Monday, 23 November 2009

First Catch your Turkey...........Monday 23rd November

Happy Thanksgiving to all you American friends.  I know it's only Monday but, you know me!  I might be quite certain at this minute that I'll be doing another entry before Thursday but more than likely not.  What is it they say about good intentions?

Some of you may remember that I have always bemoaned the fact that our dog Sally is camera shy.  In all her 16 years I have never managed to get a decent photo of her.  Well, pssst, listen here, I think I might have cracked it.   Keith and I have given ourselves a camcorder for Christmas.  It's not supposed to be used yet but I just had a l-e-et-l-e look, just a quick squint you know, and milady looked straight at the lens!  She's got cataracts so she doesn't SEE any camera and her deaf ears don't hear any tell-tale clicks and whirrs.  If I can figure it out I'll show you my beloved little old lady.

Well, we have been well and truly let down by the window man.  He was supposed to start our new windows on Oct 26 but he didn't turn up.  When he called in on Wednesday it was to explain that he had been diagnosed on Monday with advanced bowel cancer that had spread to his pancreas.  He said he had arranged with a mate of his - Duncan - to do the job the following Monday.  He never turned up either.  Our chap rang with profuse (the more I look at that word the less right it looks) apologies and promised faithfully to start "a week on Thursday".  Do you think he did? When he rang at 11.30 to say he wouldn't be here until 1.30 Keith cancelled the job.  Well, wouldn't you have?  I felt so sad about his illness and how he must be feeling but I would have been happier if he had just been honest and said he couldn't do the job.  Now I have to try and get our £150 deposit back from him.  And, of course, find a company who can do the job at a price we can afford.

Can I be very honest with you?  Various things have suggested to me that something is not quite right about that man's firm.  I mean, I don't dispute his illness - you don't tell people you have cancer if it's not true surely?  But though I have asked many times he has never sent us any paperwork;  we have signed no order or contract.  All I have is a letter from him acknowledging our deposit and confirming the start date.

And of course all our windows are left with chunks missing from the corners - like this - and that's how they'll have to stay until they get replaced.

Did I ever show you this photo?  It's from our trip down south when we had lunch with Marie and Todd at Oak Cottage.  It's Marie cooking Sunday lunch in her beautiful cottage kitchen.  Such a warm, happy, cheerful place.

Keith has made a start on the first projectof his retirement - he's changing the garden (again) I won't try and describe it.  At the moment it's too horrid to contemplate.  I'll pop down the garden in Jet Chair 1 and take photos, maybe a vid.  Soo next time I'll be showing you some mucky photos!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It must have been a disappointment for sure not getting your windows done. I do hope you can find a reliable person to do the job for you. I don't suppose their will be a dull moment now that your Keith has retired. He will have to keep busy. Good luck with the videos.

Joyce said...

I hope you find another company to come and fix your windows before the weather gets colder.

Teacher's Pet said...

I can't wait to see Sally...What a treat...for you and for us!
I'm soooo sorry about your windows. It seems that something could be done about the installation process that has never taken place. My prayers are with the man with cancer...I do hate that "C" word...and I do hope that your windows are fixed properly...and soon.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Blessings and smiles from Jackie

joolzmac said...

Hi Angie

Ah, tradesmen can be so irksome! We sell cars for a living - if you don't give the customer a quote and trade-in price quickly, they think you're not interestedand they will go elsewhere. Why then, do we wait for 3-4 weeks for a quote from a plumber/electrician/carpenter and that is acceptable? Bad luck about his illness but I think you'll find someone better to do the job anyway. Good luck,


The Animal Doctor said...

Hey, Angie, its been a while since I dropped by your blog. Yes, Scarlet had a set of wheels before. I made one for her out of pvc pipes, but it did not work. We are trying to get her a set of wheels made by professionals from the US ( people who know what they are doing, unlike me :(

You continue to be a source of

~ the Secretary

LYN said...


Sage said...

Hi Angie,
I am so happy to hear you have not been destroyed by those horrible floods. We are getting all kinds of scary news about your corner of the world. There is nothing worse than getting the round around when you are waiting to get something done.It's frustrating. Hope you are well.
Tke care,

Andy said...

Sadly your story about your windows only emphasises the importance of getting written estimates etc but you don't want to hear that do you!

Grammy Staffy said...

I am sorry about your windows. That is frustrating. I hope you get your deposit back.

Thanks for putting in the picture of Marie cooking in her cottage kitchen. How I hope I can go there some day...and visit you too.

Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Lura

Blessings each day said...

Oh Angie you are always having adventures.

What struck me as amazing is that you are on the other side of the pond and we have the SAME kind of problems! I thought we only had slackers here in the USA, ones that say they will come over to do a job and then not show up! So hard to understand especially since Keith didn't go running out with that can understand the mailman in that case or even this guy, but he didn't even give Keith a chance to show his 'talents'!

Remember if all else fails, duct tape does wonders (looks awful, but does wonders).

I do hope you spoil Sally as she sounds as if she needs spoiling but I am guessing that she is delightfully spoiled...can't wait to see her or Keith's adventures in the garden!

blessings and warm hugs,