Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Oh what it is to be retired!

My kitchen window is at the front of the house so I can stand there and wash up (this is a dishwasher-free zone) and see the whole world go by.  

I can lean against the counter to eat my toast and drink my coffee while kids big and little go past on their way to school.  Sometimes they'll be all spruced up in smart school uniforms and not a single creative wearer in sight.  Then the second week in September comes and the new girls are already hitching up their skirts where skirts didn't ought to be hitched.  Or they may have decided to wear trousers like the boys - it's apparently their right to do this nowadays.  In this case you can bet their shoes will not be done up and the laces will trail pathetically on the ground just waiting to be tripped over.

There's one girl...poor kid, you have to feel a little bit sorry for her really...she sort of wears a school uniform except it's all wrong somehow.  The front of the shirt is tucked in the trousers while the back hangs sloppily out.  The shoelaces are undone - of course - but they are not in ordinary shoes.  I don't really know what you'd call them.  They're a kind of cross between HUGE loafers with a thick, thick sole, and Doc Martens.  If I'm to be honest, they do look ever so comfy but UGLY!  Where the majority of other kids go to school in all weathers with no coat, this girl wears, the year round. a thin, nylon kagoul affair.  It looks as if she poked her arms in it but forgot to shrug it up onto her shoulders so that the neckline bit hangs halfway down her back and the front bits sit resolutely under her arms.  She's tall  and rather ....not to put too fine a point on it.... fat and she ALWAYS has a face like thunder.  Always looks really aggressive;  I wouldn't like to be her teacher.  In my head she is an unpleasant character, a bully who other kids are scared of.  

But you know, she's always alone, never seen her with a mobile phone, always ties her long hair  back neatly.One of these days I'll manage to catch her eye and give her a wave to see if she waves back.  I wouldn't be surprised to find she's quite a nice lass really underneath the 'attitude'.

While I munch my toast and concoct lives and personalities for early morning passers by, THIS is what Keith concocts..........
A Satsuma man!  It's the entire peel of the satsuma he had for brekky with a felt-tip face drawn on.  He's that proud of it.  I mean, some people get Turin shroud-like entities, he gets a Satsuma man.

Such is retirement folks, such is retirement.


Grammy Staffy said...

Ain't retirement great!
I love the satsuma man. Your Keith is so cleaver.
I could just picture the students you discribed....I had classes full of them...only we don't have uniforms so we got a whole variety of unacceptable school outfits.

I hope you have a good day. Hugs, Lura

Andy said...

Love the satsuma man. People watching is like work-I can sit and watch it all day.

Jan said...

I like to people watch too ,your picture of the young girl suums up a curious mixture if stuff ,do hope you manage to catch her eye .love Mr Satsuma man lol Jan xx

Ann in the UP said...

It was pitch dark here this morning at 7:05 when the bus stopped here on the corner. And next week we go off daylight saving time, so it'll be darker yet.

Your poor little thundercloud of a student could really use a smile and wave from you. Hope it happens soon!

I'm recovering nicely.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You'll have to thank Keith for the ***BIG SMILE*** today! I'd never seen a satsuma man before. Retirement is grand and I love to people watch too. I do a lot of it. Imagining what other people are like is usually quite different from what they are but it is fun.

Teacher's Pet said...

Smiling thoughts from the retired one....sigh.
I wish our school wouldn't start until September. Alas, it starts the first week in August. I can't wait to hear more about the girl that seems disheveled....thinking that she might be a wonderful girl...and will wave back...and smile... I can't wait to hear more about her.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Great fun post.

You had me at "dishwasher free zone." I LOVE my dishwasher and don't think I could survive any more without it.

Goodness - - - if you hand wash all the nastiness, you have my undying respect.

LYN said...

One of the things I miss most about England Ang is the one walks around here..they are all in cars as everything is so spread out..I sometimes sit out front of my house and do not see a single soul...I go the mall sometimes just to sit and have a coffee and people watch..I would love to have something to look at out my windows..

Jasper said...

We laughed out loud at Satsuma Man - a modern-day action hero for these Credit Crunch times!

Perhaps Keith could make a little 'family' for his new chum out of tangerines/clementines/etc. Of course you know, don't you Angie, that you are now only days away from the moment you find Keith having conversations and playing Connect 4 with his collection of peel-pals. It's only a short spin of your wheels from there to Keith refusing to go out with friends because he doesn't want to "upset Mr. Satsuma". And from thence ever-onwards to:-

You: "I was thinking of wearing my new cardie when we go to the pub with everyone."
Keith: "No! Don't! Mr. Satsuma says he doesn't like you in that colour."

A slippery slope, my friend, a slippery slope...

I feel quite sorry for the girl you mention before Mr. Satsuma makes his international debut - I expect she's very unhappy deep down. I usually try and make an effort to befriend and include people like that, even now. Of course, there are always those who refuse such efforts and are only rude back... but sometimes a smile and a wave can REALLY make someone's day much brighter. Keep us posted as to how you get on!

I'm off to switch off all the lights and hide behind the sofa with Jasper now. I was just looking at your picture again. I swear Mr. Satsuma just winked at me.

With love,
Ruth & Jasper

StitchinByTheLake said...

Your post made me smile Angie. It's fun to sit and watch the world and imagine what people are like. I must ask..what's a dishwasher free zone? Do you really mean there are areas where no one is allowed to use a dishwasher? And if so, why? blessings, marlene

joolzmac said...

Hi Angie

Hmm, maybe Keith needs to get out a bit more???

Hey, we are home after our whirlwind trip to the UK and Europe.

We thoroughly enjoyed our few days in the Cotswolds/Midlands. That area is definitely on our list for a return visit. The villages are so quaint and pretty. We also want to do Scotland next time.

Cheers - Joolz

Gireesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rita said...

Hi Angie.
I've never heard of Satuma man.
But I see your life is still full of exciting happenings
Hope you have a nice week.

Ben said...

I always learn something from you, Angie. Today I learned the word "satsuma." As for retirement, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Where I work quite a number of people are retiring within the next few weeks, and it's hard not to think, "yeah, that sounds pretty good right about now..."


Blessings each day said...

Gosh...the possibilities are endless for Keith if you give him enough fruit and vegetables. It would be nice of him to continue his creations to contribute to your blog! Also loved your 'reading' into the lives of those who go by!

Hugs and blessings!

Marie said...

Oh gosh Satsuma man. Leave it to Keith! I am in awe of him! I don't know how I missed all these posts Angie! I have been working really hard at you know what. It's my only real excuse! Love you loads! xxoo

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