Friday, 29 May 2009


Ask me who got to be Slimmer of the Week on Thursday at Slimming World? Ask me who got a star to put on her record book for attaining a grand loss of 8 lbs over the 5 weeks since I joined? And won a basket of fruit for her efforts? Me me me!! The class leader, of course, was a bit OTT with her praise but then, she always is. She's a nice woman. No, honestly she is. But d'you know what? I feel inordinately smug, just sad that I didn't win the raffle as well.

You know when I told you about our first disastrous flirt with camping? I forgot to mention that the day after we got home (after the police found our car, joyridden into some woodland) the kitchen ceiling fell in! Yep, true! It had rained so much for so long that water had come through the flat roof. We set buckets and basins to catch the multitude of drips and went off to bed. Next morning there was the ceiling - all over the floor! We didn't know that you're supposed to make a nice big hole for the water to get through so it doesn't have to force its way in.

Isn't it funny the things that were low on the list of priorities even as recently (what???) the 60's and 70's. Mum didn't have a fridge, she had a meat safe. This was a wooden cupboard with a mesh screen in the door which let the air in but kept the flies out. Anything perishable went in ours: cold meat, raw meat, cheese, milk, butter. It would be a hygienist's nightmare today.

We lived in a council house and the council built into every house a large walk-in pantry with stone shelves. Mimuther always kept our sweetie tin on the top shelf where little hands couldn't reach and sweets were doled out each morning at 10 o'clock to us and such sundry friends as had come to play. I have to assume this was only a weekends and school holidays arrangement because I don't recall getting sweets in any other way. Oh come now, we MUST have!

A fridge finally arrived about 1961 when mimuther decided she couldn't afford to keep throwing meat away. What she did throw away was the meat safe, I think dad burnt it; it always smelled foul anyway. Of course all us kids could think of was iced lollies wall-to-wall!

You'll see I remembered to take my camera out with me once or twice, although the photos are a propos of nothing in particular. The lovely blue hedge is at the front of our house and is spectacular when in bloom. Passers by stop to admire it and ask what it is - but can we tell them? We cannot! Any offers?

Tomorow we're going to a craft and food fair near Ripon and I will remember my camera for that too and hope to have some good photos for you.

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Blessings each day said...

I haven't told you how much I love your little wiggly cute, just like you!

Well, you've kind of left me on the edge of my seat with your kitchen ceiling falling down. Does one get to know what happened next or how you managed?? Roofs/ceilings are not something frivolous that one saves up for...and I'm also clueless about the part where you need to drill a hole in your ceiling?? This is so intriguing, no wonder 007 is British!

Thank you for the story about growing up and the sweets and the meat locker...all just wonderful, but I'm sure rough to live through at times.

Your bush is gorgeous and it reminds me of a variety of lilac, although I coulod be waaaay off on this.



Blessings each day said...

OOps...gosh, I'm always doing mind goes on vacations without me. Forgot to congratulate you on your weight loss...something the three of us need to work on here!

Hip hip hooray!!

blessings again,


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am so proud of you! You are doing something that I cannot ever accomplish. Loosing weight . That is just great ! I love the blue bushes and have no ideas on what they are but they are beautiful. I'll be looking forward to the pictures. Craft fairs are one of my favorite places to visit.

Marie said...

Way to go Angie on the weight loss!! I am so proud of you! You GO girl!! We always had a refrigerator. Guess I was spoilt when I grew up eh? We have the same bush in our garden and it is lovely, but I couldn't begin to tell you what it is. I'll see if I can find out though! Can't wait to see your pics of the food fair!! Sounds wonderful!

Andy said...

Congratulations on your weight loss, I am eating a Mars bar to help you celebrate!!! Its important to make a drain hole in a ceiling to ensure that the weight of water behind it does not become excessive.

Andy x

Anonymous said...

Oh Angie...the weight loss is just deserve all the nice gifts you have...and the kitchen story...I laughed myself silly..speciall when hubby shows up in the "flesh" so to speak!!!??? LOLOL...and poor puppy...guess all that goings on was just too much for him...glad he had a hidey hole to get into!!! and poor mailman...probably you made his day!!!!! LOL...hugs to you...from far away Kentucky...Ora

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm so excited for you about your weight loss! That's a real accomplishment. :) I have no idea what your hedge is but I wish I had some at my house. blessings, marlene