Friday, 6 November 2009

Fri 6 Nov - The result!

I passed!!!!  Flying colours, the man said.  No he didn't, what he actually said was "OK, you'll do,"  but he couldn't keep from grinning like a Cheshire Cat.  Probably cos I was and smiles are infectious aren't they?

I can't get the chair until next week because they won't hand over until I arrange some third party, fire and theft insurance with breakdown cover.  Then it's mine and (I hope) my life will open up a bit.

Ilook forward to going places on my own instead of being taken everywhere.  It's not good for you, you know, being taken places.  Everything has to be arranged and then you feel sort of obliged to go wherever your 'minder' needs to go.  I suppose I ought not to say that, and truly I am grateful when people help me, it's just nice to be in control of something for a change.

Afterwards Keith and  I went out for lunch, which we've been trying to fit in since we didn't go on his birthday on 26th October.  It was well worth waiting for except that there's nowhere to park and it's on a busy road in town, so we left the car at home.  Brrr - I'm sure it's cold enough for snow.  A wheelchair is certainly a draughty place at this time of year.  I'm not complaining mind you!  Well, would I?


Sugar said...

congrats on passing! knew you would! ;)
happy to hear you'll be able to get out & about by yourself, go where you want, when you want!!!
wow, i'd love that, so sick of having to arrange times with son or grandson to get out. it's based around their schedules.
good luck,

Patchwork Dragon said...

Well done Angie....the world is now your oyster!

LISBETH said...

Absolutely brilliant, well done, keep your battery charged!!! check your e. mails x

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess there will be no stopping you now! Congratulations!

Sage said...

So happy for you; I understand 100% about wanting you independemce; you are going to be a new woman;good for you!!!
Wish so much we lived closer.

Andy said...


joolzmac said...

Well done, Angie! You won't know yourself when you can get out and about on your own. I know you appreciate your helpers but as you say, to be able to go off on your own will be fantastic for you.

My camera is a Panasonic DMC-FZ28 10 mega-pixel with 18x zoom. Angus bought it for me last Christmas and it is fantastic. It has Intelligent Auto focus - point and shoot for dummies! Basically if you hold the camera still you can't go wrong - yay! It has lots of other settings on it but I really do prefer straight out of the camera shooting.

Bet ya can't wait until next week to pick up your 'freedom machine!

Cheers - Joolz

Teacher's Pet said...

Yea Angie!!! Good going, my friend.
Independence is yours...
Don't be doing any wheelies....!!!!
I'm glad that you had a good day today. I send you another smile.

Jasper said...


We're cheering long and loud for you Angie!!! Now, if Keith turns into Victor Meldrew after his retirement (p.s. happy retirement Keith!!!), you will be able to escape! And maybe even slam a door or two as you flounce out in style!

You'll be the classiest thing on four wheels; make sure you share some pix!

We love you LOTS.
Ruth & Jasper xxxxxxxxxx

Grammy Staffy said...

I can't wait to hear about all of the adventures you will get into now.
Good luck and don't get any speeding tickets.
Luv ya, Lura

StitchinByTheLake said...

Congratulations Angie! I'm so excited for you - what fun you're going to have. :) blessings, marlene

Joan said...

Well done hope you have many happy trips out with yout new set of wheels. Pure white here today with a hard frost. Love Joan

Anonymous said...

Watch out world!!!! Angie is on the lose LOLOL...make way!!!! she is on a "roll"...pardon the pun@@@@ happy you passed...but not surprised...and yes "smiles" are infectionous...I even smiled when I read that LOLOL...happy day to ya...hugs..Ora

Teacher's Pet said...

Waiting to hear more, Angie!!
I know that you feel so much more independent now. Take care of you.
Smiles and many hugs from Jackie