Friday, 18 December 2009

Friday 18 Dec - Good News (I think)

I do so thank God that is over!  I have to confess this past couple of weeks have been a nightmare.  I couldn't even sleep properly.  A few nights ago every time I started nodding off I thought the bed had become 'live' and was trying to electrcute me!   It was so real.  I even made Keith disconnect the bedside lamp and the alarm clock.  I could only sleep on my side and only in the middle of the bed.  Poor old |Keith, he had to cling on to his little bit of bed for dear life!  How stupid is that?  The mind is a very powerful trickster.
My appointment was for 2pm and I wasn't called until gone 3.  The Consultant came sweeping in, stately as a galleon, sat himself down with 2 nurses and a med student in attendance (who all stood up of course).  Then HE asked ME if I had any idea why I had been recalled in the first place!  The first mammogram, he said, was R1 which, in doctor-speak, meant normal on their scale of 1 to 5.  Anyway, he said there were two courses of action, seeing as there was this apparent discrepancy:  they could do an MRI of my boobs which was immediately discounted as it would involve me lying face down in the MRI tunnel for half an hour and I couldn't lay face down for half a minute, let alone half an hour!  The other was to repeat the mammo in a year and see what it threw  up.  So that was decided upon.
And do you know the most stupid thing?  I never asked what results he had from the biopsy!  That would surely have answered all questions?  I think I'll ring up.
Afterwards, we drove to my sister's, about 10 miles from home.  She's not too well just now and had a nasty panic attack last week.  Very frightening for her.  We had extremely naughty fish and chips for tea and, after, I found that my mobile phone had gone  AWOL so I could neither text nor phone special friends because their numbers are in the phone.  Yes, I do have them in the computer address book but I never thought about that did I!  Turned out the phone was at sis's, as was a book she had lent me that I was really looking forward to.
So that's one panic button deactivated - at least for a year!

It's looking very Christmassy here as I type this.  We woke up to a covering of snow this morning but not much - the south-east and north-east of England are worse - but it's having a good old set-to now and the sky is black as the ace of spades.  Keith pegged out a couple of bed sheets this morning but they froze in ten minutes and needless to say didn't get dried out there!

Its daft really:  we knew it was going to snow.  The whole of the country knew it was coming and yet we STILL get caught out.  Cars still get stranded, roads still become impassable, schools still get closed.  Know what I think?  I think some of the drivers of the cars that get stuck go out on purpose so they get on the telly.  Whatever happened to running naked across rugby pitches?

Keith had to pick up mum and her supermarket shopping this morning.  What a little old lady of 81 so desperately needs that she has to go in Teso's on the last weekend before Christmas your guess is as good as mine.  You should see her cupboards - they're stuffed full. She's like a little squirrwl!  Tesco's was heaving, the car park was ridiculous. and Keith had a job to park.  She's not even going to be home at Christmas!  Time and again Ive offered to order it online for her, but no.

Oh, away with all this whinging and bitching - it's Christmas!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It sounds as if you went through all that for nothing. I'm sure if the biopsy turned up anything you'd not be waiting for another year to pass. One reason why I do not like all the tests they put you through. Often the stress is worse than the result. Last time I got checked out from head to toe and run around all over creation and back to find out I was perfectly healthy...I decided from now on I'm not going unless there is something wrong.

Blessings each day said...

You surely should have been given the biopsy results..that's ridiculous but it must be okay or they would have said something! Sad to say, I stay away from the doctor as much as possible because of this craziness.

When it snows down here we have the same problems you do, it would seem...sometimes I think that people say to themselves..."I'll get out in this and show that snow a thing or two... who's afraid of running off the road, hitting a few people or a collision or two?"

blessings and grateful hugs for your good news,


Teacher's Pet said...

I think stress is worse than almost anything....and why doctors and nurses can't 'figure out' (duh) that we stress when we wait and wait for these test results is beyonnnnd me. Surely if the biospsy result would have shown anything at all, they would not wait a year for another test.
Have a stress-free Christmas, my friend.
I'm glad you found your phone.
THAT would have stressed me to have lost my phone!!!
Snuggly hugs,

Sandra said...

Hi again Angie,

I agree, I think if the resuts were bad you would have been told. It is dreadful though when you have to wait, you worry yourself sick. I also agree the worry beforehand must be as bad as any result. At least you can relax and have a good Christmas now. Your Mum`s cupboards must be bursting at the seams now but I suppose she comes from the "just in case" generation!

