Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Quite by Chance

When I first started blogging on AOL and again, when I came over to Blogger, I used to wonder how on earth people got all the bits and pieces in their side bars. Now I know the answer: QUITE BY CHANCE!

It's always something seen in others' posts that leads me to think "I could do with one of those". The latest thing I've put in my sidebar is my "Facebook Badge". How did it get there? Search me, I must have done something.. I never in a million years thought I would join Facebook but I saw that there were so many people who had given up blogging for it that I was afraid I would lose touch with them if I didn't sign up. At the moment I don't regret it but.....who knows? HOWEVER - this blog will not sidelined or, even worse, kicked into touch.

I don't make posts as often as I would like to but that's because I'm not one of the world's great natural writers. I do get inspired, but at the wrong times (some people are never grateful). 3am is favourite, closely followed by 'in a dream', then in the bathroom - anywhere, in fact, where neither the computer nor pencil and paper are to be found.

Different topic now: my journey with Slimming World. Ooooooh dear! Things are looking a bit bleak. I gained half a pound last week and I am seriously wondering whether I may have gone as far as I can with Slimming World. I still have weight that needs to be lost but I can't see me losing any more with them. One of my problems is, of course, my enforced inactivity and, whatever they say, a bit of exercise DOES make a difference.

Do you know the really depressing thing? Even if I get down to the weight that I think I could comfortably maintain, the medical world would still class me as overweight. Never mind the struggle I had to get there, never mind that I made the effort - F-A-T is what I'd be. But while we're on the subject and being poetic about it (that last bit rhymes in case you didn't notice), let me just say this: I'm a tryer; I aspire no higher. Wow!

Keith has had a 'was gonna....' week. He was gonna cut the grass, was gonna weed the border and he was gonna take half the contents of his shed to the rubbish tip. "Be ruthless," I said "You know you don't need all those old nails and things you keep stashing away. You will never have need of my old washing up bowl or the old cutlery you nicked from the kitchen to stir paint with." He has even got in there the kitchen sink!! True, he has. The old one that was taken out when we had the kitchen refitted 6 years ago is in there, complete with its cupboard unit. And he's kept it! Is this hoarding of useless rubbish general to men or is it just Keith, his brother, his late father? Genetic maybe?

WE don't hoard things, do we? We
collect things: white pots, blue pots, yellow pots, piggies, thimbles, teaspoons, cookbooks.......................... nice things. you know?

Have you noticed something? I've put some pictures in. YIPEE - I can hardly contain myself! And how did I do it? QUITE BY CHANCE!


Blessings each day said...

Oh Angie, you just never give yourself enough credit. You do LOTS of wonderful things with your blog!

And for the posting problems when ideas come at odd simple...just glue some paper to all your clothing, along with some clip on pens and ta da...we get more of your wonderful posts! Of course if inspiration occurs while in the bathroom, remember you always have toilet paper, just hook a pen on somewhere by the toilet paper holder (this has the added benefit of being a REAL conversation piece for visiting guests too!)

Michael can probably outdo most men in the hording department as we not only have every fixture he has replaced but I swear he has underwear in his drawers from when he was in kindergarten!! We even have a 'tug of war' over lots of socks and tee shirts with holes and stains!

Keith does lovely work in your backyard. Do you have to supervise or does he do well alone?

blessings and hugs,


Patchwork Dragon said...

I sympathise with you about Keith and his shed....when I split up with my husband and he moved out, after a while I decided to clear out "his" cupboard under the stairs....well you have never seen so many screws and nails (as he was chippy, at least I suppose he had an excuse!) but you would never use them all if you lived to be 200 and built as many houses! I dumped them in the wheelie bin....I was surprised the bin men emptied it....I honestly couldn't move it it was so heavy....and I'm not exaggerating! (scuse spelling on that last word. One g didn't look and neither does two!)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do know what you are saying about keeping things around forever. I still have some of my DDH's things and have no idea that they are for or what to do with them. Of course I keep the treasures too. I have so many things to do in my craft room that I may never see the bottom of the boxes and bins. I just went out and bought more too. The girls got a clever idea of painting shirts with glow in the dark paint for the fall festival at the campground. Now I have the t-shirts and paint. We'll see if they get done. Don't worry about the weight. At least you've lost a bunch and if maintaining that is what you can do it's ok, if not we love you anyway. I'm done with diets and just hope I don't continue to gain like I have the past 5 years. I won't do facebook or twitter, but will continue to blog right here.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh I know how frustrating it is to try to lose weight and not be able to. Yes, I agree, exercise helps a lot, and I don't HAVE to sit in front of this computer all of the time, but I do. So funny about our "collections" being better than their junk! Enjoyed your post. laurie

Kath said...

Not being on Facebook Angie I wouldn't know how your Badge got into your sdiebar.I do feel though some blogs who have lots of animated things on there and music etc and other fancy things take some loading even though I am on braodband.I did read once on the internet too much can effect the performance of your pooter regarding graphics etc in your blog things such as this..Freezing etc? Keith does a fine job leave him be LOL!! The roosters not an hoarder I am afraid he only keeps what is needed.He's the opposite a good chucker outer as we would say LOL!!
Yet it's never him who's chucked it out though if you are looking for it.Haaaa.Slimming world diet does come to a standstill Angie I have always found that.The body gets used to the diet.Keep it up though like you say who knows? I don't hoard things either.Good luck with the clearout LOL!!Take Care God Bless.Kath xx

Marie said...

Oh Angie, you do make me smile every time you post. The first commentor is right, you never give yourself enough credit. I love every word, and the pictures that show up from time to time! My Todd is not a hoarder, or so he says . . . but we have tins full of things like picture pegs, etc. Myself, I am a great hoarder . . . ahem . . . I mean collector! My treasures, well, they do say one man's junk is another man's treasure don't they? I like to keep things that might come in handy one day, but draw the line at the kitchen sink. (I also don't like saving old wires, cords, electric plugs etc. like a man that I know and am quite fond of!) Oh, Also I am not sure what you could substitute a chipolte for. Perhaps a red chili and some barbeque sauce? Sounds good to me. I have found chipolte chilies in adobe sauce in Sainsbury's though! Love you loads! xxoo

LYN said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie...if you read my blog you will see that we have made our blogs mostly alike...and I understand how it is when it comes to entertaining...but girl...with prices what they are today...sometimes doing it all somewhere else is cheaper...and lots more fun...NO CLEANUP has rained here and on...but otherwise all is well our way...take care...and whine all you want...sometimes whining a bit makes it all better??!!! sure it does LOL...hugs to ya girl...and hi to Keith too....

Joan said...

So glad you managed to get your pictures in ok and have found out how to put things in your side bar. Sometime when I sit down to write I too have no idea what to say but something to chat about comes along. Hope it continues. Take care Love Joan