Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Honest Scrap

Marcy here very kindly awarded this to me the other day, with the exhortation that I should tell 10 Honest Things about myself. Well I have to tell you I don't think I can find anything to hold you spellbound all the way from 1 to 10 but I'll have a go. In a minute. I am supposed to invite 7 others to do the same, whose blogs I read and find brilliant in content and / or design. Well I can't choose 7 because I think all the blogs I read are brilliant so I throw down the gauntlet to anyone who wants to to tell us 10 Honest Things about themselves and scoop up the award for your own sidebar. You then have to link back to me and pass it on to 7 people, telling them how it works at the same time

Right, let's get started:-

I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta and am mostly in a wheelchair now (that's sort of me at the top.). I won't bore you with the details now. Suffice to say it involves breaking bones with very little provocation. Something I learnt in life: breaking bones hurts and you don't ever get used to it and if anybody tries to tell you different they should try it!

2. I adore dogs. Big, little, old, young, well-behaved or naughty - I love them all. To me there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

3. I always wanted to learn the piano. Still do, but I don't think the neighbours would be very happy to hear me thumping away. The violin would have done. I did play the guitar but then, so did everyone who grew up on the 60's. It was de rigeur.

4. I could not imagine that I would not be famous, though what I thought I would be famous for I don't know.

5. When I was 13 I wrote a novel. My English teacher urged me to try and get it published but I thought he was just being kind to me so I tore it up and burnt it! With the wisdom of hindsight he was probably being sarky.

6. I love thunderstorms. Aren't I odd? You know, when the sky is a weird greenish colour and trees and houses stand out against it so starkly? Then when the first tentative flash of lightening comes and the first distant rumble of thunder? I love it. My Grandma used to run around taking out everyone's hair pins, hiding all the cutlery, turning off the electric and there I would be standing in the window! Well, you've got to watch something if she's put the telly off.

7. I'm struggling now! Oh yes, here's one. Now don't spread this around: I once stole three jelly babies from the Pick 'n' Mix at Woolworths. That was my one and only brush with the criminal underworld . I think I would be about 9 at the time and I was so convinced that the whole town could tell what I'd been up to! I blushed every time I saw a policeman for ages afterwards. I stopped going to cycling proficiency because it was a PC who used to come to school to take us out and I thought he would know.

8. I'm deaf. It's all linked to #1. I wear 2 hearing aids without which I could not hold a conversation. Deafness does have it's good points: I am not woken up by noise of any sort. When I was in hospital nursing a broken thigh, a night nurse came and shook me awake. They thought I must have died or something because they were hammering away fastening a big metal traction frame to the next bed for an old lady who had just come in. Everyone else in the ward was wide awake but I slept peacefully on, blissfully unaware.

I am really casting about now. I don't think I can think of any more so I hope Marcy will let me off the last 2


Andy said...

You stole three jelly babies! Thought I saw you on Crimewatch the other night.

Andy xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know there are probably lots more that you just cannot think of but the ones you did post are very honest. I might not even make it to 5 so I guess I'll pass on this one.

Eileen said...

This was a great post! And I enjoyed your 'honest list' a LOT! Good job! And what a great idea to invite bloggers to come pick up the award if they are interested. 'love it!

Blessings each day said...

How darling, Angie, you did a great job and I'll bet you could easily go to a bazillion...even I can think of more, like your ability to do those works of art you call cakes with sugar icing or your great skills at novice camping and how you loved it!!
I, too, love thunderstorms.

If the Police find out about the jelly babies, will we all get arrested as well, as accessories to the crime?

blessings and hugs,


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I really enjoyed learning all of these honest facts. I would never have known you were in a wheelchair and deaf. You obviously have a wonderful attitude, and it is such a blessing to know that ou can have that kind of attitude with the problems you must experience. Now about those three jelly babies - I won't tell, even if they torture me! Great post! laurie

Marie said...

Congrats on the award Angie! I think you are one of the most fascinating people I know, no lie!! I just adore you, totally. I bet your book would have been fantastic. You have a wonderful wit and charm that come through with every post. When were you coming down our way again? I keep forgetting! I am really looking forward to meeting you and Keith!

Rebecca said...

When I wasn't wincing at the thought of your pain with each broken bones, I was laughing - particularly at the image of your grandmother taking out everyone's hairpins at the threat of an on-coming storm. What a GREAT memory. And what a good sense of humor you are blessed with!

Grammy Staffy said...

How fun to learn more things about you. I wish that I could know you in person. I love it that in spite of your health problems you have such a cheerful view of life.

You are special Angie. I am glad that you are my blog friend.

Grammy Staffy said...

p.s. Congrats on getting the award. Well deserved!!!

Dreams and Decor said...

Just found your blog via Rhondi's blog! Your sugarcrafts are beautiful! Patti