Thursday, 5 March 2009

Just an ordinary Thursday

Here I am, idling away a couple of hours again. Actually I 'idle' quite a lot but at this time of the afternoon my idling is usually accompanied by earth shattering, chimney tottering, timbers shivering rumbles. And that's just the dog!

We had a lovely 'clear the fridge' supper yesterday. A couple of skinless chicken breasts (that Keith brought home from the factory where he works) went into a dish with half an onion (sliced), half a red pepper (chopped up), a few mushrooms that wouldn't have survived the night and a bit of frozen sweetcorn from the freezer. You know, the last little bit in the bag and hardly worth saving? A tin of leek and potato soup - whoever invented that should get a Nobel Prize or something - was mixed with a tin of Weightwatchers bacon and lentil soup and the whole lot poured on, covered with foil and thrown in the oven for 50 minutes on Gas Mark 5. A few new potatoes for Keith - et voila fast food fit for a king! There isn't a picture of course because I didn't know it would be that good so my camera wasn't to hand.

The Great Flooring Project is done!

The living room

And again

The hall from the vantage point of the loo. There are 2 surplus boxes of tongue-and-groove he didn't need waiting to go back to the shop for refund. I bet they're still there in a fortnight!

A close-up of that door at the end of the hall showing what a brilliant painter Keith isn't! He slops it everywhere and then you have to scrape it off the glass.
Anyway, it's home again the the dog no longer thinks she's in imminent danger of being thrown out with the rubbish!
Now the next project has taken root in his head. He's raising the level of the floor in the conservatory so it's just about on a level with the doors into it and out of it. Then he will raise the level of the outside patio by the strategic and extremely attactive use of decking, the whole idea being that me and my wheelchair can get in and out of the house at will. That will be so nice. At the moment I have to be 'taken' out and I hate that, having to go when and where someone else thinks you should.
I have a dear friend called Linda who was finally diagnosed a couple of years ago with bowel cancer for which surgery and chemo followed but tumours were found in her lungs. So further chemo and now she has a tumour on her brain for which she has suffered a week of radiotherapy and is now in our local hospice, mainly as a little respite for her husband while he gathers himself up and takes stock of the situation before she comes home again. Please will you remember Linda and John in prayer? They just don't deserve all this.
The kennels where our Sally goes when we're away is advertising Doggie Day Care! Whatever next. The idea is you buy however many days you want to and then call them off as required. Sounds like a good idea to me. I've never heard of it before, have you?
I'm tinkering away here on the keyboard waiting for the gas man to call. The heating works perfectly but yesterday afternoon the hot water packed up. We don't have a water tank - it's a combi boiler so the water heats up when you turn on the tap. Embarrassingly the hot water started working again this morning (well it would!) but I didn't cancel the call-out as something must have caused the outage in the first place.
Well, the freezing fog took some time to shift this morning but the sun won the fight and it's a lovely bright sunny day. From in here you would think it was summer. The turf that Keith laid over what was his little veggie patch has suddenly started sprouting crocuses! How on earth they got there your guess is as good as mine, but he never planted them. They're pretty though. Prettier than taters!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good to hear you got your flooring job done. It is pretty. It will also be nice for you to go in and out when you want. Hopefully we'll be having nice days when you want to be out soon. I'll pray for your friends. That would be very hard to go though. Take good care ! 'On Ya'-ma

Joan said...

Your Keith made a super job of you flooring and his next project sound just the ticket for you and will give you plenty of independance when the better weather comes. We are in the middle of decorating the new bathroom now the plumber has gone.LOvely day today after lunch it snowed all morning. Keep warm Love Joan

Marie said...

Oh Angie, I most certainly will keep your friends in my deepest prayers. (((hugs))) how sad for them. What a lovely job Keith did on the floors! (not saying anything about the paintwork!! tee hee!! But it does look quite similar to a certain other man I know's handiwork!!) Oh, how I wish you lived closer so that I could go out and about with you in the garden and just nattering away. Your casserole sounds delicious! Those types of things generally are! ONly bad thing about them is you can't remember exactly what you did by the time you want to do it again and so the deliciousness lives on only in memory. . . XXOO

Jan said...

Gosh wont it be wonderful if Kieth can make it all one level for you ,so sorry to hear about your friends of course I will pray for them ,what a lovely job Kieth has done with your decorating ,and great to think it is done ,doggy day care ,what a good idea,and yes crocuses are prettier than taters lol Jan xx

Sandra said...

Hi Angie, your new floor looks wonderful, very modern and very smart. The meal sounds like a good one, a tin of soup can make all the difference I think. I`ll be thinking of your friends Angie and hope that they find the strength they need. I`m glad you didn`t throw the dog out with the rubbish!

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Kath said...

Job well done once again,cept for the painting LOL!!Does he know what masking tape is? Heeeeeeee!!I hope he doesn't have you scratting the paint off the glass Angie (what a job).I make many dishes like you mention and they always taste the nicest funny as it may seem.Sorry to learn about your friend Angie.Prayers for her and the family.Now don't you be sliding all over on those new floors.The level flooring Keith plans will be just the job for you.Have a great weekend.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

LYN said...

wow you have a lovley home..really pretty and cozy...

prayers for your friend..i hate the big C...makes you just glad for each and every day and the small things huh??

Ally Lifewithally said...

That "clear the fridge Supper" sounded lovely ~
Keith has made a great job of the flooring ~
and now going to make it possible for you to get out of the house whenever you want is a wonderful idea ~
Keeping your friend Linda in my thoughts and prayers ~ Ally x

Grammy Staffy said...

What lovely new floors. You certainly have a clever hubby to do all that. Lucky you.

I will pray for Linda and John. I am sorry to hear of their hardship. It is so sad when good people suffer so.

I am glad that the sun won out for you. Sun is better than fog any day.
Take care and have a good weekend.
Love, Lura

StitchinByTheLake said...

Angie I love the floor - I've been wanting to get rid of our old yucky carpet and put down wood or laminate floors but in this economy I've decided to wait for a while longer. I'm so sorry about your friend. I have prayed for them this night. blessings, marlene