Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Weds 20th January

Isn't that nice eh?   Our Sally (aka The Dog) just came along and rested her head on my lap and stared lovingly at me for about 5 minutes.  Not very long you might think but, with an attention span like Sally's, it might as well be all day.  

There was nothing she wanted, had already eaten, been for a wee and a woopsie outside, wasn't interested in being cuddled or sweet-talked.  Just wanted to gaze at me.  To have a creature that loves you so much that she wants nothing more than to look at you with liquid brown eyes.  It's an honour and a blessing.

I know un-doggy folk say that dogs ALWAYS have some ulterior motive for displays of affection.  They say that dogs don't have the capacity to love.  If you are an un-doggy person you will say we human dog-mums attribute too much human emotion to our dogs.  I can see where you're coming from.

But you're wrong.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I miss having my dogs and cats around. For years I always had both but now of old age all are gone. They do give us the unconditional love we all need. I believe they do just like knowing we are near too and can see how one would spend 5 minutes just by being there.. Now I have this dirty old bird 30 years old and not a bit of attention do I get from her but a squawk when she's out of food.

Andy said...

Having owned three dogs over the years the unconditional love they show you is incredible

Jan said...

It is so nice to be loved thus ,Our Kizzie is the same ,and no one welcomes you home quite as warmly do they? Jan xx

Kath said...

I don't have any dogs Angie but we always had one at home.I enjoy my youngest sons when we visit there.They have two.The little one does as you have said always jumps up on my knee when I say hello how are you today and gazes up at me as if to say," Oh I do love you to come".Thats because I spoil them as I do my Gandchildren same.So I know where you are coming from on the doggy subject.Everyones doggy seems to love Kath so I am told heeee. Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sugar said...

dogs show such love, they live for a kind word or gesture. there is nothing that compares with having a dog in your home.
give sally a pat, & a scratch back of ear from me.
my girls say woof.

Marie said...

I think dogs have to be the most loving of all creatures! It doesn't matter how much you may have scolded them they still run up to you and wag your tail when you come back into the room. Our Jess looks up at us with such adoration, it does the heart good. When you give her her dinner, she always looks up at you after you have set the bowl down and before she tucks in and you can read it all in her face . . . it says thankyou! I've never heard of a cat doing that! Love and hugs! xxoo

Jasper said...

Angie - you speak truth. As you know, I have been VERY ill over the past few years. In my medical notes, it ACTUALLY SAYS: "patient has strong bond with her dog. Were is not for the dog, it's my belief that the patient would not be here today." Seriously. I have copies of my notes.

Jasper's love has got me through so much. It's impossible to explain to someone who doesn't understand dogs... but they are there for you when the world seems to have forgotten that you even exist.

Whatever is going wrong in life - dogs understand. And they don't care what you look, sound or smell like. They just LOVE.

Keep smiling Angie - and keep wagging that tail Sal! xxx

Sybil said...

Hi Angie, sorry missed your last two entries,,,don;t know why but it didn;t say on my side bar that you had made an entry so only checked it a min or so ago as I found same on another two blogs ...most odd...
Anyway I sure know what you mean abou our beloved wee dogs my Dee does exactly that sometimes as well and even looks at me with a quizzical look and I say to him..."whats up, do I have a spot on my nose !!" I did laugh about your visits to the dentist. I'm afraid I have a real terror of dentists and have not been through ones of their doors for years..Thankfully I seem to have good strong teeth...whatever will happen when I have to go I have no idea...Maybe someone will have to put a bag over my head so I don't see where I am !!!
Lots of love Sybil x

Teacher's Pet said...

How adoring is that....sigh.
I love the love that is shared through this post..

Blessings each day said...

Being such an animal lover, I couldn't agree with you more. Sometimes when we are watching a movie our dogs will snuggle up and wedge themselves between us or behind us just to be lovingly close. As if that isn't enough, one of the cats will come along and get on Michael's lap!

Wish you would have had a picture Angie as that must have been a sweet sight!

blessings and hugs,


Grammy Staffy said...

How very true. We have always had dogs in our family. I have loved them all and they have loved me. Some breeds have been more loving and devoted than others but all have become a part of the family.

Our German Shepard, Heidi, is our most loving dog of all. She is our 4 legged daughter. She is almost 11 but she is still healthy. I hope she will stay with us as long as posible.

I know what it means to be the mom of a dog like Sally. It is a blessing that non-dog people miss out on.

I am glad to be back in blog world and can visit you again. I have missed you. I hope you are doing well. Love, Lura

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie...and girl...when our dog Max does such as that...I feel blessed beyond measure...and when the cat Pickle sits on my chest while I am trying to read the is all I can say...sometimes I think it is their way of saying "thanks for all you do for me"...and as you can see...I am not blogging ever to be a chore...and my blog is a fun thing...just me and some words LOL...good or bad...take it or leave it...LOL..just me1!!! God Bless...hugs Ora in KY

Marie said...

PS - I meant to also add that I loved reading about your furry loved ones. You are a girl after my own heart. I do have to say though, I loved the name of the first one most of all! How unique!