Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Slimming World

The little picture above is what I have come to now. There are dishes of fruit all over the house; I've become a 'five a day' fiend.

People have asked me how I'm managing to lose weight. Well I'm going to Slimming World on a Thursday
, hence the fruit all over the place. If you get to be Slimmer of the Week a basket of fruit is your reward. Do it twice and you get ANOTHER basket of fruit and it's all donated by the other people in the class. Each person is supposed to hand in a piece of fruit along with their £4.50 fee each week. This is fine so long as you like Apples - correction, you would have to be crazy about them!

I like the occasional apple but generally I prefer soft fruits and citrus. For me apples = apple CAKE or PIE or TURNOVER - are you with me so far? The apple part is fine, it's the rest of it I cant have! In fact Slimming World want you to count it as a treat ('syn', as they call it) if you cook your apple. As you might imagine 'syns' are strictly limited and each food has its number; well, I would rather syn with chocolate or not at all thank you very much.

This 'to cook or not to cook' is an ongoing bugbear with me because nobody at Slimming World has come up with a reasonable sounding answer to my question 'Why?' . The closest was "Well, it's so easy to cook a batch of apples (or plums, whatever) and not realise how much of it you're eating". True, but if you only microwaved one apple then sweetened it with sweetener, what's wrong with that? You're not putting anything in that wasn't there before, nor taking anything out.

But do you know the daf
test thing? I daren't QUITE try it - cooking fruit - just in case somebody really knows the answer!

Tell you what really is nice though: Slimming World Syn free Chips. I suppose I can't give the recipe here because it'll be copyright I should think. Suffice to say it involves the parboiling of your chipped potatoes then spraying the dried chips with Fry Light and crisping them up in a very hot oven. We had egg and chips for lunch today - even Keith liked them and he doesn't usually like his chips messed about with.

Right, now, having got the picture at the top in the middle of the row, I find I cant move my usual signature down. I should probably have done that first!



Blessings each day said...

How your posts!

This is probably a big "syn" but having admired those sugar creations on your side bar, makes me want to ask (imagine that) how you did them, they look absolutely professional as well as impossible to make!

Are you allowed to sprinkle cinnamon on the apples?

Blimey Bill, I'd better get out of here before another question pops up!

blessings and big hugs,


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll have to check out the slimming world site. I really do not diet well but you have made me think about it anyway.

Joan said...

How about chopping the apple up and putting it in a fruit salak say along with a banana and some strawberries. Love Joan

Sandra said...

Hi Angie, I`ve actually made my own crisps in a similar way for some time now only I don`t parboil them first. I just slice them up and brush on a bit of olive oil. They are delicious and all the better for having less fat. I like fruit but at the moment I`m about to eat a nice choclate eclair...I can`t refuse it cos my son and heir bought it for me. I can`t disappoint him now can I?! ;o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Marie said...

I know you're doing well Angie. I can't think why it would count as more to cook an apple rather than to eat it raw. I make my own sin free potato chips (crisps) in the microwave. I can tell you how if you like! Keep up the good work and good luck tonight. I predict another bowl of fruit in your future! tee hee xxoo

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh my! Those cakes and sugar roses are your sidebar are incredible! How can I sit here and read about you dieting and look at those lovely creations? laurie

Kath said...

I used to go to slimming world yrs ago Angy.I think thats when I went off fruit LOL!!Me and Mi mate then got sick of winning fruit so we suggested everyone put 50p in a kitty for the weekly prize.After the session if any of us two won.We would go straight to the fish and fanerk cafe and treat ourselves to a sit down supper the job lot Haaaaaaa.You could guarantee we would lose more the week after.(Strange or what?)Slimming Worlds ok if you can maintain it after your goal.If not I have never known anyone who didn't put twice the weight back on that they lost.Well done mate anyway.Clap Clap on your weight loss.I too have lost a stone but no slimming involved.Good to read you are well.Just trying a few comments now and again.Will catch up on everyone as time goes by.Thankyou for asking Jan about me in her comments.Going over there now to pay her a visit.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

chris said...

Hi Angie, saw your message on my blog and thought Id pop over and have look at your site. YOur cakes are amazing, Im in the middle of making roses for a wedding cake for Wedensday so its keeping me out of trouble for this week at least.

Yes I still have my Geordie accent, I dont intend to lose it either, even if no bugger can understand me. LOL Glad your Dad kept his accent, its part of your identity.

I did slimming world for while and it realy works well, cant imagine how cooking the apple would change the calorif value of it, especially if you use sweetner.

Lovely blog BTW,


Patchwork Dragon said...

Slimming world....been there, done that!! Personally I used to ignore the fact that a cooked apple had syns....I figured that if you are only having one and following the plan otherwise, that it really couldn't make much difference in the scheme of things!

a corgi said...

thanks for visiting Koda's and my journal (a corgi in Southern California). I think slimming world sounds like a great place to go; I need to find the equivalent here where I live to help me lose some of that pesky pounds that seem to find me wherever I go

I've never cooked fruit either so I have no idea how to; I know some people barbecue fruit here, but clueless on how to do that also

have a good day!


Angela said...

Hi Angie, I discovered you from Maries blog a while ago and have just never commented, terrible lurker that I am :-{ Well done on your weight loss, I am doing slimming world too and also wonder about the cooked fruit thing. I mainly do extra easy days now.