be nice for you when it's all done. It does make for some messes doing it all, but it will be great finished. Thanks for the SMILES today. 'On Ya'-ma

Kath said...

Nothings fashionable for long in todays day and age Angy.Even our computers are old fashioned after twelve months Heeeee.Theres no way anyone can keep up to being in fashion homewise today.I have always kept my home decor wise how I like it and what suits me,not whats in fashion.Never bought things because other people have them either.Don't and never will try and keep up to the jones,it's something I detest when folks are like that.Rooster and I have sold three houses in our time together and never had no problem at all.I did have it tidy though for veiwing times,all the 4 kids things put away and I believe not a lot of clutter and things on show does help to sell.On the other hand I myself have been put off by alsorts when veiwing houses to buy.I suppose it's up to the individual what attracts them to a home when buying.I do prefer houses to bungalows also,I always have done...I don't like living all on one floor for many reasons.Thank goodness I am out of the buying and selling stage now LOL!!.The stageing looks to be coming on a treat.LOL at your Gran.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Andy said...

Thanks for your good wishes in my blog. Have to differ from you about daytime TV though I think its utter rubbish. As for these property programmes they must think prospective purchasers are thick. Everybody knows that a house is a home and homes are lived in. No one lives in a showhouse.

Jan said...

Now Im going to watch that program through fresh eyes hee hee ,its all a load of bunkum really isnt it ? Well you will be able to escape all that come the summer ,you can get out side all by your self ,What a great story about the lady who left her dog at home Jan xx

Marie said...

Ohhhh Corrie. I can't wait for the big wedding tommorrow night!! I think Steve and Becky were made for each other and make a sweet couple! I love Becky, she has a heart of Gold. I like watching the property shows as well. Like you, I scratch my head and wonder. I would think that a home that looks like a family would enjoy it, with family photos etc. would sell quicker than a home without feeling. Just my opinion! I love you loads. I had to laugh at your story about the dog and the telephone. How wonderful! Truth is stranger than fiction! I will try to remember never to call when you are in the shower!! XXOO OH, and instead of a pastry blender, you can use two knives. Just cut them together, briskly, into the fat and flour, it works a charm.

Patchwork Dragon said...

Hi Angie....I've been lurking on your blog for a while now, so thought I would say hello....I love your sense of humour and off beat way of looking at things. I don't get much of a chance to watch daytime tv but I'm with you on the stupid property programmes!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Angie I agree with you about daytime TV ~ that property programme you talked about I agree they are stupid telling people to remove family pictures and all the other daft stuff they ramble on about ~ Like must have a white bathroom and it must be upstairs (unless you are in a bungalow of course !!!!) Ally x

Sandy said...

Oh wow, that story about the dog and the phone, I bet it was quite an event...hahaha.

Just noticed you visited and commented at my blog! I've been out of town. Thanks so much for stopping by.

I'll have to check out more of your blog when I get some extra time.