Friday, 26 November 2010



The Inland Revenue - sometimes known as 'the bloody taxman' - has decided Keith paid too much tax up to this April and he is going to send him a cheque for £460.

In fact in today's post came just that very cheque - YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Now, Mr. Taxman - nice, KIND Mr. Taxman - I mean absolutely no offence here - but would it have kind of made more sense to have sent it along with that delightful letter he got from you earlier this very week setting out how you arrived at that figure?  Saved on the postage and such?    Just saying......



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wow! That is a nice surprise for sure. How wonderful to have some extra cash just before Christmas!

Ann in the UP said...

Where are all of us efficiency experts when they need us??

We used to say the same thing about our health insurance statements. The information would come on the same day in four different envelopes. What's up with that?

Your "windfall" from the taxman is a nice surprise though! Congratulations!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Something like this happened to us once, and only once, in all our 25+ years of marriage.

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Marie said...

Fantastic news Angie, and right at the best time of year too! This should help with all the festivities this Christmas! Enjoy! Enjoy!!

Sybil said...

Hi Angie... I to love the tax man !! I didn;t even know I paid tax..see how daft I am...and then yesterday came a cheque for 146.60p ! at first I thought they have made a mistake..then i read the would appear that as I get a small portion of my late Fathers pension ( as a dependant child LOL ) they has beeb taking off PAYE...and they apparently didn't need to...SO that is the expanation.. do I care..not me.. I am just so unexpected cheque at this time of the year will never go amiss...
Love Sybil xxx

Jasper said...

Hehe - we're awaiting the inevitable "you owe us £1,000,000 - payment or death" letter as a result of the HMRC shenanigans. I suspect I have also been overpaying - but knowing my luck...

Thank goodness these govermnent offices all do so well with only the merest of hiccups! Oh. Hang on. That's not quite right....

Wouldn't have happened if Jasper was in charge.. ;-)

R xxx

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