Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Ask yer blog...........

Well that was the post from hell wasn't it!! It was for me anyway, I could have wept. It isn't that it was really spectacular it's just that I had spent such a lot of time and effort at it. I think you might have had a giggle at it. It was quite funny really. Oh well, it's gone and I can't write it again because, as with all my posts, I made it up as I went along.

After this little offering
, in which the only 'picture' will be my little mouse, I'm going to try and find out what's going wrong. Everyone else seems able to put their pictures up.

Now then, Keith has a question (snigger): he wants to know how you cook battered fish in a deep fat fryer without it welding itself to the bottom of the basket? Come on, altogether, nice and loud, "DON'T USE THE BASKET"!!! He won't listen to me.

{{chuckle chuckle}} Can you imagine him with the rolling pin and a pair of scissors chipping his dinner out of the frying basket.

I caught him cackling over the washing up the other day while I was busy taking my daily meds. I have a little screw-topped plastic pot that I keep the ones in that I need for later on. I'm very methodical about it. I stand lid and pot side by side and then start popping out the tablets. There should be six in the lid (for me to take 'now') and three in the pot (for 'later'). Then I pick up the pot and, looking up through the bottom of it, count silently. Then I pick up the lid and, gazing into it, count them too. silently mouthing "1-2-3-4-5-6". For all the world, he said, it looks as if I'mpraying over them!

I've just re-read that last paragraph and I sound like a real little old lady don't I. I've always been methodical though. One of those sort of people who, if they take anything apart, have to put the screws and things down in the order they came off or else I can't remember where they go. He may well laugh - I'm not the one who has to take things apart again to find where the spare screw goes!

Now, here's the bad news: Keith is selling his concrete mixer (awwww). And the good news: He's got another (yayyyyy). But how about this for a bit of typical male logic: the bloke who used to own the 'new' mixer wants to buy Keith's old one.

According to my Optician I've got dry eyes. If that's so, why do they run so much? Perhaps they're in training for something!!

Well, it's a minute past midnight and my coach has just turned back into a pumpkin so I shall wish you all Goodnight and God Bless.


joolzmac said...

Hi Angie

You poor dear! Glad to see little mousie back where she belongs.

I've had wierd things happen to me using blogger. One of my posts is visible on one computer in our house then if you view it on Kirby's laptop, half the post is gone.

If you everhappen to delete something or it goes missing, at the top of your page on the right hand side there should be 'File Edit View etc. Click on Edit, then 'Undo" and what you lost may just re-appear. I have lost a few photos when I've been spacing things in my posts and Edit then Undo seems to bring them back. Give it a go and see.

It is so frustrating when you have written such a lot of text, pouring your heart out then - SWOOSH - its all gone. I have done this when replying to people like this. You hit publish comment and SWOOSH, its disappeared. It is hard to write down emotions twice, isn't it?

Anyway, hope you sort out these PC blues and have a good one,

Cheers - Joolz

joolzmac said...

Oh, 'eck, I mean.... the left side of the page for Feli, Edit, View etc.! Gor blimey, I'm a bit muddled today. he he he!

Joolz ;D

Blessings each day said...

Oh yes...muddled...that's a good sign..think all of us in the 'Village' are a bit muddled...makes it nice and cozy that way, don't you think?

I had a HUGE comment on MY OWN blog site get blown into nothingness by blogger (today!)...soooo frustrating, isn't it?

Loved your post anyway and it is amazing that the guy wants the old mixer...hmmm...have you checked the underside for diamonds or something?

When are we going to see the progress of the vegetables that Keith got started?

blessings and hugs,


Blessings each day said...

By the way, I've lost photos too when doing a post but my edit doesn't have an undo option (like Joolz), so I hope yours does. Was so hoping she had some trick that could bring them back!

Eileen said...

I enjoyed this post a lot! As I enjoy all your posts!

I am hysterical laughing all the time! I love your stories and I love your joy!

And your husband is a hoot!
All the best,

Marie said...

Angie, you have to "tease" the fish into the hot oil. It's kind of hard to explain, but I could show you. If only!! You just kind of lower the fish into the oil by holding on to the end and wiggle it back and forth while you do it, slowly. Does that make sense. Glad to see your little mouse again! I load all of my photos onto Photo Bucket and then add them using the html code. It's what works best for me. Love ya loads! xxoo

Joan said...

Great entry Angie like the mixer story and the fish one too. Made me laugh with my coffee. Glad the entry went better for you. Love Joan

Kath said...

All these problems everyone has reading the comments below.I copy and paste my posts from my e. mail section then upload my pics from my computer.No photobucket or any other picture program.Drag and drop them where I want them to be and heY presto.Well HOPEFULLY if Blogger is in a good mood.Only been burgled about twice since starting in Blogger... (Posts and pics vanished) I reckon thats not bad.I thought he was retiring not starting a building apprenticeship Heeeeeeee!!!!Glad it's you thats storing new Mixers and things anf OOOOOH the smell of petrol subsatnces when cleaning it out.LOL!!I don't like deep fat fryers Angie but I should imagine Maries tip would be what I would have done too if I used one.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

LYN said...

love the mouse!
how funny than none of us know each others last names! I wasn't sure if it was you on facebook

Diana said...

Hi Angie,
My eyes kept tearing and tearing and when I went to the eye doctor I found out that I had a clogged tear duct. They shoot some stuff in it and voila, it was fine.
Men are so strange, I guess it's good that they didn't trade wife's!
Did your husband try getting the basket hot first? Don't know if it would do any good but it may help.

Andy said...

My simple cure to stop the fish sticking----go to the fish and chip shop! Like you I am very methodical about pill taking and have to take them in a certain order at a certain time.
Andy xx

Patchwork Dragon said...

Hi Angie
I sympathise with your blogger problems, there's nothing worse than slaving for your art and then it all disappears!! :o)

I've got dry eye syndrome as's very annoying. Your eyes water because they are gritty due to the lack of of the tearing that keeps them moist. (If you see what I mean) You don;t say whether you were recommended anything to use. But I use Hypromellose drops which you can buy over the counter.