Saturday, 2 January 2010

Saturday 2 Jan 2010 - a blank canvas........

I just KNEW Keith had something up his sleeve, little wotsit!  He's decided I need a new project for this year.

I did a little shopping list this morning and off he went to the supermarket to get it all.  It's always a mistake to do this because he always comes back with everything BUT what was on the list, mainly because he leaves the list at home or in the car.  It's an even bigger mistake to send my bank card with him (yes, I know you're not supposed to do that but I do) because he does the shopping using my card then gets cashback.  I'll be bankrupt one of these days!  I'm getting sidetracked now:  he came back today with Project 2010  -  The Art of Crochet!!!!!

At the start of every year a whole crop of various kinds of week-by-week magazines come out which "build into your very own encyclopaedia".  You know the sort of thing I mean?  Crochet.  I have to learn - correction, I have to teach myself - how to crochet.  And there's worse:  Keith intends to do it as well!  Picture the scene, himself sitting by the fireside crocheting his own...........I don't know......what DO you crochet?

Seriously, what IS crochet good for?  Specially to blokes?  The father of one of my Godmothers, who dutifully turned up at my baptism in 1951 and has never been seen since (the Godmother I mean), used to do beautiful embroidery and was a superb knitter, made beautiful things.  My mum never knitted anything when she was expecting me because this chap could do it better and quicker than she could so I was the best dressed baby in the village.

I knew a woman - a midwife - who was ALWAYS crocheting.   You would see her at it any-old-where.  She would crochet in the supermarket queue or while she waited for a bus.  For all I know she probably whiled away the hours while her victim patients produced by twiddling away.  I remember once on a trip in Germany in the days when east was east and west was west we visited a customs post and our group was all agog listening as a west German customs officer gave us the spiel.  All except Dierdre.  Dierdre was perched on a rock on the western bank of the Elbe gazing out across the river at the east German cows on the other side.........and crocheting as if her life depended on it!  But did we ever see the results of her labours?  Did we heck.

So now he's been and got the first issue but - hey - it's not all bad:  there's free DVD with it and 2 balls of wool.  That Crocheting hook looks a bit lethal, a bit like something the dentist might use!  So that is what 'we' are up to this New Year. 

Something to aspire to?

I seem to remember New Year 1971 before we married, he thought I could perhaps learn how to make dresses.  Huh??  Moi??  He went out and bought a dress pattern, the simplest looking thing he could find, and a length of fabric and a reel of cotton.  He painstakingly laid the fabric out on the floor and pinned the pattern on it.  Producing his dad's wallpapering scissors I was exhorted to "Go on, you cut it out".   Moi??  It sat there in his mum's house a few days and then he cut it out himself and brought all the bits round to my house.  I don't know what  happened to it after that.  He never mentioned it again!

If anybody asks me what they should give him for next Christmas I'm going to say a Cross-stitch kit!

........oh, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.



StitchinByTheLake said...

Dishrags, sweaters, hats, afghans, scarves, shawls, the list is endless! It will be fun Angie, really it will! blessings, marlene

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think you will both enjoy it. I learned crocheting from my grand mother and when I first had children I did make baby clothes and shawls. I put that all away though with working full time and having no extra time until this past summer when my granddaughter asked me to teach her. Pretty soon I was teaching quite a few others how to do the basics too. My DDIL#5 knows how to make scarfs now. Men have done that for years too. Especially sailors making their fish nets. I started a throw to wrap up in for warmth and intend to finish it this winter. It passes the time and is supposed to be very good for my arthritic fingers too. You'll have to show us what you get accomplished. Your Keith is gem.
'On Ya'-ma

Marie said...

Angie, you do make me giggle. Love,Love, LOVE it!! I can just picture you and Keithie boy sitting in your respective arm chairs, armed with your hooks cocked, engines revving . . . Ready, Steady . . . CROCHET!! Seriously it is addictive! I taught myself when I was about 15. My sister and I did it together and we have both produced mountains of crochet goodies through the years. It's much easier and quicker than knitting in my opinion and you can't drop a stitch . . . well at least I don't think you can. If you need any help or hints just ask! Happy New Year to you both and shhh . . . I'll keep the cross stitch kit in mind for next Christmas, hehe! Love you to bits! It's back to the drawing board for me! xxoo

Amy said...

I send my daughter to the store with my bank card, too. Well, only the grocery store....they give her trouble any where else...

Andy said...

