Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday 13th

When I went to "check my emails" (Angie-speak for not doing the washing up) this morning, I saw to my horror the unaddressed envelope with my neice's birthday card in it. And yes, sure enough, it is indeed 13 March today and she is 30. OH NO!! I'll text her. No I won't, I don't have her new number. So this is what she got instead:

happy birthday

Guess who forgot to post your birthday card?

I know that's more the kind of lame excuse you give when you really mean "I forgot your birthday" or even worse "I forgot you existed for a minute there" or even worse than that "Ruth who???".

Truly though, I'm sitting here looking at it now. It shows 2 bats hanging upside down and one says to the other

"Know what REALLY scares me about getting older?"

"What's that?"


Tee-hee-hee - chuckle
think about it!

Have a lovely day anyway

love and best wishes
Auntie A & Uncle K

chunter, chunter - damn thing only wanted an address writing on it. Been in the house 2 flippin weeks. It's Keef's fault........

What's your mobile phone number btw?

So there you have it: My Friday 13th bit of bad luck...........well, not mine exactly!



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think we have all done that for sure. I used to try to keep up with nieces and nephews, but now I am lucky to keep up with my own family. Hope you still send it off...or maybe keep it for next year. HeHe. So far today no bad luck has come my should be a great day, it is FRIDAY .
'On Ya'-ma

Kath said...

I too forgot to post a b/day card today Angie.Luckily my Daughter called so she delivered it first class for me in her car.My memory for B.Days is like a seive of late.I had to laugh at your card because my sink unit decided to be incontinent this morning and sprung a leak,so buckets were at the ready under my sink LOL!!OH-NO !! I thought not a water problem again.Luckily the plumber came straight out so all was fixed within the hour and I am one happy Motherhen again.LOL!!Have a great week/end."Happy Birthday" Auntie Angela's Neice" Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Marie said...

haha, Angie, you do make me laugh. This has to be way better than a card anyways, so I believe you will have redeemed yourself! XXOO

StitchinByTheLake said...

I do that all the time Angie. I think it's become my trademark - late cards! blessings, marlene

Jan said...

I think Ruth probably knows you by now ,and had a giggle over this ,my nephew was 40 yesterday too ,Happy Birthday to Ruth Jan xx