Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Second Post - IN ONE DAY!!!!


Just in case you don't get alerts about Marie's postings, go and have a look at this one (above, as I don't know how to do the HERE thing). She's doing a giveaway to celebrate her 550th post and believe me Marie's giveaways are well worth trying for. I know, I won one once!
Plus, of course, if I blog about it I might get more than one bite of the biscuit.
Am I being selfish?


Marie said...

tee hee...that's you in it twice my sweet friend! XXOO

Blessings each day said...

Think you may deserve several bites of several biscuits! I'll pop over there now to take a look.



Jan said...

Good for you ,am on my way over there ,love Jan xx PS I cant do that 'here'thingy either

Grammy Staffy said...

Ahh Angie you make me smile. I have been catching up reading through several of your last posts. I am smiling... can you tell? You crack me up....especially about the mince.
How funny....but actually I like shepherd's pie... but I think we must have a better quality of ground beef or hamburger meat as we call it.

I love Marie's give-aways. She is such a dear.
I love the garden boxes your hubby has made. I hope you get lots of good veggies from them. I have neglected mine and they are not doing too well yet.

Have a great week. (((hugs))) Lura

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie..well this lady (from across the big pond in Kentucky) went to Marie's give away..checked in...now to see what I win LOLOL..I enjoy your comments on my blog...always give me a smile..!! In reading some blogs the folks are having a hard time just now in many ways...mostly with the economy...losing jobs...kids in college..uncertainity...it can keep you awake at night...it is going to be another great day here in Kentucky...warm temps...sunny skies...white clouds...we have baseball games to attend...grandson would never forgive us if we missed one LOLOL...and it is so much fun watching them play!!! also we are opening the pool today...gonna clean it up...the kids are excited!!! doesn't take alot of work...but just have to get it done...doing it right the first time..saves alot of extra work later....do you get the feeling that I am rambling on about a whole lot of nothing???? well it is true...I am...so will stop and send you a big hug....Ora

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie...thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments sure make my day...looks like rain here today...but that is ok...nothing big happening around here...and the rain will keep things growing LOL..happy day to ya...Ora in KY