Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A Blog Friend in Need

This wasn't what I was going to write about. In fact I really wish there was no need for me to write it but there is.

Lura at really needs you to visit her blog and leave your vote. She has been flying around a lot recently on internal flights with US Airlines on family business and this last one - flying home - she was scalded by a jug of hot water falling from the beverage trolley on the plane. Also, her suitcase was damaged beyond further use. You can read about it and see Lura's photos on her blog.

She really needs our support so please go on over there. Meanwhile, if I have chance I will be back later on.


Blessings each day said...

Will hop on over there now, Angie.

blessings with hugs,


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too will go over and wish her well.

Lucy said...

Yikes! I'm on my way.

Kath said...

I'll pop over there now Angie.I hope you are well. Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Angie,
How very sweet of you to care so much about me that you posted this blog.

Thank you so much.... and thans to Marcy, Ma, Lucy and Kath for hopping over the pond and coming to visit me. What nice friends you have. Marie came to visit too.

I don't know if I will get compensation from US Airways but I surely appreciate the blog love and support.

You are the greatest dear Angie.
Have a good day.
Thanks again. Love, Lura

Marie said...

I can't believe that the airline wasn't more forthcoming Angie!! The dirty rotten scoundrels!! Can you imagine if Lura's arm had been a baby or other small child! I cringe at the thought!!! Love you loads dear friend! xxoo

Blessings each day said...

Angie, could you PLEASE hop on over to read my second post for today, cutie pie??

blessings and hugs,


joolzmac said...

Howdy Angie

Job done, been for a visit to Grammy's. Poor chook,they've given her a bum steer, there's no doubt about it. Hope she gets something out of them.

Cheers - Joolz

Ben said...

Just back from Lura's site and was thinking: if a cup of McDonald's coffee was good for $2,000,000, a whole jug could be worth...hmmm...

Thanks for sharing this, Angie.


Anonymous said...

Hi enjoyed catching up on your blogs today...boy you do get around girl...nothing seems to hold you back LOL..and we are sisters of a sort...I am also deaf...but about three years ago I had a "cochlear implant"....and now I hear just fine...but fore 30 or more was hard...I could lip read real well...still do alot...but I regressed...didn't go out much...only when absolutely necessary...I am better about it all now...and also I so enjoy a good "thunderstorm"...the loudere and roudier it is the better I like it...I will sit on the porch until the rain drives me in...then I sit by the window think that means we are "weird or somthin???" LOL...well I am so what!!!!! blessed and hugs to ya...Ora from Kentucky across the big pond!!!