Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Crafty Saturday

Wednesday already and I haven't shown you anything of the craft and food fair we went to last Saturday up at Newby Hall near Ripon in North Yorkshire. It's not too far, only about 1½ hours drive , and a good opportunity for Keith to try out his new toy, the GPS. Actually a blindfolded homing pigeon could have found it but there you go.....boys and their toys!

Just look at that sky! The weather was sunny and warm apart from a fairly brisk east wind so it tended to be a bit chilly in the shade.

We made a beeline for the food tent of course. Cupcakes galore. We used to call them fairy cakes, didn't we, and they were mostly for children's parties and Saturday tea. Now they're all grown up and wearing their best hats!

I liked the look of these cherry and coconut squares and date squares.

This gingerbread looked lovely too

There are some clever people about. Keith thought we ought to look at something other than food! These mouse panels - you can see how small they are - were ridiculously expensive, but very pretty.

I just happened to spy these cookbooks. That brown one in the middle is a slow cooker book, just what I ..........aaaagh I've been cruelly dragged away..............................

These mirrors were made to order and, again, cost the earth. That green one at the top would look lovely in our hallway.

Isn't it cute? The tree is made of wood (of course) and hung with all these red velvet hearts. Makes me wish I was a handy needlewoman.

Mimuther loves candles, the smellier and gaudier the better. I don't, I was looking at that nest of tables, which I liked, but each piece was separately priced. The largest one was £149 - go figure! I liked the blue pots next to it too, but what we bought for a keepsake was these 2 little chaps.........

They live in the kitchen window and keep me informed what the neighbours are doing (heh heh).

Luckily pets corner had a canvas gazebo over it or these poor chickens and bunnies would have suffered.

This bunny was absolutely HUGE! I've never seen one like it before. It was about three times the size of the others.
I have a feeling something is going to go haywire here with the computer. It keeps telling me autosave failed so I better quit while i'm ahead!
Til next time


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think you made a very good choice in your keepsakes. I love how they keep you informed of what's going on. I like to go looking like that and usually try to do so at least once or twice a year. You did have a nice day to be out and about!

Eileen said...

I love the way you write and you have great pictures!
Looks like you had a beautiful day and I agree wholeheartedly with your purchase, they would have been my choice too!

All that food is making me hungry! Right now I am craving that gingerbread!

Great post! Great blog!

Blessings each day said...

Your post was great and I love the British terms you use and even explain. You're giving me a good education here. Fairie cakes sounds so unique.
I, too, love your pretty swans and your kitchen looks so bright and cheery...psst, by the way, let me know what they tell you about the neighbors, I've been wondering about them!

The food has made me hungry too and I make home made gingerbread every Christmas. But blimey bill, those baked goods all look delicious!

blessings always with hugs,


Marie said...

Ohh, what a lovely day you had Angie! I love going to things like that! Our boy has a toy just like that. When he first got it he delighted in using it go to the grocery store and then back home again. (can you imagine? I'm sure you can!) Anyways, the novelty has worn off now and he is back to using the "Marie" Navigation system, which is a lot better, even if it does tend to nag from time to time! (I need to practice saying "re-calculating." Somehow my reproofs don't come out in quite the same way!)

Andy said...

Looking at all that lovely food--I am starving!

Anonymous said...

awww I wish I had been closer to go with you gps or not LOL...just sounds like a place I could spend the day...and ALL my money!!!! LOL...glad you had a good time...and that bunny is big..LOL....happy day to ya from rainy Thursday!!!1 Hugs...Ora

Joyce said...

I never heard the word Fairy Cakes for cupcakes. That is so cute. I love all the food photos. Looks like a fun time. Thanks for sharing.

Joyce said...

Thanks for viewing my blog today and I wanted to say that I now buy the seedless watermelons because I am older and afraid those seeds could break my teeth:)

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Angie,
What a lovely day trip you took. I would have loved going there with you. Everything looks so wonderful...John would have been dragging me away before I could get my money out too.

I adore your new little world watchers you've put in your kitchen window. I hope that they will keep you well informed about what is going on outside. Just looking at them will surely make the day seem cheerier no matter what is going on outside.

We had planned to have a lovely BBQ in the park today after church but it is pouring rain here in Utah today. So much for those plans. How come it seems to rain everywhere except in CA where we need it so badly???
Have a great week. (((hugs)))Lura

joolzmac said...

Hi Angie

I love craft fairs and I feel like I've just been to one. Thanks for the tour.

Fairy cakes in Australia are when you cut a round piece out of the centre, fill the hole with jam then a dollop of whipped cream then cut the little piece of cake in half and stick it back on the cake to make wings like a butterfly or fairy. Dust with icing sugar. Is that what you had as a child? Yummo!

I have said it before, but I love all of your cake decorating/icing flower pics. You are so clever.

Pouring with rain here at the moment, so I am tucked up inside for another lazy day - thanks to our dear Queen Elizabeth!

Cheers - Joolz