Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Not a bit like Blackpool

I actually started to write this last Wednesday after we came back from a quick trip to Chester, about 130 miles from here on the western side of England but almost on the North Wales border.

These two were the main attraction!

And THIS is the other thing that Chester is famous for - to say nothing of the CHOCOLATE shop where we even got tasters.  FREE ones.  SUBSTANTIAL ones!

And guess who THIS is??........

It's KEITH with Todd and young Mitzie, bosom buddies of  my lovely friend and bloggy pal, MARIE from A Year from Oak Cottage and The English Kitchen. .  Todd declined to have his tummy tickled, I don't know why.......

We were only there Monday and Tuesday, which was a silly arrangement to make because we really could have done with - well,a few more days might have helped!  On Monday Marie was hosting a Family Home Evening to which we were also invited, even though we are not Mormons.  We enjoyed it so much.   I can''t wait to go back.  Maybe we'll make it to the Horseshoe \Pass next time.

KEITH has taken up a new hobby - wood turning..  Here he is, busy at the lathe

It's not his own lathe of course but one he has the use of at the club he's joined. 

Here's what he was making:

.NO, NO,NOT THAT ONE!! That's the Great Grannie Tooth Fairy on Hallowe'eN (aka Mimuther)  I'll have to show you Keith's masterpiece when I fdindthe photo.

Ah well,that's me for now.  Back soon.



(my little mouse has gone somewhere too!)


Sybil said...

I am so pleased that you were able to meet up with dear Marie and Todd. What a lovely couple they are. I am going to definately try to make a visit up to see them next year..Good luck with the wood turning !!
Love Sybil xx

Sybil said...

well not YOU wood turning LOL but you know what I mean.
Love Sybil x

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It must have been a great time visiting with Marie and Todd. Wood turning is something I'd love to do as I paint on a lot of wooden surfaces and have to purchase them. The babes did get a scroll saw for me to use one Christmas but I never learned the trick of it and now DSIL has it. He's supposed to be cutting out some shapes for me...but never has much free time. Someday I may just take the scroll saw back and learn just how to do it all. Thanks for the ***BIG SMILES*** today with that lovely picture of the tooth fairy or what ever he was...

Love to you both!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Wonderful post Angie and have you noticed how much you and Marie look alike? Look at your header and then her picture - both tasting. :) blessings, marlene

Jan said...

How lovely to meet up with Marie and Todd I thought I recognised him in the first pic and thought Marie was you ,Oh the pic of your Fairy mother was priceless what a good sport ...love Jan xx

Leigh Russell said...

What fun it all sounds, and you're so busy with sugar flowers and wood lathes - all very creative! As for the chocolate samples... I must visit Chester soon. Glad to see the tooth fairy is still going strong. (And they tried to tell me the tooth fairy doesn't exist!)

Marie said...

Haha, I never noticed it before, but Marlene is right! We both go about tasting with great gusto!! Ahh, two peas in a pod are we! I loved having you and Keith here and you are so right, two days was not near long enough!!! You must come when it's warmer and stay longer! We had such a fun time with you both! I think Keith is enjoying his retirement so much! It is nice to see that he's being productive and creative with his hands. Such beautiful work! OH, and that picture of your mother! Well, it's plain to see that the acorn hasn't fallen very far from that tree isn't it! Love you loads! xxoo

LYN said...

brill post! love the pics..especially yermother!!

Jasper said...

FABULOUS pix Angie, as always! Marie and Todd look like lovely folks - I felt a real pang of jealousy at the "choccy" pics!

I'm very pleased (and just a bit relieved) to see Keith doing something useful and creative with his time - or did he have to get Mr. Satsuma's permission before leaving the house...!

Thank you VERY much for the Sal-Text - Jasper is utterly bewitched!
Love you lots,
Ruth & Jasper xxx

Jasper said...

P.S. The flighty-fairy made me think of that music-hall song - "Nobody Loves a Fairy When She's Forty" - is she auditioning for EuroDisney as Tinkerbell? If she should happen to fly past you again, perhaps you could ask her why I only got 10p per tooth when I was little, while my friends all got 50p or even £1! The injustice!!!

Ruth xxx

Grammy Staffy said...

I am so happy that you and Marie got together. It is my dream that one day I can come and join you. What a great time we would have. I would love to meet Sybil too. I have such nice English friends. Too bad I live half the world away. I have been very sad the past 2 days but I am better today. I must get busy and make this a special Thanksgiving for my sweet family that has traveled so far to be here. I send love