Friday, 8 January 2010

Fri 8 January 2010 - mission accomplished

Eeeeh by gum, it's cold.  It made my birthday yesterday a bit of a non-event really because I couldn't get out to see anyone and they couldn't come and see me.  There was no birthday cake because there was no-one to eat it.  Even our nice lunch out had to be put off.  The postman made it though so there were cards.  Phone calls too.  Chatting to Mimuther, we were reminicing how dad would have enjoyed telling everyone who would listen about how it was just such a winter as what we're having now when I was born.  He would gleefully relate how he walked the ten miles from our village to the maternity home only to be presented with the ugliest baby you ever did see.  And that from a guy who was supposed to love me!

Dad used to be a great one for nonsense ditties.  Here's one I'd never heard before, as told by Mimuther:

Down came his sleeves up,
 Off came his jacket on;
He missed the train that he got on ,
He won't come now, he's sure to.

I'll never do this again.  I didn't know when I agreed a date for work to start that we would be in the worst winter we've had for decades.  On Monday this week (4th) the workmen came to begin removing and replacing our windows and doors.  It was already a snowstorm at 9am but on they went and "off came their jackets on" and out came the old brown window frames and in went lovely white ones.  Over the course of the week they've done all of them and I must say I'm impressed;  not just with the product but with the workmen.  They even sent me a birthday card!

It's going to look super when the outside walls have been done in white but that really will have to wait for better weather!  One thing's for sure, having seen the work involved I'm glad now that the other people let us down because I really don't think they were up to the job.

See this screwed up old newspaper?  This is what had been stuffed in where mastic filler should have been in the old windows!  You can't see it but it was dated 1967.  Talk about a botched job!

But at last it's done and your hair doesn't get blown about by the draught from the windows.  Well maybe I'm exaggerating......BUT NOT MUCH!!!



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that weather gives you a break soon and you can get out and celebrate. The windows will make a difference and hopefully will last a long long time for you so now its done and you can just enjoy the benefits. Take care and keep warm!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie...and yes...those new windows will make a big big difference I am sure...and oh please forgive me for not remembering your bday...I am so bad aout stuff like that...anyway...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY...and who says we cannot celebrate at a later date...I mean...well we waited a whole year for the birthday to get here...we can wait a bit longer...huh??? LOLOL...silly me...and yes it is cold here...8 degrees...but gonna be a good day...God Bless...hugs from Ora in KY

Marie said...

Love the windows Angie!! Just beautiful. I guess you'll have to get Keith to spring for an electric blow drier now that you won't be able to blow dry your hair by the window, eh?? I am sure he will more than make up for the dud of a day you had. Tis bitter cold here. We don't have double glazing on our downstairs windows and the wind does blow through. We're almost out of heating oil as well. We called and they said they tried to deliver the other day, but their access was blocked. Phooey, not a word of truth to that tall tale. Nobody came at all, and the drive was certainly accessable. Truth be told the driver probably was at the end of his day and wanted to go home. Nevermind, hopefully we will get some today or tomorrow and hopefully we won't run out! Sorry to go on!! I've written a short novel here! Hope you have a great weekend and that you get at least a little spoilt. Love you loads. xxoo
PS - My dad is a real character as well. Sounds like your dad was a gem!

Kath said...

Never saw this poating Angie until I'd clicked off the most recent.The new windows are like the ones Rooster and I had put in the last Semi we owned with ddoublt french windows out to the garden in the lounge area..I loved them the leaded lights,but found trying to get the vees at the bottom of the diamonds when cleaning them clean, drove me bonkers.Where I am now they are the georgian squares which are sealed between each large pane of the double glazing, so two plain large seperate sheets of glass being much easier to clean.They look lovely though the leaded ones.I hope you are happy with them for lots of years to come.Sorry your birthday wasn't as it should have been.You can always celebrate another day,not all is lost.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

joolzmac said...

Hap hap happy Birthday! What a bummer you missed out on having company over to share your day. I think you'd better organise a nice 'knees-up' when you finally thaw out over there! The windows look smart and new paint job will set them off nicely.
Hope you have hot water again soon!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Angie I'm so sorry I missed your birthday yesterday - but I'm wishing you a wonderful birthday week instead. :) I have windows just like your old ones - I sure hope to be able to replace them this year. It's going to be 10° here tonight and the wind coming in around the windows is awful. blessings, marlene

Sage said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you are well!