Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Shame of it!

There's good news and bad today. Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first. I am ashamed to say that at tonight's Slimming World weigh in I had gained 2lbs. I hope to lose 3 lbs next week. In fact, hope isn't in it. In fact, watch out Heaven and Earth because you're about to be moved!

Now for the good stuff: fiddling about the other day I came across the Friends Reunited site and it has improved a lot from when I had my name enrolled a few years ago. And it's FREE. It didn't used to be. Anyway, I enrolled again just to see if any of my old school colleagues might get in touch. And sure enough, that same evening, I got a message from a girl I had been in touch with years ago on FR. Guess how she started her message? "Angie, where the HELL have you been......" - as though I had just popped out for a bottle of milk! It'll be lovely catching up. And yes, I did mean "girl". School = boys and girls, right? Not grandmas and grandpas, Just so we got that straight!

I had my two-yearly bone scan in Sheffield today and, thankfully, my bones are no less dense than they were 2 years ago. Mind you, as you can hardly see them on an x-ray it's hard to see how they can get much less dense! I can still look forward to fracturing even more as I get older including, possibly, spontaneous fractures. That was a new one on me but it seems that very un-dense bones
can fracture, though rarely, without provocation, specially if you're treated with bisphosphonates (which I am). "So," said the doctor, "You can either stop the drug and run a little risk of losing bone density, or you can keep the drugs and run a little risk of spontaneous fracture." Decisions, decisions! Well me and my drugs are very happy together and we've got used to each other over the years so.......! Hey, what's a little risk!



StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh Angie I've gained a pound or two as well - so distressing! Instead of that ice cream I had for dessert tonight I should have had an apple but maybe tomorrow. blessings, marlene

Rhondi said...

Hi Angie
Don't be discouraged by the weight gain. You know thathappens all the time when you are trying to take the pounds off. Just keep at it. Good for you that your bone scan was positive. I have to have one in a couple of months and I'm concerend that it might have gotten worse and I'll have to go on medication. I hope not.
((hugs)) Rhondi