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

ADB said...

Would agree that you would have been told a bad result. Would check on the biopsy results though.

Kath said...

Well I agree with the rest of the comments Angie,but thankyou for the E. Mail you sent re_results.As for your Mothers cuboards I am just the same LOL!!It's as Sandra says Just in case,or if the weather is bad too I always study about not being able toget out.No one can convince me otherwise..The snow here has been terrible.Our Avenue is like a sheet of glass.I ventured out but had to turn back and ring for Son to come and go for me.I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight and Keith can have his plot back.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Gloria said...

Oh dear Angie really hope these coming better and nice, when I read your before post I remember I have to make the mamomgram, really.

I think like the others girls sure the biopsy will be OK or they would have told you something.
The doctors, aah sorry I dont like them (I have many histories, maybe some day I talk about this)

I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family, take care, huggss gloria

Gloria said...

I hope comeback before Christmas to see you, huggs!

Marie said...

I was so relieved to get your text Angie! I was getting really worried as I had not heard anything. Ta for the e-mail as well! That's one big WHEW!!! I am soooooo happy. (((((hugs))))) I was doing the happy dance through the grocery store when I heard. I think they thought I was nuts! Anyhow, we really got dumped on big time down here. 8 inches plus of the white stuff and more to come! It's wonderful! Love you loads! xxoo
By heck that Kevin and Molly. I'd like to strangle them both. Poor Tyrone don't deserve it!

joolzmac said...

Hi Angie

So glad the news was all good - although I don't know why they frightened the bejaysus out of you by recalling you like that. A little more explanation up front would have been good.

So funny to hear you talk about sheets freezing on the line when we have had a sweltering couple of days - my sheets would have dried in 15 minutes had I put them out on Wednesday! Then Thursday we had 26 mls of rain and I had to look for a jumper (sweater)! That's the beauty of my part of the world - you can have 4 seasons in one week!
Hope your week leading up to Christmas day is peaceful and bright!

Cheers - Joolz

Sage said...

My dear Angie, You have been on my mind since I read about your appt. Happy it turned out good for you. I was thinking of emailing you but was afraid to make things worse. I am sure the biopsy result was negative; otherwise they wouldn't make you wait a year to re check it. Life is a bitch and you have every reason to sound off.
Take care!

Grammy Staffy said...

I was so releaved when I got your email telling me the results....or lack of results...I guess that is a good thing. They say that no news is good news and we will hope for the very best in the future.

You are so funny. Your blog always puts a smile on my face. I just love your sense of humor and wit.

I am sending love and hugs, Lura

LISBETH said...

Hi Angie, so pleased everything is Ok. If it gives you peace of mind just ring them please and then you an forget about it!Have a brilliant Christmas, love to you both, Lisbeth

LISBETH said...

Hi Angie, so pleased all is Ok but if it makes you feel better just ring them back and ask for the biopsy results then you can forget it!!! Have a great Christmas, love lisbeth

Jasper said...

Thank God, Angie - we can breathe again! SO glad the news was good. And, as someone whose mum has had breast cancer twice (as well as three scares herself) - if there WAS anything to worry about in your biopsy, they'd have told you by now. On the second time around, my mum (aka "mimuther", if that makes things easier) had the biopsy on a Friday; got the results the following Wednesday (for 'TWAS the Big C); and was in hospital being prepped for surgery on the next Friday.

Trust us - these days, they don't b*gg*r about with ladies of your (or my) age if the biopsy is bad news. If you were in your 80's it may be different because the older you are, the slower the cancer spreads (it likes nice young healthy cells to poison and overtake).

Keith must be very relieved too. Sometimes it's worse for the patient's significant other - people always ask about the "sufferer" - but rarely the husband/wife/partner/etc. We are sending LOTS of love to you BOTH!

We will sing our Christmas carols much more lustily, knowing you are OK.

Ruth & Jasper xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie...I am back...LOL...and it does my heart good to see that you are in great spirits and up to your old...well whatevers LOLOL..I missed each one...kinda good to be back in the blogging bunch again...and I am with most folks...I do believe they just like to scare the pants off us..and they DO!!!!! LOL...hang tough sweetie...and Merry Christmas...Ora in KY

Teacher's Pet said...

Angie...I came back to check on you...hoping that all is well with you. Love to you from Jackie

Anonymous said...

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