Not certain if I would let anyone else use my bank card! As for crocheting I am afraid its not my scene!

Joan said...

Now crochet there a thing. I stopped smoking six years ago and needed something to keep my hands busy I cannot knit anymore because of bad shoulders but I can crochet so I set too, I am not an expert can only do bedcovers and crocheted a double and two singles with spare wool bought from anywhere it was cheap. It worked
not one ciggy has passed my lips since that day six years ago. Bonus this cold weather they are great on your feet on top of the quilts. So enjoy your crochet and keep you hands busy. Love and best wishes. Joan.

LYN said...

aww I think it's well cute..the two of you side by side with the old crochet...LOL

Teacher's Pet said...

I LOVE to crochet...and, yes, I taught myself from a book.
Enjoy...You will love it soooo much. I have given everything I have crocheted away...and I get as much pleasure from that as I do crocheting...
It is something for men and for women to enjoy!
Many smiles,

Jojo said...

Wishing you health, wealth and much happiness in 2010.

Sage said...

Hope al is well with you in the new year.Haven't heard from you in a while. I learned how to crochet a few years ago and made really nice afghans. The computer entered my life and that passtime went out the window as arthritis set in. Keith really takes good care you...might be a long winter. Happy and Healthy 2010.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie...and Keith that would be a good two crocheting together...comparing projects...I learned to crochet just after I married..almost 51 years ago...I had a small problem...I am left handed...and not many projects came with left handed instructions like they do now...they are the same instructions...just backward me!!!! I would like to learn to knit...but having worked it in yet...I have about four crocheting projects going right now...mostly I like make aphgans...lap blankets...but have made dolls dresses...and baby items, hats, is soothing to me...and I do alot of it during commercials on tv...LOL...most of the time..the commercials are longer than the show itself LOLOL..enjoy Angie...and about that "cross stitching" for Keith..I wouldn't if I were is also addicting!!!! hugs from Ora in Kentucky

Sybil said...

I can't think how I have missed your entries for so long...You are such a wonderful writer. You have had me in fits of giggles..(Noticed your lovely picture on our friend Maries blog)
I hope you don't mind if I keep popping in for more laughs of the day !!! Keep croching LOL
LOve Sybil xx

Jasper said...

Hello Angie! Happy new year! Glad to see you and Keith have a brand new hobby, good luck with it.

Ruth's mum crochets and makes lots of nice things, as well as cross-stitching and knitting. Ruth used to have a Saturday job in a tapestry shop, so she prefers that. Hope Keith enjoys it - men are often quite good at these things (better than they are at shopping, anyway...!). A local retired vet used to win prizes at the local show for his cross-stitch pictures and the late Lord Coggan (former Bishop of Winchester) used to make really lovely tapestry rugs.

I love snuggling up under crocheted blankets... if you ever have any cast-offs...!
love Jasper
(and Ruth) xxx

Jan said...

Happy New year to you both and thanks for the laugh ,your sense of hunmour is price less ,I taught myself to crochet years agoe ,with the instructions reflected in a mirror propped up on a cushion beside me on the couch ,see Im left handed ! however I learnt ,remember to hold your hook like a soup spoon and good luck hee hee Jan xx

Kath said...

Hi Angie,what is your Keith like LOL!!! My Mother taught me a few basics of crochet when I was about 11yrs old.Thats many moons ago as you know.I think I could still do the few stitches she taught me trebles etc.If my memory is correct and thats a laugh.I still have up the loft in a trinket box one of her hooks a very fine one with a thin bone handle.Good luck to both of you.Get some nice cushion covers made for the garden chairs when spring and summer arrives.Roll on what do you say? Brr it's freezing here.Happy crocheting whilst toasting ya toes."Happy New Year" to you both.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Grammy Staffy said...

Ha Ha.... you make me laugh Angie.
I can hardly wait to see what the two crochet up together. I can just picture the two of you sitting in front of the fire crocheting away.

One year John bought me a guitar and guitar lessons for a gift. I was quite overwhelmed since I had never given a thought to playing the guitar before then. However, it all turned out well because after learning to play I started giving lessons myself and earned enough money to buy all of our much needed new living room furniture. We still have the same furniture today...all these years later...and we owe it all to me getting that guitar for Christmas.

Maybe next year you will be rich from all the lovely things you crochet and sell on ebay.

Good luck....Happy New Year with hugs and best wishes. Love, Lura

p.s. I love your picture on Marie's blog today...too cute.